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Recap of Tito Ortiz on Howard Stern

200px-titoortiz.png Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz was a guest on the “Howard Stern Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio this morning. Ortiz was in the studio to promote the release of his new biography, This is Gonna Hurt.

Below is a recap of Ortiz’s appearance:

  • Stern asked Ortiz about his status with the UFC and Ortiz said he is moving onto a “bigger and better” company without saying one by name.
  • As a fullowup, Stern asked if he was going to fight for “that company on CBS” and Ortiz responded by saying “Possibly.”
  • Ortiz said he made $210,000 for his last fight while his opponent made only about $25,000.
  • When Stern brought up Dana White’s name, Ortiz said he didn’t remember that name and said he’s moved on and was going to pretend he doesn’t exist.
  • When asked what company he’s with, Ortiz responded by saying he’s with “the Tito Ortiz Company.” He said he will start his own promotion that will work with other promotions.
  • He said Machida ran from him for three rounds in his last fight and that the UFC made the matchup to intentionally make him look bad.
  • Ortiz said he’s working on having kids with Jenna Jameson, but that the two have no plans to marry anytime soon.
  • Revealed that he waited a month before having intercourse with Jameson.
  • In response to that revelation, Stern jokingly asked Ortiz if he was “gay” and Ortiz said if he was, that would make him the toughest gay fighter around. Stern asked him if there were gay fighters in the UFC and Ortiz said “Sure there are.” He went onto joke that White was gay (without mentioning him by name) but concluded by saying, “Oh wait, he’s married.”
  • He made more personal revelations saying that he cheated on his first wife and talked about how he went into therapy to try and resolve anger with his parents, who both had drug problems while Ortiz was growing up. He said he was “pretty much abandoned” by his parents and that he sold marijuana as a youth to pay rent.
  • He said that six months ago he spoke to his father for the first time in five years.
  • Ortiz said he has investigated scientology and is considering becoming a scientologist.
  • Sam Cupitt says:

    “Ortiz said he has investigated scientology and is considering becoming a scientologist.”

    The last thing he wants to do is give proof to White’s claims that he is a moron.

  • Evan says:

    “He said Machida ran from him for three rounds in his last fight and that the UFC made the matchup to intentionally make him look bad. ”

    Its amazing the damage someone can do while running I suppose…

  • Jer says:

    If Machida ran from Tito the whole time, why was Machida the only one landing punches? And didn’t Machida get the only knock down (round 3) and the only take-down (round 1)? And whose face was messed up after the fight? I think it was Tito’s.

    Excuses, excuses Tito. But I do agree with one thing, Machida made him look bad.

  • mike wolfe says:

    If he thinks UFC took advantage of him financially, wait until the Scientologists go to work on his bank accounts.

  • JacRabbit says:

    “The last thing he wants to do is give proof to White’s claims that he is a moron.”

    Thats damn funny! lol

  • Aaron says:

    kids with jenna jameson??? Damn he really is a moron…

  • UFC69INTX says:


  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Who are you Wil Anderson? You can attempt to get your joke across without the e-shouting.

  • UFC69INTX says:

    no, i dont get you guys, if that really hurts your ears i apologize, is there a way to whisper, just curious…… i am sorry that all caps BOTHER you.. maybe you should focus on something else to worry about other than caps and lower case

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    maybe you shouldn’t have little man syndrome.

  • bjjdenver says:

    I like Tito and wish him well, but enough with the excuses and conspiracy theories already.

  • Zach says:

    i enjoy this site on a daily basis, and have to say that having Sam Cupitt banter with some moron reader with a terrible net handle is hillarious. Oh and Tito was the second most popular fighter at that ppv next to penn, for the UFC not to sign him is dumb in a business sense when he is such a big draw

  • Danny says:


    LMAO! those were my thoughts exactly.

  • Handover Fist says:

    “Ortiz said he has investigated scientology and is considering becoming a scientologist.”

    And with that, Tito forever loses the right to call anyone else an idiot…

    As far as the Tito fans saying the UFC should have kept him just because he’s popular I have to disagree. I want to see the best fighters in the world, not just the most popular. Guys like Ken Shamrock and Tank Abbott still have a huge fan base but I have no desire to ever see them fight again. The sport may not have passed Tito by as much as those guys but with all the influx of talent in MMA over the last few years he’s not even a top 10 LHW anymore.

  • Sammy B says:

    First and foremost….I’ve got to say a big thanks to fiveouncesofpain. We’re spoilt by the news and dedication that the team bring. I mean…a breakdown of the Howard Stern show with Tito’s comments. Great for discussion.

    I’ve not really been a Tito fan to be honest. He’s just a big wrestler with sketchy standup skills to say the least. Machida showed him up in that fight. If Tito was a top 10 light heavyweight he would have pushed the fight and got somewhere. Maybe even taken a few punches to get in and do something?

