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Fantasy Matchmaking 101: What EliteXC’s second CBS show should look like

The following proposed card is based on no inside information. The card below is simply what I think the second EliteXC show on CBS should look like:

Main Event: Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith for the EliteXC middleweight title

Co-Main Event: Antonio Silva vs. Brett Rogers for the vacant EliteXC heavyweight title

Special Attraction: Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson vs. James Thompson

Female MMA Bout: Gina Carano vs. Shayna Baszler

I’ve got four matches instead of five because my guess is that CBS will want to avoid running long like they did the first time. Cutting the televised portion of the show from five fights to four would help create some time.

With only four fights, it’s such a tough call. There has to be a way to get EliteXC’s best pound-for-pound fighter, Jake Shields, some exposure. Nick Diaz is also someone ideally you’d like to have on a show but it’s tough to invest marketing dollars behind him when he’s always surrounded by controversy. Eddie Alvarez, Paul Daley, and Wilson Reis are all worthy of being on a second show as well, but I think using familiar names and slowly incorporating new ones into the rotation is the way to go.

What do you think?

  • si says:

    I wouldn’t be impressed with that line-up, half the matches are rematches and there are only two new fighters in the mix. I’m all for keeping it slow, but it’s far too similar to the first card, let’s at least TRY to incorporate some diversity in there.

    And do EliteXC REALLY want this completely new fanbase thinking that these fighters are the best that they’ve got, and that there are only three weight classes?

  • agression says:

    i’d like to see

    alvarez/ winner or yves/noons

  • LMG says:

    This discussion will become insignificant when one of the announcements that Dana White will make on Thursday reveals a Chuck versus A. Silva match at a catchweight. Count on it. I have heard this through someone with a very close source to Silva.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    I’m all for agression’s card.

  • D says:

    I see what you’re saying with the 4 fights instead of 5, but IMO you need another fight with some fresh faces (Shields, Diaz, Hose, Rua) or maybe another female fight with Kaitlin Young -> if Young & Carano win then you set that fight up right there.

    Right now, your card has two repeat matches (both of which are needed) and two more repeat fighters. I think one more fight with some new people would prevent it from being stale.

    Possible names: EliteXC: Do-Over, EliteXC: Lightning Strikes Twice, EliteXC: No, it’s not a rerun! 😉

  • Ideally, like you said, they’d want to work at least Shields in as a new face, but the card you have there looks pretty good.

    And while I doubt there’s any chance they’ll actually do the Slice rematch with Thompson, it’s the one sure way to keep Slice an attraction on the card. The way that fight went, it might as well have been a loss for Slice. He needs to “get his heat back”, to steal a wrestling term, and a rematch with Thompson gives him a chance at that.

    I think they need Carano as she’s a big draw to the casual viewer, and a fight with Baszler would be a good showcase.

    If they go with anything other than a Lawler/Smith – provided Smith’s foot heals – rematch it will be a huge mistake. While most of the coverage post-event was about being disappointed in Slice, it almost always included a “but that Lawler fight was awesome before it stopped.”

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I’d like to see their fights end without premature stoppages. Once they clear that hurdle, I’ll worry about who’s on the card.

  • Jose Santos says:

    they can easily get 5 fights in if they speed up the pace – first fight started way too late…gotta get shields on the card

  • HexRei says:

    Sam, I’m curious as to why you think Thompson and Smith deserve immediate rematches but not Young. I feel that her stoppage was equally contraversial, she had a black eye and a little non-bleeding cut under it…

  • Zach says:

    If they do this it will seem like CBS wants a do over from a bad showing last time. If they want to be successful they need to take a confident step foward. I would do rogers v. Kimbo, and have shields on the card, as well as nick diaz, the only rematch worth doing is the midlewieght title fight, let the Elite XC should let the thompson/kimbo fight fade away and let rogers and kimbo go at it. Kimbo may lose, but it would atleast be exciting. And most importantly they need to put some focus on Rob and Big from the MTV show that are in Rogers’ corner, they are hillarious and would make the event more entertaining.

  • Fabricio says:

    Yep they can do 5 fights easy, and I think Shield and Fickett would be the fight

  • mo says:

    I think you need Diaz and Alvarez on the card. The Rogers and Silva fight would be good for the Showtime fights because i think the casual MMA fan wants the exciting fights, which i am not sure Silva brings as much as Diaz and Alvarez. And having Daiz vs. Daley is a great call, and Alvarez vs. Edwards/Noons would be great as well. good call #2

  • Jimmy says:

    So basically the same card all over again? No way

    If they want to put on a real MMA card they would have to have:

    Lawler/Smith-Main event
    Noons/Edwards winner vs Alvarez-co-main event
    Nick Diaz vs whoever(be awesome if shields but they’re from the same place so that wouldn’t happen) but just as long as one of them are on the card

    The sad thing is the only way they would keep me interested is to have Diaz or Shields on every card.

  • Heatwaves says:

    I have no interest in seeing a Thompson/Kimbo rematch. As questionable stoppages go, it was far less egregious than other fights we’ve seen.

