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UFC 85: Alves, Burns, Wiman and Tavares earn UFC “Fight Night” Bonuses

MMA Junkie has got the traditional UFC “Fight Night” bonuses for yesterday’s UFC 85: Bedlam.

The bonuses were set at $50,000 which is $25,000 less than last month’s UFC 84: Ill Will. They were awarded as follows:

  • Thiago Alves earns $50,000 for KO of the night after his 2nd round TKO over former UFC welterweight champion, Matt Hughes.
  • UFC newcomer, Kevin Burns earns $50,000 for submission of the night after his 2nd round triangle choke of Roan Carneiro.
  • Both Matt Wiman and Thiago Tavares earned $50,000 for their exciting two round scrap which Wiman won via KO.

I personally disagree with Alves earning KO of the night based on the fact these bonuses are up to the UFC’s discretion and he should not be rewarded with anything extra after failing to make weight, regardless of any injury that may of hindered his training. In my opinion Luis Cane should have earned that award as he knocked Jason Lambert down cleanly three times in their fight before the referee intervened.

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  • Al says:

    IMO, Alves should really forego any right to a bonus due to missing weight.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    The UFC wants to be with every other major sport and just like the NFL, MLB and NBA, it’s all about scoreboard . . . and consequently, admirable athletes are overshadowed, and de-motivated by stupidity like this.
    Alves really thinks he’s ” . . . been a good boy” now, thanks to this stamp of approval by the UFC.
    Questionable officiating, questionable management and now questionable results really taint this card. In the last 21 days, the WEC stands head and shoulders above every other promotion’s best efforts.

    Very disappointing.

  • RUSH says:

    Cane or Wiman would have been very deserving of the KO bonus. Alves, not so much. I am baffled at how classy Hughes was in defeat, especially considering the lack of respect by Alves not even coming close to making weight. Fail


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