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Brandon Vera vs. Reese Andy at UFN 14

Bouts for July 19th’s UFC Fight Night 14 are getting reported thick and fast all around the MMA Blogosphere. has the latest with sources close to them saying that Brandon Vera (8-2) will take on former IFL fighter, Reese Andy (7-1) at 205 lbs. The fight will be pegged as the co-main event of the evening.

Andy has spent the majority of his career in the IFL organisation. He went 5-1 in the organisation with his latest performance being a split decision victory over Krzysztof Soszynski in June of last year.

Another solid match-up for the ever more alluring UFC Fight Night 14.

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  • Patrick says:

    UFC is getting close to winning a split decision over Affliction for the 19th…

  • Rich S. says:

    that was close..
    i’m soooo glad they didn’t have Vera/Wandy.. that would’ve just been dumb..

  • Patrick says:

    Or Vera vs. Anderson Silva.

    Wait, I kind actually kinda sorta wanna see that happen… just for laughs?

  • DPK says:

    UFC just put together a better show in less than 3 days then eliteXC will be put on. This isn’t the Affliction card, but it is going to take the non- die hards away from who were thinking about paying to watch that card. Some good young talent here to go with the number 1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world.

  • Kogepan says:

    How is ‘Andy Reese’ versus Vera as the co-main event a ‘better’ show than the Affliction PPV. Vera got totally exposed as a punk and I don’t even know where they found this Reese guy. Seriously, if Reese got added to a Dream/Sengoku show everyone would be laughing and saying how they were picking guys out of the street to fight.

    Anderson Silva at 205….verus James Irvin? WTF, talk about overhyping a guy for KOing Alexander, the guy was NOTHING before that.

    UFC Could have started preparing for UFN 14 ALONG time ago, I’m wondering what the big rush is now? Guys have about 1 month to prepare which is not optimal, and Vera especially has to cut a weight class since his last fight a couple weeks back.

  • jgrose23 says:

    Hey Kogepan, nobody said it was better than the Affliction show. The UFC is not trying to put on a major PPV type event. This is free UFN.
    BTW I’m not all that impressed with the Affliction card. Sure, there are some big names on there, but I can’t say that any of those matchups stands out to me. It looks to me that Affliction put together big names in winnable matches to build names. Sorry, can’t say that is the MEGACARD everyone is making out to be.

  • Brandon says:

    jgrose23 – You are completely wrong – that is all.

    UFC is having top tier guys fight mediocre opposition which at the end of the day really doesn’t do anything for either guy. It buries the up and comer and well it won’t make Anderson look any bit better beating someone like Irvin.

    The only way you could dislike Affliction’s fights are if you hate watching heavyweights…

  • jgrose23 says:

    I never said the UFC show was great or that it was going to prove anything. I certainly never said that it was better than the Affliction show. I have never even said a bad word about the Affliction show. I never said I dislike the Affliction show. I stated that I think people are hyping this Affliction card up to something it’s not. It happens all the time. It happened last year with the UFC Stacked show. I just don’t happen to like a lot of the matchups on the card. If you want to watch Timmy jab at Fedor for 3 rounds. FINE! If you want to watch the classless Bablu fight. FINE! If you like an aging Pedro Rizzo, who has fought four times in the past four years. FINE! If you want to see Minotoro fight Vernon White (who is 2-5 in his last 7). FINE!

  • Jeremy says:

    What a day this is going to be for MMA fans!!! We get a free Spike Show and then the Affliction PPV. I am totally excited for this day. I know some people will complain about what the UFC is doing, and I have no problem with people doing that, but the end result is we get to watch some great fights and fighters. In one day we get Anderson Silva, Brandon Vera, Franca/Edgar, O’Brein/Velasquez, Fedor/Sylvia, Barnett, Lindland, Rothwell/Arlovski and all the other fights. It’s going to be a great night!!!

  • Mathijs says:

    Is this all Dana got to fight Affliction? Iam a UFC-fan but this card is worthless compared to:

    Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia
    Josh Barnett vs. Pedro Rizzo
    Andrei Arlovski vs. Ben Rothwell
    Matt Lindland vs. Fabio Nascimento
    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Vernon White
    Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs. Mike Whitehead
    Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Paul Buentello
    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Vernon White
    Vitor Belfort vs. Terry Martin

  • banana says:

    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Vernon White are fighting twice? lol, i pray people on the net will spell and write better in the coming years amen.

  • nick says:

    does anyone know if this is a heavyweight or light heavyweight fight?
    And ufc gets my view on the 19th fedor is my fav but im not going against the ufc like that..cant do it

  • antuken says:

    it’s gonna be a light heavyweight fight. i think it finally struck vera that he is a small heavyweight but i think he made some fights therein that weight class. but this will more suit him. but of course the competition will be better than the heavyweight class.


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