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EliteXC Weigh-In Results: Diaz over by 9 lbs!

The weigh-ins for EliteXC ‘Return of the King’ were held earlier and more controversy has followed for EliteXC. Neither Nick Diaz or Mushin Corbbrey made the 160 lbs. limit, with Diaz coming in at 169 and Corbbrey at 163 1/2. No word yet from EliteXC on any purse deductions.

Update: Apparently, EliteXC is now saying that catch-weight was agreed upon before weigh-ins. Anyway it should be a great night of fights.

Here are the official results:

Main Card:

Rafael Feijao – (205) vs. Wayne Cole – (204)
Dave “Pee Wee” Herman – (243 ½) vs. Ron Waterman – (263)
Murilo “Ninja” Rua – (184) vs. Tony Bonello – (185)
Nick Diaz – (169)** vs. Muhsin Corbbrey – (163 ½)

EliteXC Lightweight World Title Match:

KJ Noons – (160) vs. Yves Edwards – (158 ½)

Undercard (shown on after the Showtime Card):

Kepa Madeiros – (171 ½) vs. Carl Barton – (183)
Russell Doane – (135) vs. Dwayne Haney – (133 ½)
PJ Dean – (160 ½) vs. Dean Lista – (160)
Lolohea Mahe – (260) vs. Chris Barnard – (232 ½)
Kaleo Kwan – (160) vs. Mike Aina – (160)
Mark Oshiro – (140 ½) vs. Chris “Red Bull” Willems – (141 ½)
Kala Kolohe – (186)*** vs. Bubba McDaniel – (184 ½)

**Fight changed to catch-weight of 168 lbs.

***Not a Title Fight.


  • DPK says:

    It is just 9 pounds give the guy a break, he just fought last month, probably hurt his ankle last week.

    WTF is going on, ELITEXC, and MMA in general again looks un-professional with a big name failing to make weight.

    At least the guys in the title fight made weight.

  • HexRei says:

    Um, If Corbrey AND Diaz are both over, like the report says, then it just doesn’t matter. In many american states they spot you pound, but none spot you 3 or more pounds. Diaz is WAAAY over but Corbrey is over too, neither made weight. Obviously EliteXC needs to begin enforcing their weight restrictions more- none of these guys are as hot as Gina 😀

  • Dean says:

    I did read on another site that Diaz had contacted EXC management and Corbbrey’s camp prior to the weigh in to let them know.

  • catch says:

    Corbrey weighed in at 158 first, then after it was clear Diaz wasn’t making weight they changed it to a catchweight bout, during which time he partially rehydrated and weighed in the second time at 163 with clothes on.

  • i see a trend forming…. no one making weight these days?
    Prolly because its the SINGLE MOST IDIOTIC part of the fight game.
    Gee… lets starv the fighter until he is almost dead then give him 1 day to eat and gain all that weight fast…. This is why people gas out.

    If you are fat… okay… cut weight. I am against it. I could cut to 185 but I am so much stronger at 225. Cutting a lot of weight when you are in good shape is like saying “I am affraid to lose at the weight class I belong in”
    You really think I want to fight some 265 guy…. no but I would if the money was right!

  • Two Toes says:

    “Neither Nick Diaz or Mushin Corbbrey made the 160 lb limit”

    Dude, you need to check your facts before posting inane bs. Mushin initially weighed in at 158. 163 1/2 is what he weighed after he agreed to fight at a catch weight of 167.

  • HexRei says:

    @#6 I guess you must really enjoy saying things like “inane” (must not get to use that word much as a taco bell cashier huh?) so I’ll forgive the fact that you apparently didn’t notice someone pointed that out two posts above yours. I read the whole article and the comments there- my mistake is understandable given that the ** didn’t include the information I lacked. You, on the other hand, were just really eager to talk shit to someone.

  • HexRei says:

    lol. last @#5.

  • Two Toes…that is the information I received from EXC!

