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Dana White: no Floyd, no FOX, no WWE, not going public

So earlier today, our Sam Caplan discussed several theories about what the “huge announcement” will be made this Thursday by UFC president Dana White… and today the man himself took a squat on pretty much everything we at Five Ounces of Pain thought might be revealed.

Dana White and Brock Lesnar appeared on CNBC’s Power Lunch show to talk about the new licensing deal the UFC just signed with JAKKS Pacific (read the press release here).

More interesting, is the list of rumors Dana put to rest:

  • Boxer Floyd Mayweather joining the UFCNo!
  • WWE partnering with the UFC in any capacityNo!
  • UFC appearing on FOX, ABC or another networkNo!
  • UFC having an IPO and going publicNo!

So loyal readers – what’s going to be revealed on Thursday is ANYONE’S GUESS.

  • Mike C. says:

    Dana also denied the Pride sale up until the last minute. These denials might not mean anything.

  • bjjdenver says:

    I’ll say it again, even if it IS one of those things, do you really think he would admit it??

    Well he said it isn’t, so it must not be. lol, when did people on the internet start believing what comes out of Dana’s mouth?

    Yet another great publicity move by Dana.

  • Rich S. says:

    i don’t remember who it was, but one guy on here’s prediction was that maybe they would bring back the Tournaments..
    with all of THOSE being out of the picture.. that’s the only thing i can imagine..

  • jason says:

    Mike C., thank you. I’ve tried to stress that point over and over. I’m really confused on this though and it really is anyone’s guess.

  • steve24 says:

    A network deal seems the only logical way to go since he said “it will determine where MMA will be in 5 years.” But he did say the announcement is coming from way out of left field. So we definitely know its not a certain fighter or fight that hes announcing.

  • Jeremy says:

    They’re going to start allowing swords.

  • j says:

    I’m back to my original GUESS of 5 round for non-title fights and 7 rounds for title fights.

    He’s wanted to do this for a long time.

  • livewire says:

    I think it will be a UFC specialty channel. In Canada we have the Fight Network and perhaps the UFC is looking at the success of that and thinking they have enough content to have their own channel. If Dana has denied all other rumours, this is the only thing left in my mind that is “huge” and shows where mma is going in the next 5 years.

  • Trsigley says:

    Just throwing this out there but Dana denied buying Pride the day before he Bought Pride…..

  • Evan says:

    Just wait and see…and believe nothing you read..its much like listening to an NFL GM in the week leading up to the draft…everything is a lie.

  • Matt C. says:

    It’s very possible that White could deny deny deny, only to be setting everyone up. My thought on that is why would he deny TV network deals on a channel like CNBC, on a business and investments show? I can see him denying it to random newspaper or magazine interviews, but to deny it to the audience of CNBC doesn’t seem logical. Then again, what does.

  • Matt says:


  • bjjdenver says:

    #7, that would eat up a lot of ppv time. Not that all fights would go the distance, but it certainly would reduce the number of fights we see and with so many people bitching about not getting to see enough, I doubt that is it. Personally, I would be all for it, if the made it a 4 hour show. I especially would like to see 5 round fights to determine the next title shot.

    #8, I was thinking about that as well and, I have to say, it would be great. If they programmed 20 hours a day, probably two 10 hour blocks repeated, they should have plenty of programming. 85 ppv shows + non-televised undercards, TUF seasons, TUF finales and UFNs, Wired, all the prefight shows, the Pride library, the Pride highlight show, WEC, WEC wreckage, TapouT. How awesome would it be, to get to watch the old UFCs and all the Pride shows. I think we may be dreaming, but damn it would be awesome.

  • bjjdenver says:

    lol, just noticed the soup nazi!!

    You want announcement? Two dollars!! No announcement for you!!

  • Zack with a ck says:

    Aliens will land in DC and present George Bush with a medal honoring his intelligence before we see tournaments in the UFC.

    I also don’t think he would flatout deny a TV deal to a major media entity like CNBC if there really was one. I would think he’d want to maintain as strong and credible of a relationship with mainstream media as possible. Unless I’m remembering wrong, he denied the Pride deal to niche media like TAGG radio and the like.

  • Caleb Newby says:

    I 100% approve of the picture used for this story.

