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Video: What did Dana White think of Saturday Night Fights?

  • Matt says:

    Seems as if they cut the interview short. Is there somewhere else we can obtain the full piece or was that really it?

    I really want to hear Dana’s whole opinion of the show. Because as much flack as the UFC/Zuffa/Dana White get, without them EXC would probably have never been on TV. The Saturday Night Fights Card was very poor and I wished it would’ve been replaced by the stellar WEC card shown the night after.

    The EXC card played off too barbaric with brushes of what hurt boxing so long, controversy. Granted UFC fights have ended in controversy but none that screamed foul play or match fixing to so many fans.

    The WEC card to me was a beautiful display of MMA that showcased many different aspects of the sport while still entertaining(sans first fight).

  • orlando says:

    go dana…..

  • Jay says:

    Dana couldn’t wait to downplay Elite XC. Good job by what’s his nuts getting Dana back on track.

    Brian Burwell is an ass, he always has been.

  • ufcfan says:

    for anyone that argues elite xc represented mma well on saturday…

    watch WEC from last night.

  • Jackyl says:

    Just another example of the uneducated public. MMA is on the level of boxing and for that matter any other professional contact sport. Anyone that says that it is too violent should also be ranting against these other sports. It is the classic example of people being afraid of what they don’t understand.

    Hey guys, can we get some more coverage on national reaction, positive or negative? Not so much regarding fight results but in the airing, did people think it was too much, did Thompson’s ear just totally push people over the edge ?!?

  • DPK says:

    Burwell is one of those people who doesn’t want to learn about a sport before he bashes it. Pro wrestling on TV is much worse for young viewers to see than MMA. I liked the ESPN guys point about Jack Bauer shooting 20 people in just about every episode of 24.

    Of course Dana is right, that this wasn’t the best representation. How is anyone suppose to say these are world class athlete’s and individuals when it is a street fighter vs. a debt collector/bouncer in the main event. It is too bad it wasn’t the Faber/Pulver fight, two former Division I athlete’s, and one who had some sucess as a pro boxer before moving over to MMA. That would have made the point much better.

  • darkmetal says:

    The truth is that while some sports actually result in more long term injury, such as football (look how many ex-football players have knee injuries) or the repetitive injuries of boxing (where a fighter can literally take a huge number of head strikes in one match, MMA has multiple ways to “win”, striking being only one of them. Submission and decision are obviously the others, and generally result in less injury than sports such as soccer. Yet every mom in America has no problem with their kid playing soccer.

    Almost all sports have risks, if they didn’t nobody would watch.

  • he’s just mad that he wasn’t the one on cbs on saturday

  • woooburn says:

    as much as it’s not dana’s way… it would have loved it if he simply said “what you saw on cbs is NOT what the ufc is about, and mr. burwell is welcome to be my guest at one of our future shows”.

    education before alienation. but that’s not dana, and i think what he said was adequate given the circumstances. although i wouldve made the connection to a crowd going nuts for a hockey fight, and the parallels between the two, before i’d mention football. this writer makes it seem like mma is some new bloodlust spectacle, and that combat sports haven’t been around for centuries. then again, maybe espn just needed to find someone who was the polar opposite of dana.

    gonna be interesting to hear the watercooler response today on PTI and what not. i can’t imagine it’ll be positive (since none of those guys cared about the sport before this weekend), but after today no one will be mentioning it until august rolls around.

  • Donk says:

    hmmm. Burwell makes an interesting point. Why should we watch such violence in the first place? Are we watching fights to see people beat the hell out of each other? Why do i watch fights and is it for positive reasons?

    I think the answers are purely subjective, but also depend on the angle the promoter is trying to portray. If the promoter tries to emphasise the blood, the knockout, the violence of it all rather than the skill, the competition, the honour and the people; then i don’t agree with MMA on tv. For me i don’t just watch it for the fights, that’s part of why i watch. Everytime i watch my favourite fighters, it’s not just about the fight, but the skill, who they are, where they’ve come from, the journey and the hardship they have put in to get where they are.

    This reminds me of the angle that PRIDE put on their shows. They emphasised aspects other than the fights themselves. I’ll never forget the opening video to the PRIDE OWGP in 2004, and the video said ‘Fight for what? Your country, your honour, your family…’. That was just beautiful, and this is the angle that MMA needs to have. Otherwise people will have genuine objections about MMA glorifying violence, and i’m someone who doesn’t like violence to be acceptable. As Wanderlei Silva once said, ‘War in the ring, peace on earth’, or something like that.

    I think promoters have a responsibility to their audience to show that they are not glorifying violence, and should emphasise the positive aspects of MMA and why we fight.

  • matt says:

    I agree with him. In all honesty this did nothing but put the sport back. I just hope that thanks to the ratings they can put WEC on national tv cause last night’s card was increadible. Minus the Razor fight, it was a phenominal card and the production was close to flawless.

  • Mike says:

    Dana spoke the truth. So did Brett Rogers that was garbage. EliteXC is complete trash.

  • ultmma says:

    put the sport back? ok keyboard warriors get off your high horses and step back from the edge of the cliff

    MMA will be fine

    That sport writer was your stereotypical old school reporter who hasn’t bothered to do any type of research about MMA,was talking out of his ass the whole time

    +props to Dana for bringing up the football comparison
    – ESPN reporter don’t be scared of Dana A) he’s on a satalite feed 2,000 miles away from CT B) he’s not a fighter he just plays one on TV

  • woooburn says:


  • Brandt says:

    I used to be such a fan of those Mad Max movies when I was a kid.

  • mattio says:

    They should have given them both more time to state their case.

  • thepumaman says:

    Yes, and ironically the mad max movies are another example of something more violent than MMA that was on TV way earlier

    At least MMA isn’t about Mel Gibson trying to kill a retarded guy with a chainsaw

  • Terrence Johnson says:

    Woah he looked really rough there. Maybe he is coming off another drinking binge like the ROLLING STONE article talks about.

  • HexRei says:

    That’s Dana’s “look” since TUF started.


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