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UFC special on July 19 is a done deal (UPDATED) has spoken with a well-placed source speaking on the condition of anonymity that an agreement between the UFC and Spike TV for a live special on July 19 has been finalized.

The UFC and Spike TV have yet to issue an official comment about the special but one is expected to be made shortly.

Update: Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that UFC President Dana White has announced the main events for the show will feature Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin at light heavyweight and a lightweight bout between Hermes Franca and Frankie Edgar.

  • cyph says:

    Sorry Affliction, between free live versus $40 bucks live, you lose.

  • jball says:

    you said it! specially with something as interesting as anderson Silva at 205. much rather see that than poopie pants tim sylvia. and… its free!

  • Tag01 says:

    Dana does not mess around! See the great things competition brings us, though?

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Affliction is so fucked. UFC can afford to do this pretty much every time Affliction holds an event, and Affliction with the pay structure it has can’t succeed without getting a huge chunk of the UFC’s viewership.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    The casual fan will likely gravitate towards the free UFC card. Especially once word gets out that Silva could take on Liddell down the road. People will want to tune in and get a good look at Silva if they haven’t already.

  • hexdizzle says:

    Dana is a Jealous jerk off, sneaky little rat. unfortunately he has most of the biggest names in MMA. Unfortunately all the MMA noobs follow only the UFC like sheep never seeing any other fighter unless they are a UFC fighter.
    Affliction has the best card of this year and every knowledgeable fan of MMA knows it. All you UFC sheep can have your free show which sounds lop sided so far.
    The UFC Knows how to put on very one sided cards to steal your money and now its stealing your time as well. So what if Anderson Silva is fighting, yes he is great but James Irving? come on! That guy is a glass jawed slacker that has yet to fight anyone of worth. Let me spoil the fight for you now, SILVA WINS!! via who cares!
    you can see that coming a mile away! Now go buy that AFFLICTION PPV and watch a real fight.

  • Rich S. says:

    James Silva? lol.. Irvin..

  • Joe says:

    Truth of the matter is I will see one for free, and I’ll download the other one for free as well.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    So the big announcement is likely that they sold a huge piece of the company to Bertelsmann Media…wow….they are a huge media company. Opens up all kinds of channels throughout the world.

  • Goomba says:

    Hey Joe…you are the kind of fan that kills MMA.

  • matt says:

    I think the UFC just gave Affliction the big fuck you. And if the Bertelsmann rumor is true then you’ll see all sorts of UFC promotion that they weren’t capable of before (if you can believe that).

  • ACK! says:

    This is not good news for MMA, in general. More successful organizations means more money for more fighters. This is a sleazy tactic by a paranoid UFC that undermines the best interests of the sport.

  • matt says:

    This is great for MMA. If you honestly thought that Affliction with it’s ZERO promotion of the PPV was gonna be successful then you’re on something. No one knows about it and the 400k ppv buys they predict is a pipe dream.

  • HexRei says:

    @#7 Lol yeah, internet filesharing has had such a horrible negative impact on MMA’s growth!

  • Goomba says:

    It’s not internet filesharing that is to blame…its all the people without the self control to not use the internet filesharing.

  • Newport says:

    Gotta go with #13, the internet is what kept MMA from totally dying following the dark years

  • DPK says:

    I think this is a big shot at Affliction, anytime you want people to pay for your product, we’ll do it for free, oh yeah, and we’ll put a top 5 PFP fighter as the headline. If there is a second Affliction card you can bet that either Rampage, BJ, or GSP will be lined up against it.

    I hope Silva makes quick work of Irvin, and decides to get into the mix at 205, he has nothing left to prove at 185, and it would open up that weight class again. Franklin/Hendo/Okami with some good young talent a few fights away from their level. Silva vs Rampage/Wandy/Chuck/Thiago/Machida/Shogun/Forrest/Vera/Soku/etc…

  • Mikemick says:

    I’ll watch the Affliction show live, and record the UFC show. I’m not sure how deep the Donald is in Affliction, but millions of dollars is barely an investment to him. Interesting if Trump says screw this guy, I’m gonna teach him a lesson, and try to take-over.

    For me personally, $40 isn’t that much money. I like MMA enough to watch an event for $40. So I don’t care whether it is free vs $40, I’ll watch the best event (live, then watch the other one). In this case the best event is clearly Affliction. Of course mainstream America would disagree, unless Affliction can pull a marketing blitz here during the final month. I don’t think Affliction has dropped the ball with marketing either. Hardcore fans know about it. I wouldn’t market towards mainstream America until the final two weeks.

  • iceman says:

    Guys afflictions card is great,ufcs is gonna b good 2 watch watever card u want or watch them both but stop saying how hardcore u r and then bash ufc,where would we b mmawise without wat the ufc has done?? Get off ur high horse and realize that the ufc kept mma alive when noone else could just try 2 remember that..
    Ps, silva beats irvin,chuck destroys evans and goes on 2 ko anderson in the 1st rd and that’s that,funny guy wins and everybody loves him and he loses a couple and he’s a bum,chucky aint done yet and will wear a belt again b4 he retires,mark my words!

  • zlev says:

    and ya liddell didnt just lose he was knocked the f**k out the second fight and the first his corner was so scared for his saftey they threw in the towel now thats an ass beating.. anderson wont lose a fight with liddell he will be knocked out or submitted

  • iceman says:

    Yup guy lost 5 fights out of wat 26 and he made up for 2 of those defeats and has beating the who’s who of mma and usually by ko so seriously get off his ass and learn the facts b4 u starting dissing easily one of the most dominant fighters ever,period..rampage and a.silva and randy,wandy,gsp and bj,big nog,mirko and even fedor have all lost 2 so r they pussys or bad fighters 2? Or just chuck cuz u might not like him? U chuck bashers r beyond ridiculous try to give credit when its due

  • Jitsu Bean says:

    There are good UFC events every single month. How often does FEDOR fight TIM SYLVIA??? Not to mention the rest of the card and my general intrigue at the new MMA org. Of course UFC is great, but I will be watching Affliction Banned for sure.

  • iceman says:

    That’s perfectly fine man,just 2 people stop bashing the ufc its sad


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