  • mike says:

    Now that Dana’s debunked so many rumors, maybe hell announce on thursday some sort of revenue sharing plan for the fighters involving sales, merchandising, the video game, etc. It would definitely be out of left field, groundbreaking, etc. Maybe Dana and the Fertitas realized if they did that it would seal their place as the top mma promotion (90% of mma revenue) for years to come.

  • ufcfan says:

    assuming we’re to believe dana…one thing some people keep forgetting when speculating about this BIG announcement is that he’s telling all employees first.

    so in theory, it affects his employees well being…

    which USUALLY indicates some sort of partnership, sale etc.

  • Kuch says:

    Talent exchange and multi-promotional events. It could be huge if done correctly.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    “Talent exchange and multi-promotional events. It could be huge if done correctly.”

    Aliens would land in DC and present Dick Cheney with a lifetime achievement award for pleasantness before the UFC would do any such thing. Why lend the UFC brand to competing promotions that are millions in debt?

  • D says:

    @6 – I’m at work and in tears, now everyone thinks I’m crazy.

    My only hope is that the UFC and WWE never cross paths. Please, i’ll take any other BS idea, but not that one!

  • fightfan says:

    The Almighty Dana is great at OVERhyping things. Stating things he CANT accomplish(we will get fedor). And he is goign to let the cat out of the bag, so IT STILL MAY be on eof teh rumors flying around…..

    And I am willing to bet that SINCE….

    1.) Brock Lesnar was present and
    2.) The WWE has a presser the SAME DAY, THAT

    The announcement has somethign to do with someone or something with the WWE

  • Matt C. says:

    thanks Caleb. I think I have had a good streak today with images for the posts. If the WWE and UFC do a deal, I already have a beauty ready to go.

  • Mark079 says:

    I was thinking kind of the same things as # 8 with the UFC channel. If they want total control and networks won’t have it, then create your own network.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    Post that badboy. It’s not going to happen and we may miss out on your genius interpretive art.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    It ain’t gonna be 5/7 rounds. Doesn’t make a drop of sense considering that has to go through the athletic commissions and would therefore impact all organizations, and as such would be impossible to keep quiet.

  • steve24 says:

    How would 5/7 rounds show where MMA is going to be going over the next 5 years??

    If anything, I think it could hurt the sport if you get a really boring fight(s). Imagine how upset people would be if we got 2 fights on a card that were boring and we had to sit through that for 10 rounds. People would think twice before ordering a PPV.

  • butman says:

    They’re changing the 10-point must system

  • keith says:

    This has only been touched upon but I really think this has to do with a complete rebranding of all of Zuffa’s properties. I think they are possibly going to shed the UFC name and merge with the WEC.

    Over the years, after acquiring Pride and WEC and their fighters, production, and properties, Zuffa is sitting on quite a pile and the landscape of the UFC is pretty different these days. Is it unreasonable to think they are trying to up the game a little bit by marketing themselves as a super organization that couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else?

    The “extreme”-ness of the UFC is often criticized as running it’s course and getting a little old. Not to mention, other organizations are trying to repeat it and failing poorly (EliteXC; dancers, DJs, freak fights). Could we be seeing the UFC trying to really separate themselves from the spectacle and really promote the sport by classing it up a bit? They’ve already tried to revamp their countdown shows and general production a bit but a total rebranding would shed the skin that makes it unappealing to the general masses.

    The reason the UFC isn’t necessarily the NFL or NHL or NASCAR is simply because it doesn’t have the same look as an organization that takes themselves seriously as a professional sport.

    But then again, it’s Dana.

  • Patrick says:

    Hey I heard from a good source that Dana’s announcement on Thursday will be that he saved 15% on his car insurance by switching to Geico. Revolutionary change in the sport for sure!

  • hindsightufuk says:

    UFC with kids!

  • Chuck says:

    I hope 5 and 7 round fights don’t show up. I think you’d see way to much stalling in the middle rounds in order for guys to conserve their energy. Everyone would’ve loved to see Chuck and Wanderlei go on for five rounds but to be honest neither of them had any gas at the end of the three. If they knew they had five (without a title on the line) the fight probably wouldn’t have been nearly as fast paced and action packed! Or could you imagine a Sean Sherk or Josh Koscheck LNP snoozefest for 7 rounds?? No thanks!

