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Pros and Cons: Some Friday Evening Ramblings

CON: The NJACB and CSAC feeling the need to talk to anyone and everyone and explain everything away like it’s rosy. Do you know what’s nice? When the NBA publicly says a call was bad. It’s refreshing, it lets you know they can man up. Yet these people constantly make questionable decisions and then talk to anyone that will listen about how incredible they were and how everyone thanked them. Shut up. You’re not the show. Fightlinker has a nice article on the situation for further explanation and ranting. They hold many more events in Nevada yet these problems rarely to never surface with that association. Are your organizations just so bureaucratic that you can’t get anything done? Stop advertising your ineptness to everyone.

PRO: Cecil Peoples. Yeah, people complain that he has no idea what he’s watching but dammit he makes it fun. When a fight goes to the judges you have NO IDEA what the hell he just saw. It adds another level of drama. Frequently you’ll see two judges score a fight 30-27 one way and yet he somehow has the other person winning almost every time. It’s amazing. You could see the closest fight in history and when it goes to the judges one has it 29-28 for one guy, another has it 29-28 for the other guy, then Cecil Peoples has it 21-6 for the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s the same reason we love Gary Busey and Paula Abdul. Cecil Peoples is insane and adds alot of entertainment for your television dollar. How can you train in martial arts for that long and still have no idea what the hell you’re doing? It’s impressive at the very least.

PRO: Affliction. I know some people are fanatical UFC fans and some people are fanatical UFC haters. Simply put, competition breeds new ideas. If you need a package to get to a friend across the country by tomorrow morning where are you headed? The US Postal Service or Fed-Ex/UPS? If it were just the USPS would that industry be as highly thought of as it is? It takes competition to improve the product to get your business. Thanks to Fed-Ex and UPS if I need a package shipped at 9:30pm it can be in Mashhad, Turkmenistan by 10pm. I don’t know how they do it and I don’t question it. I just know I shipped something at 4:30pm and it was thousands of miles away by the next morning. I assume wizardry or leprechauns but in the end it doesn’t matter. The introductions of Donald Trump and Andrei Arlovski to the Affliction family can only be good for mainstream acceptance. How would the UFC react to seeing EXC and Affliction discussions on ESPN when their fights are never discussed? I don’t blame Dana White for a second for not signing a deal that wouldn’t be great for his company but at the same time you have to realize the infancy of our sport. Our sport isn’t at a point where the UFC can call itself the NFL of fighting. Yes, it is now, but that can go away in an instant. All that matters is what happens when it breaks mainstream and if other companies are getting more coverage no one will care about your history and depth of fighters because they won’t know. The World Poker Tour, I believe, invented the hole card cameras yet the WSoP had the bigger tv deal. I believe Domino’s invented the big pizza chain delivery idea, the little white thing in the middle to not mash your pizza and the idea of a bag to put the pizza in to keep it hot. Are they the most popular chain? Nope. It’s easy to steal ideas and steal thunder. You have to be on top when the idea hits the mainstream, what you did before doesn’t mean a thing.

CON: That damned Triple Crown horse and his messed up hoof. No one cares. I don’t care, you don’t care, no one we know cares. Yet Jim Rome had a 6 minute interview with his trainer. Like ESPN feels every show needs “here is Tim Jones, last year he had the chance to pet Big Brown…. how majestic is he?” Yes, bury MMA in the “MORE” section on the front page instead of listing it (hilariously enough under three separate horse racing sports) and add no additional comment but put Big Brown on every single program possible. Hey ESPN, what were the ratings the last couple of years for the Belmont Stakes? Oh, lower than what EXC got on Saturday night? Interesting. Yeah, I’m aware, alot has to do with a Triple Crown threat. Not the point. The Kentucky Derby is much more important with their killing the second place finisher on the track and steroids being legal in all but 10 states that have horse racing. Top notch decision.

CON: TUF drunken stupidity. Could you guys please stop destroying the house after a few beers? I think my personal one night record was 25 beers and even then I didn’t come home, destroy my house and do anything I was ashamed of doing. I just woke up to TIVO’d episodes of Lassie, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck for no apparent reason, made an embarrassing message board post and forgot to drink water before I went to sleep leading to a day of hell. Take your liquor. Why do you guys constantly feel the need to destroy the house? How stupid do you want to make fighters as a whole look? Oh and Jesse Taylor, I’m 80% sure he can’t read. I have no evidence, I’m just saying. You’re everything that is wrong with fighting and stereotypes the athletes receive from the media. Why is the UFC the only organization, from Starnes to Taylor and others, that can get away with saying “fag” frequently with no consequence? I’m hardly Mr. Politically Correct but Jesus. You guys need to read some books and settle down. I need me some more Diego Sanchez and Luke Cummo in these houses.

PRO: Awesome Sam Caplan interview with James Thompson right here on 5oz. I made the point from the start that Thompson took harder shots from Slice in the first two rounds and it wasn’t stopped. Also a very interesting comment on Jared Shaw I was unaware of yelling at the referee to stand the fight up. Look, this is a major problem with the sport. I fully believe Rampage’s claims that he was bribed to lose to Sakuraba in PRIDE. I also fully believe anyone that took Wanderlei Silva down in PRIDE was immediately stood back up. Much like James Thompson, I have all of the DVDs. Favoritism needs to stop. That’s easy for us to say but hard for the people with millions invested in their company and a certain guy to stop. If Thompson did eat those 22 straight elbows that Slice did it would have been over, no question about it. At the same time certain vets (not Kimbo) deserve more respect when it comes to taking damage. If you’re 35-2 you deserve more respect taking shots than a guy that is 4-2. Like Jordan or Kobe getting fouls you’ve proven your point that you’re a step above. It’s earned.

