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Video: Dana White rips on EliteXC on CBS some more

Carmichael Dave of the Carmichael Dave Show on KHTK in Sacramento caught up with UFC President Dana White prior to last Sunday’s WEC show. During the interview, White elaborated on his previous comments as to why he had an issue with EliteXC’s “Saturday Night Fights” debut on CBS.

  • Patrick says:

    Yep, Dana’s right.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I wish he’d made an exception for Lawler and Smith, but he’s right about the main event.

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    I cared Dana… I cared.

  • dastruggle says:

    lmao what a ironric statement and the irony of how he said it the f**king show shouldnt be on t.v. does anyone see the contradiction there lol.when will dana learn he is not the god of mma i dont care how much money he spends the sport is bigger the him and his company the truth is it’s all about money and dana has competition he doesnt want which is great for thr fighters

  • Evan says:

    He’s 100% right and its nice to see he recognizes the fans reaction to his mouth.

  • 404 says:

    I guess people seem to forget so quickly that Dana White is the first to bring the freaks to the show. When Tito Ortiz would come out with his “is my bitch” shirts, that brought down what SEG and many other then underground MMA promotions were trying to promote, the original martial arts respect and sportsmanship.

    I really hated the elitexc showing just as much as others. what i do see however, is alot of people that don’t see these comments as the double standard that they are.

  • j-rock says:

    Dana! Stop being such a hater!!! Every time now it seems he’s bashing some other promotion. Look at what Zuffa did with Pride!! Nothing….. Embrace MMA and we as fans should be glad that there is competition like Elite-XC and Affliction and Dream!! Peace!!!!

  • Ronin says:

    He’s scared, you talk shit about someone if your not afraid.

    He lost AA, Slyvia and he will never see Couture in the UFC again, Fedor’s never going there after calling him a farce.

    Dana needs to shut his mouth and focus on the presentation of the UFC and change things up. UFC PPV’s have gotten stale and Mike Goldberg needs to replaced ASAP.

  • Patrick says:

    UFC ppv’s haven’t gotten stale… did you somehow completely miss UFC 84?

  • j-rock says:

    I liked how he said the UFC (dont get me wrong, I am a UFC fan) never put on a low rate show etc. Did he not have the guy who beat Kimbo fight on PPV a few years back, what about an old Shamrock vs Tito fight (that got monster ratings as well?) Give the EGO a rest for a bit Dana! I think he has a bit of the Vince McMahon persona going right now.

  • king mah mah says:

    Ronin you must have missed quite a few ppv’s recently. Stale? Not likely. Exciting, you bet. I’ll admit there were some stale matches, but overall they have been very good.

  • bjjdenver says:

    #5… stale, laughable.

    Lost AA–One of my favorite fighters, but he has fallen out of favor in UFC fans eyes. Why should UFC pay him big money, when a high percentage of fans are not interested in him?

    Lost Sylvia–So what? Did you really want to see Sylvia, who is hated by many fans, get yet another title shot? Granted, Tim deserves to get paid, but his value to the UFC is not what he will get elsewhere. When the time is right, he will return.

    Lost Randy–Most overrated statement on the internet. Randy is great, but he is about done. 1 maybe 2 fights left in him. Would I prefer they were in the UFC? Sure, but I would rather see him fight fedor.

    Dana’s remarks were actually halfway intelligent and all the way accurate.

    If you need to hate Dana/UFC, go ahead, but they are a looong ways ahead of any other promotion.

  • j-rock says:

    Something to think about?? Tito, Wanderlei, Hendo, these are some of the guys that will soon ask for more $$$$$ will the UFC pay??. Not likely, and why the hell is Chuck still headlining PPV’s?? Also, if the UFC is really at the top of the class (which I think it is, for now) why cant they get or maintain a division other that the 205’s. ex. Heavyweights and until recently 155lbs and below….hmmmm??

  • paddiosf says:

    WHAT Stale? I call UFC 84 one of the Best fight Cards Ever..

  • will says:

    This guy Dana man always taking a stab at the competition like the ufc has never had a sorry fight or one of their guys had a bad night or a boring performance and you got to pay for the ufc $50 I liked the elite xc fights i will watch again F Dana!

  • darkmetal says:

    Dana White and the UFC are in it for the long haul. Sure, some of these fighters will defect to other apparently “greener pastures” and some might do well, and God bless em’, but if and when these org’s fold, they will be back knocking on the UFC’s door.

    The lure of quick money is powerful for both fighters and businessmen who want to steal some of the UFC’s thunder, but the UFC IS the namebrand, the rest are simply upstarts with stars in their eyes, big money behind them or not. They will have to make money in the next couple years, if they don’t they are done.

    I do wish that Dana had commented on the dubious calls in the EliteXC show, as any comment would certainly be seconded by many the fan.