  • DPK says:

    #4, that is a good point,
    I think MMA organizations or state commisions, should start looking at having guys weigh in the day of the fight, or disqualifing people from fighting at a weight class if they miss their contracted weight. Another option would be fining them 30-50% of their purse, and giving it to the guy who makes weight. This would cause guys to fight at a more natural weight, and would probably lead to even better fights because guys would have more energy, because they don’t spend weeks putting their bodies through an un-healthy hell before a fight.

    Dias/Alves/Gina/Lutter- are all good fighters, but they all have black marks now due to weight issues

  • bjjdenver says:

    I think this is a by-product of fighting soon and in multiple orgs. Still, it is very unprofessional and has to be changed, especially when fighters are missing weight in classes that are designed for them.

    IMO, this could be huge. Diaz seems to perform better at a higher personal weight, and the cut tends to take a lot from him. fighting someone who made weight while he is at a more natural, comfortable weight could be huge.

  • Two Toes says:

    @ Dave Carpinello – Are you saying that an EliteXC official told you that both fighters were overweight and didn’t make the the 160lb limit? Is so, that is pretty pathetic.

    You can read what Mushin has to say at

  • That was the official results sent by EXC….Not only to me.

    “But it was all according to plan, said EliteXC officials, who confirmed that both parties had agreed prior to weigh-ins that they would fight at a catch-weight of 168 pounds. It was not made clear if both competitors were off-track to making weight at the time of the agreement.

    Diaz weighed in at 169.5 pounds for a bout that was originally scheduled for 160 pounds. His opponent, Muhsin Corbbrey (Pictures), weighed in at 163.5 pounds.”

    2 TOES….?

  • Two Toes says:

    Quote from Mushin:

    ” Actually, I was 2 lbs under(158) and after we agreed to the catch weight I drank a pedialite & weighed in with my wallet & cell in my pocket. It’s the commissions job to deal with him being over. It’s my job to make weight and fight. I was in camp for 10 weeks and barely got to see my wife and kid. I’m fighting.


    With all the flack fighters take for not making weight, it’s pretty irresponsible to not check your facts first. It even says in the Sherdog quote that it’s not known if either had made weight prior to agreeing to the catch weight. Flat out saying he didn’t make weight is pathetic and using Sherdog as your source is even more pathetic.

  • catch says:

    What Muhsin posted on the underground doesn’t fit in with what EliteXC is saying. Why would he cut to 158, weigh in, and then rehydrate if he knew it was a catchweight beforehand? Doesn’t seem logical at all.

  • Two Toes…Open your mind!

    Sherdog was not my source. PunchDrunkGamer was and as it looks everyone got the same memo!

    “Nick Diaz weighed in for his bout with Muhsin Corbbrey at 169 pounds, nine pounds over the contracted weight of 160 pounds. Corbbrey also missed weight, coming in at 163.5 pounds, but was aware prior to the weigh-ins that Diaz expected to come in well over the limit. Corbbrey agreed to contest the bout at a catch weight of 168 pounds.”


  • Sam Caplan says:


    Just to clarify, Dave was only posting the official release he received from EliteXC. These are the weights and press release they send to the entire media.

    As for Muhsin making 158 before re-hydrating, we will be contacting him soon to get his official comment about the situation and whether it was a contracted catchweight, or changed after the fact.

  • Two Toes says:

    “Two Toes…Open your mind!”

    Lol @ telling me to open MY mind. Come on dude…. I gave you a source for the information. The actual fighter in question. All you can do is copy and paste information from other websites.

  • koolpaw says:

    ” I drank a pedialite & weighed in with my wallet & cell in my pocket. ”

    just hope there will be check or Cash which weighs 9lbs in Mushin`s pocket after the fight.

  • darkmetal says:

    That Darn Gary Shaw, if he isn’t screaming at Garagliotta to “give Kimbo a break” he is also inviting all his fighters over for Frankfurters and beer.

    What a professional organization!

    Actually, cutting will always be required, otherwise fighters will break with the weight class each and every time. The problem is that alot of these guys think they can lose 20 pounds the day before the weigh-in, rather than staying in consistently good shape.

