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Kaitlin Young responds to Dr. Sherry Wulkan of the New Jersey Athletic Control Board

On Monday, we printed an e-mail authored by Dr. Sherry Wulkan, one of the cageside physicians during Saturday’s debut of EliteXC on CBS. The e-mail was written in response to comments made by New Jersey Athletic Control Board legal counsel Nick Lembo and sent to directly to Lembo. We re-printed the letter with consent from Nick Lembo.

After conducting an interview with Lembo and reading Dr. Wulkan’s e-mail, 5 Oz. of Pain contacted Kaitlin Young for comment in response to what Dr. Wulkan and Nick Lembo said regarding the stopping of her fight with Gina Carano. At the time, Young declined to go on the record. However, she e-mailed the following statement to 5 Oz. of Pain this evening and asked that we publish it here.

Below is Kaitlin Young’s official statement in response to Dr. Wulkan’s comments:

If Dr. Wulkan claims that the call was consistent with the standard for ANY MMA show and that it was made out of concern for my health, though I disagree, that is  her own opinion.

However, the notion that I or my corner had ever stated or inferred an agreement with the stoppage is completely false. I readily admit that Gina was getting the better of me at that point in the fight but maintain the opinion that the stoppage was premature and due to gore rather than severe injury. I was coherent, did not yet have an open cut, could still see out of the eye in question and do not have a fractured orbital.

I don’t appreciate my professionalism or character being called in question with false statements.

No vendetta here and all the credit to Gina Carano for a great performance. I look forward to fighting for Elite XC in the future.

  • Evan says:

    That entire show was one big cluster f-ck. Best of luck to Kaitlin Young, look forward to seeing her fight again under better circumstances.

  • bjjdenver says:

    While losing badly, I have not seen a single person call into question, her professionalism, courage, ability or anything else. Quite to the contrary, as a matter of fact, most of what I have seen, has applauded her professionalism despite Gina’s lack of it.

  • Brian says:

    I think calling her a liar would qualify as questioning her professionalism.

  • Zack says:

    This puts the nail in the coffin of the NJACB credibility.

  • rob says:

    hmm. watch you tube- the male doctor clearly says stop the fight

    hmm2- watch hdnet-kaitlin herself is interviewed and says that the doctor in the cage told her she was stopping the fight because of her eye.

  • Echolocating says:

    Brian (#3) wrote: “I think calling her a liar would qualify as questioning her professionalism.”

    Oh sure, when you put it that way. 😉

    It was a terrible night for officiating across the whole board… questionable doctor stoppages (Smith not given 5 minutes, Young still willing and able), inconsistent refereeing (Kimbo fight not stopped in the 2nd, standing TKO of Thompson in the 3rd after 4 punches), and judging stupidity (one judge actually gave the 2nd round to Kimbo).

    Then after the fact, we have blatant lies trying to cover up the facts… the doctor says Caitlin thanked her for doing such a great job (this article proves otherwise), the referee says Thompson pushed him because he thought he was still fighting Kimbo and that’s how “out of it” he was (James pushed him because he was angered at the ridiculous stoppage – video clearly proves this), you have some legal guy recounting “too perfect to be true” conversations between personnel and fighters that magically erases any possibility of wrong doing, and lastly Gary Shaw telling reporters that Thompson was seriously injured and rushed to the hospital, trying to play up how legitimate Miragliotta’s stoppage was, while Thompson stands a few meters back behind him, perfectly fine.

    I really wanted to give EliteXC the benefit of the doubt, but all these incidents cannot be just a coincidence. Something is very slimy here. I should have clued in when they paraded strippers around who didn’t know how to dance without a pole. Only Gary Shaw would think that’s a classy way to introduce MMA to the masses. What an idiot… and a crook.

    What was with that distant camera shot right in the middle of the action? Are we to believe that the technical crew screwed up too? Too many coincidences.

  • jw says:

    hmmmm 3. you can CLEARLY see kaitlin say why? when they wanted to stop the fight.
    hmmmm 4. you can CLEARLY see her say elite xc newark when they ask her where she is.
    That Dr. Sherry said when she asked kaitlin where she was her answer was all garbled..that’s crazy if I could tell what she said, yet the dr., who was right next to her, could not.

  • defshepard says:

    The fix was in. To many lies. I fully believe Kaitlin. She was robbed of a third round. They wanted to protect Carano and make sure she would win regardless. Mind you, she was winning and probably would have won anywas. Kaitlin, I hope to see fight under better, fairer, circumstances in the futrue. She was the professional all the way.

  • darkmetal says:

    Kaitlin got caught with a good punch. Otherwise I think she did pretty well, especially in the first round.

    I certainly believe her more than I do the corrupted Shaw-sham Elitexc.

    You have to admire Kaitlin for her honesty and grit. She was ready to continue fighting, which is what we should all want–women who fight and expect to get hit at times.

    I believe someone mentioned that the Doctor didn’t actually stop the fight, but rather the State fighting commission, but also that it is against the rules for that organization to override the Dr. Just more fuel for the fire of ingrained Elitexc corruption….

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Despite all the b.s., I still think Kaitlin is awesome and look forward to seeing her fight again, hopefully outside of ‘dirty’ Jersey.

  • Seriously says:

    it’s really funny how some people try to make of everything a “corruption” case. Or that fights were fixed. Almost stupid to think that way. Some people need to get over it. There’s no corruption. Period.

  • Seriously says:

    I do think there’s an issue with the commission. They seemed too careful. Maybe because of the overall concern from all fans and some orgs about MMA going mainstream.


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