    The announcement likely has to do with international expansion if in fact Dana wasn’t lying about all the other rumors- but I’m not betting money he isn’t.

  • David says:

    I think the announcement is not “a” network deal; it is “THE” network deal and that is how Dana will spin it. If the announcment does not have anything to do with a network deal, Fedor, or Randy Couture then it won’t deliver.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    Here are my predictions (most have already been stated on this site or another)

    1. Resurrecting Pride or something along those lines. Having an “American League”, “Asian League”, and possibly a “European League”. Having fighters from those countries fight and then the best fighters fight across leagues like a SuperBowl type of scenario.

    2. Network Deal, assuming that Dana is lying.

    3. UFC Channel

    4. Fights no longer in the Octagon. They will take place in McDonald’s style ball pit.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    I like #4, but there should be a big ass anaconda in there with the fighters

  • Cobra Kai says:

    One more, restructuring the pay of fighters, giving them insurance.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    Imagine winning by Anaconda Choke, with a real Anaconda.

  • Trsigley says:

    I like #1 Cobra…..kind of an Olympic feel to MMA.

  • Chris says:

    Randy vs Fedor in the cage thats what its gonna be!

  • jimbo says:

    Just a guess. But eliminating the WECs’ middle, lh, and heavyweight classes. Bringing the fighters over to the UFC to breathe some new life in said classes. Title unification fights etc.
    seems like good marketing to me.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    I have been advocating the suggestion I made above listed as #1 for a while. The UFC could make a lot of money in other countries and give fighters in other countries more of a chance. There are good fighters all over the world but it’s hard for them to get noticed and into the UFC. Also, it is hard for the UFC to market the fighters that don’t speak english. Japan would be a great place to start because MMA is already huge there. Then they could build up rivalries and spark debates over who is better. It could really make it hard for other companies to compete as well. Fighters are going to want to be in the world-wide promotion so they can fight the best in the world.

    The ball pit is pretty much genious as well, though. Can you imagine how easy it would be to get a takedown in a ball pit? Starnes would fall over backwards as soon as he started back pedaling.

  • mo says:

    a couple of people eluded to it (especially #28) but i too see the UFC trying to establish itself more like the other big 4 sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL). With the overload of their roster, i could see some sort of arrangement for and re-allignment with with WEC to create a majors and a minor league. this would certainly change the sport as a whole.

    Another way in which they could go is to hold an event yearly that is an open format. i have no idea how this would look, but it would be the “Super Bowl” event Dana discusses from time to time. this is something completely out of “left field” like Dana mentioned, but it would be something that could be a yearly event and allow other fighters from other organizations to fight UFC fighters. this seems highly unlikely because the legistics would be crazy and there is no way they could coordinate this and keep it quiet, but maybe.

    lastly, i could see them working in conjnuction with an upstart company, but not one of the other MMA leagues, more something like Oscar’s Golden Boy company.

  • Kogepan says:

    ACTION figures? HAHHAHAH

    Dana White = biggest loser ever.

    First it was the HUGE announcement about Bud Light. I don’t know how that is huge at all, except Zuffa making alot more $$$.

    Now action figures? Tranform the landscape of MMA for the next five years? jeezus..

  • Mikey Gilz says:

    The rumor mill is busy today. Just like the crazy hype for the new Batman movie, there is no way it is going to live up to it.

  • Adam Morgan says:


    The Dark Knight is going to be the finest piece of cinema ever. 😀

  • ironic sumo says:

    if wwe isn’t buying a percentage maybe its just a partnership with the WWE.

    WWE entertainers would be able to fight in MMA matches, and the WWE can use this partnership to milk some of ufc’s juice..

  • He said no network deal….ESPN and HBO aren’t networks.

    Semantics are Dana’s friend.

  • Caleb Newby says:

    Personally, if the WWE bought out the UFC or became join partners, I’d laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Of course I’d be crying on the inside, and the laughter may be a coping mechanism, but the humor in that is too great to ignore.

    That, and we’d get to see Matt’s sweet picture to go with the story.

  • Guinness says:

    Two words: UFC Europe

    A second arm of the UFC designed specifically to create content designed for European audiences. We have already seen the UFC begin to extend its arms across international borders. A European division would give the UFC a chance to extend its brand deeper in to Europe through the cultivation of European stars and allow them to focus on the creation of sanctioning bodies across the EU.


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