  • cyph says:

    Wait, let me get this straight. EliteXC made up a 160 lb division just for Nick Diaz, then he’s weighs in over by 9 lbs? Dude, why don’t you fight in the damn 170 lb division? That’s like saying Anderson Silva will fight at catch weight of 200 lbs, so technically he’s still the middleweight champ. There are weight divisions for a reason! If you’re too big, you don’t fight in the lower weight division. If Nick Diaz, a welterweight beats the lightweight, then what does it really matter? It’s sham!

    EliteXC = Shaw = Boxing = Bad for MMA.

  • Yeah, it’s clear Carano and Diaz didn’t get the memo about their special weight classes. I don’t see what’s stopping them from upping the weight of their special weight classes again.

  • jball says:

    #5 not tryin to hate or talk crap… but i believe the reason or the point of fighters cutting weight is to try to be as big and as strong as you can at your weight class, fighters choose what weight they want to fight at and have the choice to fight at heavier weight… ( mike swick, micheal bisping ) both were successful at heavier weight, just had problems with bigger fighters in there weight class. now that they cut down, they are the bigger fighters… did you see bisping, he looks massive at 185 where he looked small at 205, feel free to tear me apart… 😉

  • […] was Thiago Alves at 4 pounds over. Pretty bad huh? Well not as bad as Nick Diaz, who just came in 9 POUNDS OVER in his 160 pound fight against Muhsin Corbbrey. There’s a bit of confusion over the […]

  • KOB says:

    These organizations need to start making stiffer fines or holding people back for not making weight. Especially since they are trying to market mma as a sport and get mainstream media coverage.

    It is ridiculous that one fighter spends hours making weight, while another can just ride it easy going into a fight. I could see a pound or 2 but any more than that is just plain stupid. Those fighters should not deserve anything they ask for.

    Alves should go have fun w/ the middlweights who will destroy him. Diaz is just a joke, this is just another reason why he’s no longer fighter he used to be. And I used to be a HUGE Diaz fan. Let’s hope his brother is taking notes because Diaz could have been great minus all the distractions. Carano is going to get whatever she wants because she will sell tickets. Shaw doesn’t care about extra divisions. More belts = more main events. Look how well it’s worked in boxing right? LAME.

  • Steve says:



    How can you possibly weigh in 9 POUNDS OVER? I want to hear from Diaz about this; I could understand 163, even 165, but 169 sounds like he just “fuck it, I’m not cutting at all for this fight.”

  • Rex says:

    Elite XC continues to be a circus act, its like Shaw doesnt even care if MMA is accepted as a professional sport. Weight classes are used for a reason, fans want to see who the best fighters are in their respective weight classes. I am a huge Diaz fan, but fights like these wont solidify his place in any division. Elite XC needs to enforce the rules in order to help move the sport forward, not take two steps back.

  • Patrick says:

    9 pounds is completely unacceptable… and everyone thought 4 pounds was bad for Thiago (4 pounds is also unacceptable, don’t get me wrong).

    They made a weight class for him and Gina, and neither of them can make the weight. Seriously, get on the god damn treadmill in the sauna.

    It’s disrespectful to your opponent, organization, training camp, and the fans to not show up at the weight you agreed to show up at. It’s common sense that you come prepared the way you said you would be coming prepared.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Fine ’em 10% of their purse for every pound over, and it all goes to the opponent if he makes weight. If both fighters in a match are overweight, the discounts are split between all other fighters on the card who did make weight. Hit somebody hard in the wallet and everybody will learn the lesson.

  • Beef says:

    I like that % of the purse (including $ for the win and any “bonuses” a ala UFC) for each poung over the limit.

    It seems like all these peeps just don’t want to suffer like Lutter did. He put himself through hell and it took away a lot from him for the fight. These guys figure that, as long as they’re going to miss weight, then they might as well forget about the weight cut and focus on the win. That plan worked out great for Alves who also got the KO of the night bonus.

    At -10% per pound, Alves would have lost 30% (since they would have allowed 171) and Dias would have lost 80% of his purse… Sounds fair to me.


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