CON: People saying Kimbo is getting hand-picked opponents. Yeah, so? But he’s had three fights. Yes, he might be the six figured main eventer but he’s not the World Champion. It would be one thing if they handed him the title and had him fight Bo Cantrell and Tank Abbott. He just happens to be the biggest name and the biggest draw they have. That’s not his fault. It’s like Wrestlemania VIII when the WWF World Title match was in the middle of the card and a Hulk Hogan vs Sid DQ main event ended the show. Hogan was the draw. That’s how sporting/entertainment events like these work. If Kimbo were the champ I’d share your displeasure but the fact is he’s just a marketing machine making good money for being in the right place at the right time. Good for him. Kimbo has faced a KotC vet, a PRIDE and UFC vet, then another PRIDE vet with a 14-8 record. That’s hardly child’s play. Admit it, you’re not upset with the level of competition to start his career, you’re upset he’s making so much money. You make as much money as you’re worth. When young Lebron James signed a $60 million contract it was for a reason. He filled that arena. He put the butts in the seats paying $75 for tickets and filled that place up every single night when it used to be fairly empty. You earn the money you’re worth in life. Kimbo draws huge ratings, gets major coverage and puts butts in seats. What do you want him to do? Say no to the ESPN the Magazine cover?

CON: This might be my last post on 5oz. There is a massive wasp/hornet nest I have to get rid of tonight (how the hell should I know the difference? What am I, Gil Grissom?) and I feel I have about a 55% chance of living through it. I called my Mr. Fit It and he said my idea of putting multiple mattresses on the ground to flee upon was funny but not wise and they’d be sleepy at night and not destroy me. Whatever, I’m climbing a ladder to kill stinging insects with a shovel and flashlight and have nowhere to flee. If I don’t post for three or four days I hope Mr. Caplan will call my mother. Fine, he doesn’t have her number but he has connections. If Roger Huerta were 10% the pimp I’d be if I were him I’d have my mom’s number. You should have seen me out there earlier today taking care of the smaller ones with a can of bug spray and swinging a giant shovel at them. I’m fairly certain my neighbors now believe me to be mentally retarded if they didn’t before.

  • Paul Hanna says:

    easy with those hornets big guy

  • Heatwaves says:

    “Judge one has it 29-28 for one guy, another has it 29-28 for the other guy, then Cecil Peoples has it 21-6 for the Kansas City Chiefs.”

    This line is simply golden.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Make it interesting for yourself. Try to best your single night beer record and then do battle with the bugs. Better yet, have the neighbors over and make it a community effort. The Great Beer Bender and Bug Battle will be legendary.

  • MMAStation says:

    be careful bro, I once had my ass handed to me by a bee hive.

    One of the little bastards got me right next to my eye and it swelled shut in about 1 minute.

    My only consolation was knowing the little guy died shortly there after.

  • chris says:

    i know a couple of these guys from tuf. specifically tuf 2 and last seasons. its freaking boring in that house for six weeks. if they want to destroy it, so be it. who cares? they are fighters, not educators from finishing school.

  • Fabricio says:

    They have a really cool Foam you can shoot on the Nest at the home depot, wal mart or where ever you shop. It comes out like shaving cream and hardens. Traps the bugs inside. No troubles. Spend the 5 bucks and save your ass.

    Or you could get drunk knock it down and jump in the crick as benny hill music plays in the background.

  • Byron says:

    One of the best posts on 5oz ever.

  • eazye says:

    Heres a tip on hornets and any nest for that matter: Spray some wasp/hornet/whatever killing spray into the hole of the nest, then run like hell. If its on the ground, gasoline works well too.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Birdshot from a double barrel 12 gauge works too, but if you live in the city or the ‘burbs the neighbors will soil their drawers. Probably shouldn’t throw down too many brews if you go that route.

  • I’m more shocked most people made it to the end of that.

    And someone on AIM last night made a fantastic new invention for one of you to get rich over. A foam/spray for the nests that has a funnel all around it. So you put the large funnel over the nest and the only hole on your side is the perfect fit for your spray.

    It’s genius but I’m far too lazy to go about inventing anything.

  • HexRei says:

    just put on gloves, thick acket, mma headgear plus snowboard goggles and face mask, knock that fucker down and set it on fire. laugh maniacally as the pathetic wasps attempt to penetrate your impermeable armor of insect doom

  • Tattool says:

    Great job Huck. That rant on Cecil Peoples was spot on.

  • samofspades says:

    (laughing my ass off)…. My brother and I fell into an underground wasp nest when we were in middle school, got stung 90+ times. Let me tell you, there is nothing like the pain of having those suckers fly up your pants legs and nail you in the tender bits.

    I HIGHLY suggest using rubber bands to keep pant legs/arm holes CLOSED when doing retarded crap like climbing a ladder to knock down their little castle.

    Stay thirsty my friend.

  • marone says:

    Absolutely right on Peoples and don’t die from wasps.

  • Berine19605 says:

    This is one of the worst post I have ever read to say a guy who has no idea what he is doing is good makes me question your insight. the fight itself should be entertaining enough.

  • RustyNailz says:

    what’s wrong with the word “fag”?

  • mike wolfe says:

    Creative pest control cries out for a You Tube video. Innovative costuming and a creative means to kill the little bastards are essential.


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