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Jake O’Brien vs. Cain Velasquez set for July 19th

MMA Junkie has gotten word that the UFC have re-signed Jake O’Brien and that he will take on undefeated heavyweight prospect, Cain Velasquez at the newly created UFC Fight Night 14 scheduled for July 19th.

If you remember, Jake O’Brien’s contract was cut after his loss to former UFC heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski earlier this year. There was a small outcry over the UFC’s hasty decision to cut the fighter but it was more or less drowned out by the “good riddances” from many a fan who were against O’Brien’s stalling tactics while inside the cage. However it looks like when it comes to filling a fight card on short notice it seems certain past indiscretions can be forgotten.

Velasquez made his UFC debut on the un-televised portion of UFC 83. He made very quick work of Australian, Brad Morris winning by first round TKO.

UFC Fight Night 14 will be headlined by a light heavyweight contest between current UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva and James Irvin.

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  • DPK says:

    O’Brien might be boring, but he isn’t a push over, this should be a good test for Velasquez.

  • Andrej says:

    Velasquez is a BEAST! sorry I can’t pick aganist Velasquez at this time only if he fights Noguiera, Gonzaga, Werdum or Vera. But he is not fighting them he is fighting a wrestler. So it’s wrestler vs wrestler and I gotta go with Velasquez.

  • Chris Lyons says:

    If it was up to me I would double yellow card Dana White, for an intentional groin shot to the sport. I hope Affliction get’s to advertising a little better. I have heard their commercial once on the radio so far. My wife and I will be thier in OC. and I hope their PPV sells good. Ruthless Dana White. And I thought his big news would be something to help the sport grow… What was I thinking?

  • Zack with a ck says:

    Reports are also out that Vera will indeed be on the card at 205 fighting IFL vet Reese Andy.

    I like what they doing here – it’s the Pride model. Let your stars and up and comers take on some marginal talents in between big fights to help build their mystique.

  • Evan says:

    Chris Lyons

    Dana works for the UFC, not MMA. Yet he is still helping MMA.

    ..who is helping MMA get sanctioned in NY? Affliction?

  • JohnnyRev says:

    Free MMA from the best in the buisness will always help the sport …This card is shaping up nicely …Franca vs. Edgar is gonna be a good one….Thank you UFC for saving me 40 bucks on second tier stars ….

  • Rich S. says:

    that’s kind of weird how they brought O’Brien back..
    i’m sure, after this fight, his conrtact will be cut permanently..
    chalk up a win for Cain..

    main.. Valasquez is a beast! and i’ve been wondering when he was going to be back in action..

  • mike wolfe says:

    Any rumors on the negotiations with O’Brien? Was his being cut just hardball negotiation strategy?

  • Andy says:

    Jake being cut was a mix of hardball for negotiation strategy as well as sending him a message that they dont like his stalling tactics in the ring. They may sometimes be boring to watch but I dont know a man that O’brein cant short shoot in the cage and he has built a steady following. If he is now 100% he will be around to stay for awhile because that kid has HEART!!!

  • Big Rick says:

    O’brien is a wrestler, These fighters know he is a wrestler, If they want to statnd and punch why do they let him control the fight and take it to the ground? Why would he stand toe to toe with a puncher? I like the fact that he can take all of these guys down at will. Dana doesn’t like his style because it doesn’t pad is wallet.


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