    I’m not sure I even want to watch him compete anywhere else. I’m not a Tito hater, I just want to see good mma and, I’m afraid, I feel disappointed when watching him because of his own self hype.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    I’m sure the scientology comment was just for publicity. Imagine how much press he will get if he says he is going to join.

  • Evan says:

    “for the UFC not to sign him is dumb in a business sense when he is such a big draw”

    The thing is, he is expensive and to pay such a contract you can’t have a losing fighter.

  • UFC69INTX says:

    hahah, calling someone who you have absolutely no knowledge of, a moron, is quite moronic itself, but getting fired up about capital letters exceeds the moronic label, have a good day gentlemen

  • UFC69INTX says:

    but let me know when you want to get schooled on the sport of mma, then we will see who the moron is

  • JoHn says:

    i have to agree

  • CrazyMike says:

    “then we will see who the moron is”

    I see it pretty clearly right now actually.

    As for the Tito situation, Dana White is doing Tito a favor. Sure Tito is an MMA star, but he’s starting to fade as a quality fighter. Nobody in the UFC wants to watch Tito get set up against lesser and lesser fighters just so that the UFC can justify paying what Tito thinks he’s worth. If they do that the UFC is no better than EliteXC with thier “star” Kimbo.

    By cutting Tito loose, he can now market himself to one of the lesser MMA promotions and he’ll be back to being the big star on the block again. The quality of the fighters will be lower so he’ll even maintain his win record.

  • Evan says:

    “but let me know when you want to get schooled on the sport of mma, then we will see who the moron is”

    You should meet him by the bike racks.

  • AJB says:

    The “UFC should have signed Tito cause he’s a big draw” thing bothers me too. If rumours (from Tito no less!) are to be believed, he was offered a contract by one of the Fertitas prior to his fight – for decent money – and turned it down to explore the greener grass on the other side. He has a completely disfunctional relationship with the President of the company who, regardless of what else anyone thinks of Dana, has done a great job building the UFC into what it is. His skills have deteriorated due to injury, and he hasn’t added much to his overall game, but he still wants megastarchampion money. That’s a lot of strikes against.

    Imagine if Tito was a star lawyer at a law firm. His name is known, and many people who are already clients of the company would like to be represented by him (although they seem happy enough with other lawyers too). But he can’t stop fueding with the managing partner, he loses more cases than he wins, hasn’t bothered to keep up on changes in the law, has openly talked about taking a job for more money with “another firm”, and spends time taking power lunches instead of researching his cases. He’d be fired in a second, his popularity with the clients be damned.

    Also, internet toughguys are really, really funny. But they rarely know it.

  • Jeremy says:

    Am I the only one to notice that he lied about pay?

    He gets a percentage of the ppv revenue and will end up with 800k to one million when all is said and done.

    He also said his opponent made 25k, when Lyoto’s public pay was 100k.

  • king mah mah says:

    Trying to compare lawyers to fighters is ridiculous! Tito does not hold someone else’s freedom in his hands if he loses. I do understand the point you were “trying” to make, but that was a little over the top. @24.

  • AJB says:

    Dude, I went to school with lots of law students who are now lawyers. I’d guess that about 85% of them never, ever have anyone’s life in their hands. They’re all in corporate, trade or entertainment law, with a couple (the boring ones) in Constitutional law. The percentage of lawyers doing criminal prosecution or defence is actually really, really low. Think of Tito as an entertainment lawyer. Trust me, the analogy works.

  • king mah mah says:

    I think you’re reaching, but ok enough of that.

  • darkmetal says:

    Some questions Stern should have asked Tito:

    1. “Isn’t $210,000 alot of money to get beaten up by a guy only making $25,000?”

    2. “Why didn’t you show up for the boxing match with Dana White?”

    3. (On the issue of cheating on his “then” wife) “Did you cheat on her with Jenna?”

    4. (On scientology) “Wasn’t Charles Manson a Scientologist? Do you think you could beat any member of the Manson family in MMA?”

    5. “Is your bobblehead doll to scale?”

    6. “Does it bother you that Dana White has more money than you do?”

    7. (On Jenna Jameson) “Of all of Jenna’s sex partners, are you number 3000?”

  • dohfil says:

    Great read until the last bullet.

    Tito just lost a ton of credibility talking about the Scientology. Please someone stop him.

  • Nate says:

    Thanks for the breakdown. Another reason this is becoming THE only site to go to for MMA news. (well, other than mmajunkie)

  • Shaun says:

    fuck you tito

  • JC says:

    tito is the man

  • Steve Urkel says:

    If tito becomes a scientologist I will demonstrate against him

  • Bryan says:

    Tito does not need to get involved with Scientology. They will scam him out of more money than UFC even pays Machida and most other fighters.


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