  • Christine says:

    He’s all class, that one.

  • Kogepan says:

    Dana White needs to shut his ignorant mouth up.

    All you UFC nuthugger talk sh*t the WWE antics of EliteXC, yet the UFC president is the biggest WWE style trash talker of them all.

    Oh and yeah, your UFC 85 card is a total steaming pile of crap. Your fighter can’t even make weight for the main event. Maybe you should talk some about that!

  • Brandon says:

    No freak show fights? Mir vs Lesnar?

    He has a point but you can tell he’s starting to feel just a tiny bit of the heat. And to say that all of the fighters on the Elite card were jokes and not athletes was a slap in the face to them. Aside from the Kimbo fight being the main event the rest of the card were full of former UFC fighters and/or talented prospects.

    If Dana really didn’t give a crap about all the other orgs then why wouldn’t he just let the actions of the UFC speak louder then his profanity laden words?

  • damon says:

    ok posted this elsewhere with no response. Dana’s big announcement Mayweather in the UFC. I just think it’s crazy timing for mayweather to say he can’t get up for the challange in “this sport.” I am just speculating but i think it may have heat being that he pulled out of his last major ppv. i’m just saying…

  • damon says:

    ps my wife thought the fight on cbs was, and i quote, “that wwf crap???”

  • GregM says:

    How was Mir v Lesnar a freak show. Lesnar has national wrestling championships. Its a pedigree. Street brawling isnt a pedigree that im aware of. Mir has a bjj black belt. Wrestler , GnP v Sub artist. Trying to promote someone with a legit(not headliner) fight while Kimbo was given every headline. What great 3 main events they been. Dana is doing everything for the sport. EliteXc is ruining it.

  • pitbull17 says:

    oh man, the ufc is sucks now, brandon said aside from the kimbo fight the rest were former ufc fighters, former being the word, people who couldn’t cut it, lawler and smith both lost three fights in the ufc, lawler last lost to ed herman who will probably be cut soon, and lawler got beat last in the ufc by everyones favorite alcoholic evan tanner, who will be cut if he loses to grove, the card xc put forward on cbs wasn’t strong at all, lawler/smith was awesome till the horrible stoppage, and carano’s fight was decent, but you guys are trying to tell me that UFC is stale, penn/sherk was awesome, 3 badass fights, although uneducated fans have a hard time understanding machida’s style, those were badass fights, aside from affliction’s heavyweight card nothing is touching zuffa, i say zuffa because wec’s card last sunday was awesome. dana white does what he does and he’s good at it, outspoken and unnecessary at times, yes, but good non the less, sorry nothing is touching ufc right now

  • JoHn says:

    if you dont like dana as a person, its one thing, but to talk shiiiiit about the ufc is plain rediculous, it sounds like jealousy to me, elitexc sucks, affliction is going to blow their load on the first show and then what, ufc is the frontrunner by far and will always be, thanks to dana, hating him as a person is one thing, but loving him as a business man is what i do, and i love what he does for the sport, dana is king, ( not don king ) but KING, riding the dana bandwagon from day 1

  • mike wolfe says:

    All this Dana bashing is crazy. Somebody puts a microphone in his face and asks him a question, to which he gives a straight answer. He thought the CBS fights stunk, and said so, and that was the overwhelming consensus on this blog. So he’s a jerk for saying what everybody thinks, too? What if he’d said something mealy-mouthed and politically correct about the CBS fights? Wouldn’t everybody criticize him for failing to point out that they were not representative of top quality MMA (which is UFC and WEC, let’s be honest)? There are a lot of people who react/mouth off without thinking when it comes to White.

  • Jackyl says:

    It is true that the UFC is the top promotion with the top talent. But it’s already showing that there is more talent out there than what the UFC can accomodate. The UFC is at a crossroads right now where they are trying to keep the established guys, but are also trying to groom new fighters. The established guys are coming with bigger and bigger price tags. It hasn’t hurt them yet to let a few guys go. But pretty soon a lot of other contracts are going to be up. You also have fighters that want to fight more than twice a year. If they are not careful the competition is going to gather up the scraps they have thrown away and make them pay for it. The Trump announcement from Affliction is huge. If he is backing them then they won’t have a problem paying the fighters these big gaurantees. I’m sure Tito whispered in Donald’s ear that this may be a good business opportunity and now he is going for it. Plus, all of these other orgs are willing to cross promote and create fights that fans want to see. Just one little fish can’t beat a big one, but what if a bunch of little fish band together?

  • mike wolfe says:

    I’d like to know the details of the Trump/Affliction deal. How much of Trump’s own money is at risk? He’s new to MMA; not a long-time fan. Remember when he ran for president? There’s a reasonable chance Trump is just self-promoting by jumping onto the MMA bandwagon.


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