  • bjjdenver says:

    Gina vs Butterbean

  • eazye says:

    I don’t know about this one … a viewer who saw the first one that sees this would say “Didn’t I just watch that?” and probably not tune in

  • bjjdenver says:

    Yes, I could see a Kimbo/JT rematch down the road, and the Smith/Lawler one is obvious as a headliner, but just put them on different cards.

    Sorry, but there is absolutely no need for a Gina/Kaitlin rematch. Just time to move on.

    I know EXCBS is stacked with sluggers for the ratings, but i can’t help but think the real action would be some good lightweights going freaking non-stop.

  • smoogleton says:

    The first show grew its audience every half hour, why would they want to shorten the second one? If anything I’d bet it gets expanded to a 2.5 or 3 hour timeslot

  • HexRei says:

    @#17 Ooh, its bjjdenver back again.

    I have to disagree, out of the three bad stoppages I think Young’s was probably the worst. As mentioned elsewhere, Smith was still having vision problems in the lockerroom later and Thompson’s was stopped because the ref thought he was out on his feet.
    Young’s, however, was stopped between rounds over suspicion of a broken bone that turned out not to be broken. The doctor had no other reason to stop the fight, and the only reason she had turned out to be bogus. Kaitlyn wanted and deserved another round to prove herself. It’s not her fault the doctor was implementing a double standard for fighters of different genders.

  • bjjdenver says:

    HexRei, as much as I love arguing with you about the stoppage, I’m surprisingly not going to today, lol.

    Stoppage not withstanding (someone just yelled it was a good one, lol), this fight wasn’t close and an immediate rematch isn’t needed.

    I like Kaitlin’s potential, let her go get some fights against girls her own size that make weight, then down the road, whatever she wants.

    I do think rematches would be OK in the other to, but not because of the stoppages. Both fights were pretty close and interesting. Smith/Lawler is definitely up in the air and would make a great part 2. Kimbo/JT would be ok, because JT wants it and Kimbo needs to prove he is better, whether he is or not. Both guys are at a fairly comparable level right now, so a rematch wouldn’t be bad.

    Alright, I can’t resist Hex, what did you think of the Vera/Werdum stoppage?

  • HexRei says:

    bjjdenver, imho it was early. :) vera was in trouble but he wasn’t given enough chance to extricate himself, and werdum wasn’t given enough chance to finish the fight in style. they both got robbed!

  • bjjdenver says:

    No Vera was done, he was out of it completely! :)

    Agreed, and I think Vera made a great point about the ref checking the time. He was blocking most of the shots either completely or partially, so imo, that is defending yourself intelligently. I’m also sure Werdum’s mount is no place to be stuck and with more time, he would have finished Vera. That said, waiting out 10-15 seconds and taking minor damage seems much smarter than possibly exposing yourself to a top bjj guy by trying to desperately escape the mount.

    And it is unfortunate for both guys. I think Vera would have eventually lost, but you never know with a good striker like him. And it sucks for Werdum to an extent, because he probably will get the next shot at the title after Mir, and many will remember him for the AA fight and this BS stoppage. Both guys deserved better, imo.

  • HexRei says:

    i think a pig just sailed by my window cause we AGREE!

  • bjjdenver says:

    lol, I’m sure they are flying all over the place!

  • Eric says:

    That’s a horrible lineup. Half of your matches are matches that we’ve already seen. Nobody gives a crap about who will “really” win a match between Kimbo and James Thompson.

    Sam, you’ve lost touch with the public.

  • AG Silver says:

    I think there would be room for one more fight as the first 30-40 minutes was a rundown of the card along with an intro video of MMA 101 with what to look for in an MMA bout. Without the intro, they have room to showcase their rising star, Jake Shields.

    Also, I feel this card shouldn’t be seen as a repeat of the previous CBS card. Your proposed card has 6 of the 8 fighters coming back for some primetime love. I’d agree on the Smith/Lawler rematch to occur on CBS (as fans may have been cheated by not seeing that play out to it’s conclusion the first time around).

  • bjjdenver says:

    #26, I would assume, they are going to run the mma 101 at the beginning of every show, at least for awhile.

  • Kogepan says:

    I doubt they would want Kimbo on the card again. Let him train another 3-4 months, then feed him to Rogers.

    co-main event should be Shields versus….somebody

    carano vs basler

    depending on when the second card is help, definitely get Alvarez, especially if he wins or does well in the Dream LWGP finals. Maybe Alvarez vs. Noons/Edwards winner.

  • Jackyl says:

    Shields vs Fickett
    Alvarez vs Noons(I’m pretty confident Noons will beat Edwards)
    Carano vs Bazler (I’m assuming Larosa is contractually out of it)
    Kimbo vs Rogers….maybe a rematch with Thompson but I think Rogers would make the better fight. Also, if they do good this time around I wouldn’t expect them to protect Kimbo as their cash cow for much longer. At some point they are going to have to book his fights and if he loses, he loses.


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