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5 Oz. Exclusive: Fedor and Sylvia to fight for heavyweight title has learned that Affliction’s main event between Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia scheduled for the promotion’s inaugural card on July 19 is expected to be contested for a heavyweight title.

This site was first alerted to the possible title component for the bout between Emelianenko and Sylvia after being approached by a source at Affliction’s New York press conference on May 21. A second source then confirmed earlier this week that a heavyweight title will in fact be at stake.

It is still somewhat unclear what title the two will be competing for, as Affliction has stated in the past that it did not have any immediate plans to institute titles. If that is still the case, it creates the possibility of a sanctioning body becoming involved.

The most notable sanctioning organizations currently involved in Mixed Martial Arts are the WKA, USKBA, NABC, and WAMMA. The WKA and USKBA both focus primarily on sanctioning amateur fight cards as well regional professional shows. It is not believed they would be involved with a bout the magnitude of Emelianenko vs. Sylvia unless either organization has undergone a major shift in philosophy.

After speaking with several industry insiders, WAMMA was identified as the most likely organization involved, however, WAMMA Chief Operating Officer Mike Lynch did not return voice mails on Wednesday left by Five Ounces Of Pain when contacted for comment.

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  • yuushi says:

    Sounds great. I just hope they don’t blow their load on this first event!

  • seth b says:

    Would they stick it to UFC and make it for the Pride belt?

  • JoHn says:

    holy shit can you believe how much bigger sylvia looks next to fedor

  • cyph says:

    And now say hello to the era of MMA alphabet soup titles. Affliction title holders will never fight EliteXC title holders, and we already know for sure that UFC title holders will never fight anyone else. Boxing anyone?

  • Andrew Harwood says:

    WAMMA really wants to fuck up MMA

  • Evan says:

    Dear WAMMA

    …go away

  • Andrew Harwood says:

    Sam, aren’t you part of WAMMA in terms of ranking fighters? Why is Fedor still ranked, he has not fought anybody in three years? WAMMA will have no credibility for this.

  • Rachel says:

    If WAMMA is involved that is great news. The sport needs one undisputed champion outside of all the promotion titles.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I really do prefer promotional titles as opposed to governing body titles. The boxing way of doing things always puts you on a slippery slope to an even shitter situation than most think we have now.

    I am glad it is for a title though. For this fight not to be fought over 5 rounds would have been an injustice.

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  • Evan says:

    “The McDonald’s WAMMA HW title fight”

    who wants to see that?

  • Jeff L says:

    Man, look at Sylvia leaning down to get in the picture with Fedor. After seeing the Donald dwarf Fedor also, I got to wonder if he’s shrinking.

  • paddiosf says:

    That’s what I’m saying also, Tim looks “Huge” next to Fedor…Rogan said it best during a previous UFC fight, all the Pride fighters where much smaller than he thought, Silva, Rua, Henderson and Fedor are all small for there weight classes..I have this feeling Tim is going to win via TKO from a Fedor cut…That’s his achilles heel..

  • mike wolfe says:

    There are some obvious punchlines about shrinking Pride fighters, but I’ll abstain.

  • JoHn says:

    #14 MIKE There are some obvious punchlines about shrinking Pride fighters, but I’ll abstain.


  • sdl says:

    I have speculated on the ProElite message boards about the possible relationship between Affliction and the Art Of War/Sun Sports promotion. The Donald Trump press release is on the Art Of War website & could be there just because Pedro Rizzo is fighting on the card, but who knows…

  • dongbar says:

    It is for the YAMMA HW belt!

  • JoHn says:

    this fight will solidify randy coutures place as #1 hw after tim sylvia beats fedor……

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    #18 – That won’t matter in August due to inactivity.

  • bpx says:

    LOL at #3 and #13, I was thinking the same thing. WTF is Sylvia eating??!! LMFAO

  • joho says:

    I bet Timmys back on the juice since he wont be tested!!!!!!!!!!!

    putting a belt into play means big plans with them since trump is involved they know they can go the distance

  • Jeff L says:

    #21, why wouldnt they be tested? They are fighting here in the States, you know.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Any sanctioned event always tests both participants in title fights … for, you know, obvious reasons.

  • Sir Hardass says:

    # 7 Andrew Harwood Says:
    June 12th, 2008 at 9:15 am
    Sam, aren’t you part of WAMMA in terms of ranking fighters? Why is Fedor still ranked, he has not fought anybody in three years? WAMMA will have no credibility for this.

    This comment above is so ignorant. Let’s see……He fought Mark Hunt less then 2 years ago (who was ranked at the time) he fought Coleman less then two years ago (who was ranked at the time) but I guess for some strange reason those don’t count?? He beat the shit out of the #2 ranked middle weight in the world a few months ago. I know he’s was a middle weight but weighed in at just 4 pounds less then Fedor at the time of the fight. Who does Fedor really need to fight to prove he’s number 1? The UFC champ? Oh yeah, he’s done that several times and beat the shit out of him. The bottom line is that there is no one out there that can hold his jock……Period!! Sad but true. He’s really that good. In fact, he should start fighting two opponents at once in order to even it up…..

  • bjjdenver says:

    # 3, 12 and 13…did you guys see them on Inside MMA together?? Tim made Fedor look like a little kid waiting on his ice cream, lol. Still, I’ll take Fedor by 2nd rd sub.

    My big question is:

    does this mean it will be a 5 ROUND FIGHT?

    I think it does, and I believe that is why they making it a title fight. I also believe that these new promotions need to get belt holders asap, even if they don’t keep the title long. Having a champion, lends credibility amongst new fans and gives them a sense of who is the big target and top fighter.

