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Video: Dan Le Batard talks Kimbo Slice on PTI

  • matt says:

    I watched this last night and I decided that the MMA experts on ESPN have no clue about MMA. You’d be better off having a blogger break it down instead of these reporters that don’t understand the sport.

  • john says:

    bas on his website says he feels the fight should have been stopped at the end of rd.2. its a good read.

  • Freedom says:

    These guys are idiots!

  • Patrick says:

    Wow… what morons.

  • UFC Freak says:

    True that! MMA Idiots. It is a circle aka a “cage” not an octagon (That is UFC). James thompson is a world renoun fighter and could have won given he had a better night. Although he had a better showing than Kimbo. The ESPN guys acted like they never even heard of the “Ground game”. Crazy to think of that. We have a long way to go…..

  • matt says:

    Sam can you contact ESPN and become their MMA Expert? If I have to hear this shit from Boxing Writers that only started watching MMA, I’ll go nuts. I often call into the Max Kellerman Show to get his opinion of fights and he doesn’t really have much knowledge and he’s a fight fan.

  • mo says:

    c’mon, everyone should know this is ESPN and expect this. they are more for the entertainment and drama then actual sports reporting, for the most part (listen to Berman scream the same rhetoric for each football highlight should be used as a form of torture. and having Michael Irvin as a sports analyst should be another clue). they play this up more for the banter, and won’t take MMA seriously because they don’t want to. the funny thing is if ESPN every hosts MMA on their channels watch all of their analysts fall head over heels for it. just look what happened to hockey coverage.

  • ultmma says:

    yeah looked what happened when ESPN starting covering NASCAR ( in place of the place of the NHL)

    ESPN is now the NASCAR nut hugger channel every since they made a deal with ABC and ESPN to start g their races

    ESPN is a joke most of the time

  • koolpaw says:

    At least i have learned one thing,

    NEVER NEVER talk in front of palm trees. the view makes u totally an idiot even if u were really an Expert.


  • Rich B says:


  • Matt says:

    I will say one thing – he did better than Robin Leach from Lifestyles of the Wheel of Fortune.

  • Jesse Denis says:

    Cauliflower ear as a way out?

  • darkmetal says:

    Some points:

    ESPN has a looong way to go before they catch up with the fact that MMA is a sport here to stay, not just a circus act. Although the EliteXC/CBS performance did nothing to disprove this notion.

    “Ground game” is something in MMA, not in boxing, although the commentators would be hard pressed to know the difference it seems.

    Parting shot on female MMA: “So you like seeing women bash their brains in?” You can see why the UFC has avoided hosting women’s MMA for this exact reason. However, it should have been noted that the Carano/Young fight is generally recognized as the one of the best, if not the best, fight of the night.

  • Nate says:

    nice to be on ESPN. Too bad it isnt better than that. I never watch other sports, so I cant tell if that level of idiocy is normal on the show.

  • Jackyl says:

    These people are idiots. They are acting so childish and immature. These are the same guys that vigorously cover football and hockey. Did anyone see the guy take the puck to the face Monday night? Blood everywhere. Boxing is all about beating the other guy in the head. I just don’t understand this elitist attitude. They need to get the panel from their Inside MMA show on there. I’ve watched that show on and I was quite impressed. It’s just funny that they are talking about how savage the sport is and they are acting like neanderthals.


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