  • JoHn says:

    yes it does make it a 5 round fight

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  • wildgoat says:

    Wow, I agree with eveyone who noticed the size difference between these two fighters, Fedor looks like one of the lollipop kids next to Sylvia. I’m one of the Fedor skeptics, until I see this fight I don’t think he is the best.

  • HexRei says:

    @#26 Couture is about the same height as Fedor and he handled Sylvia pretty well, but yeah, Sylvia is really at the top of the size and weight curve in his division and it’s always astonishing to see him next to other smaller HW. The thing to remember though is that Sylvia’s main weakness is his heart. The guy has a decent skillset now but the guys that beat him generally do it through staying mentally strong, when Sylvia wears down and tires out.

  • egad81 says:

    Tim is still smaller then the last guy Fedor fought….

    I see Fedor winning by submission and hopefully breaking Tims other arm.

  • HexRei says:

    @#30 The skill difference between HMC and Sylvia is astonishing. I don’t think the size is a serious problem, Fedor will have more trouble with Sylvia because Sylvia is a multiple-time world UFC HW champion with an incredible record of mostly KO’s. He’s been some very good BJJ guys and lost mostly only to very good high-quality competition. HMC had a single MMA fight when he fought Fedor and fell to an obvious submission, because almost all of his training was in kickboxing.

    I don’t predict Sylvia for the win but I do think Sylvia will take Fedor at least ten minutes into the fight (I use minutes because I’m not sure what the rules will be for the Adrenaline show). Sylvia has passable sub defense now (ass opposed to when he fought Mir) and will not get subbed until he gasses.

  • HexRei says:

    “He’s been” = “He’s beaten”

  • michael says:

    affliction not adrenaline

  • qwqwd says:

    Sylvia has a huge size advantage. there are LHW that are bigger than fed.

  • platypus says:

    fedor better win

  • T says:

    Tim will buckle like a little girl when Fedor slaps Tim’s face.

    For any one who didn’t see, Fedor Subbed Hong Man Choi in less than 3 minutes & popped Hong’s capsule in an arm bar.

    Look up Hong’s fight with Fedor. Hong is taller than Tim & wieghs alot more & actually has loads of agility & can stand up easily with out falling over unlike Tim.

    Look up the fight on youtube.

    Tim will be a piece of cake.

    I call this Fedor wins by sub 2:00 rd 1

  • conan1983 says:

    Fedor will win. He has beaten larger opponents, has never been submitted, and has never really lost a fight. To the subscriber # 13 “paddiosf”, what the hell are you talking about? A cut is Fedor’s achilles heel? That happened once, and if u actually watched that fight, Fedor was not injured, and was ready to whoop his ass. Furthermore, Fedor is specialized in submitting larger opponents, like Sylvia, who has fallen to that departure. For those of you infatuated with body size, you must have missed the part of the picture on this page where Fedor’s forearm is noticably larger than sylvia’s…. more than likely the forearm that will knock tim out. thank you and good night.

  • BuKkAkE says:

    agree with #37… On all but the forearm thing…they seem pretty equal there…. but thats where the comparisons end… Anybody who picks Tim to win this fight… is obviously a puts… yes Tim was the UFC champ… but thats not really saying much.. the UFC is where good fighters go to die…the only real talent the UFC still has you almost never see in televised fights (exception anderson silva) Listen… i was never really a huge Fedor guy.. but in all seriousness…unless fedor is horribly out of shape… or is injured in some severely debiliating way… hes a guarantee… Fedor submission 1 minute in.

  • TORCHUM says:

    In regards to Tim’s Mongo size…well, Saliva is wearing KISS boots and is back on the juice. Both are not going to help him. His gaping mouth will get shut but we will all appreciate him for showing up.
    Now back to some fighters that actually sustain interest from the crowds that pay their salaries….
    Interesting just how slippery Dana is. I couldn’t quite figure out his angle for giving up a free fight with such magnatude but it is perfectly clear now. I betcha if he stopped shaving his head a black and silver crazy fro would grow.

  • AJ says:

    Fedor wins by knocking Sylvia out – ala Randy Couture. Tim has a weak chin and has gone down from big blows (its just hard to get past that reach – but when it happens, its lights out). Fedor wont be able to take Tim down though, so it could take some time in the fight for the KO to happen – hence the late rd 1/round 2 prediction.

  • conan1983 says:

    # 38 BuKkAkE, i couldn’t agree with you more.. i only meant that side by side, fedor’s arms and chest were at least the size of sylvia’s…. it seems though that you’re not quite convinced on fedor’s power…. fans, remember the 1 punch knock-down of arlovski to sylvia that ended in submission? Remember the 1-punch knock-down of randy coutoure to tim sylvia? That being said, Fedor will 1 punch Sylvia down, then multi-punch him to a ref-stoppage, TKO, guaranteed…. not a question, i am betting all the money i have available on Fedor because i know he will win easily, plus he’s the underdog for some godforsaken reason… gonna make some coin on this one… wait and see… i’m gonna bet everything i got on fedor.. he’ll win easily… fuck syliva. he ain’t got shit

  • conan1983 says:

    plus, if i was gonna bet again, arlovski is gonna knock the head off of Rothwell… guaranteed… on the undercard, Arlovski by KO, then Emelianenko by ref stoppage… wait and see….

  • conan1983 says:

    huh… guess i kinda called these 2 fights 100% accurate….. arlovski knocked the head off rothwell and Fedor won by ref stoppage… hmmmmm… shoulda bet everything I had on that prediction…


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