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Video: Kimbo Slice and Brett Rogers post-fight altercation

Our good friend at, Ariel Helwani, worked overtime this week getting tons of great video pertaining to the buildup and aftermath of EliteXC’s debut on CBS.

Ariel and his crew were able to get video of the post-fight press conference altercation between Kimbo Slice and Brett Rogers, which you can view here. also has a ton of other video I highly recommend you check out.

  • Crazycanuck says:

    I smell Gary Shaw.

  • ak47 says:

    What a circus. How long until mma is just a clone of boxing? 2 years? 5 years? 10?

  • blah says:

    if gary shaw keeps being allowed to put this terrible product out into the public eye on national television, it will be sooner rather than later.

  • woooburn says:

    the articles about this made it out to be much more serious than it appears in the video. seems like alot of people were laughing, and kimbo standing up to face him was just posturing… not an almost “brawl” like some have said. maybe it’s a case of “had to be there”

  • eazye says:

    Tyson/Lewis anyone?

  • JacRabbit says:

    Pretty classless of Rogers… what necessitated him calling any other fighters performance garbage?

  • saer says:

    is that Phil Baroni trying to calm them down.. Out of all the people that was there?

  • el boxeo says:

    to ak47

    ask the fighters and their pocketbooks that question…

  • egad81 says:

    so many haters!

    We finally get some free MMA and all you people do is COMPLAIN!

    I dont care if its midgets fighting with bamboo sticks over a chicken leg…. I am going to watch a fight!

    I like the hype. I also called the Rogers KO of Murphy and said it was a bad fight choice for Murphy coming off a long lay off.

    Kimbo was humble after the fight… he knows where he stands in MMA.
    Hell i would like to see KIMBO in a boxing ring. He would make more money and prolly get a belt.

  • Nick says:

    brett rodgers just became my favorite elitexc fighter. although the whole promotion is a joke after that show, so i am not sure how much that means.
    I hope the company stays afloat long enough for Rodgers to shut Kimbo’s lights out, then they go under. The promotion is a disgrace to MMA and all it has gained over the last 15+ years.

  • JHustle says:

    Nice move by Rogers. What would assure this relatively unknown guy a headlining fight on network TV??? To create some beef with Kimbo of course. Then watch the endorsement money roll in… But I dunno how much Christopher “Big Black” Boykin can front on that with the new baby and all.

  • Connor says:

    Awesome. Brett would whoop Kevin.

    …and its funny that what Rogers said, didn’t sound at all like a challenge. It sounded like Brett calling it like he saw it.

  • Jye says:

    A Gary Shaw inspired speech

  • Jackyl says:

    Kimbo never tapped. He gave a thumbs up. So he is a jackass for saying that.

    Can we get a video of Kimbo’s post fight interview. That was priceless!

    “I got a long way ta go.”

  • Kimbo's a Phony says:

    First off watching the fight Saturday Night Its quite apparent that Kimbo is exactly that piece of Garbage My main man Bret Rogers was talking about. Kimbo allmost got beat by a C level fighter. You know Bret Rogers has faced way better opposition then Kimbo Lice in Elite XC. I for one would like to see Bret Rogers VS Kimbo. Because if that ever happened what we would see is a real fighter like Rogers KOing a phony like Kimbo. Of course Gary “Kimbo Nut-Hugger” Shaw would never let that happen because he even knows that Bret would fuck Kimbo’s day up in a bad way. The one thing that makes me sick about Shaw and his ways of promoting is that he will do anything and everything to protect Kimbo. He also is showing so much favoritism to Kimbo its not even funny. Gary “Bitch-tits” Shaw should stop riding Kimbo so much and let his boy prove himself -but like I said that wont happen because Gary Shaw is to busy blowing Kimbo Lice.

  • Rich S. says:

    wow.. i don’t think Rogers had any room to say how good or bad Kimbo’s performance was.. because, as far as i’m concerned.. Rogers’ performance was garbage.. it was sloppy.. and with a few more wild, missed punches like the ones he threw.. he could’ve easily gassed.. he just had it easy because Murphy didn’t want to defend himself.. he was just swinging like a madman and leaving his head soooo high up in the air.. plain and simple.. and then he calls Kimbo out.. because he actually had a war, and a semi-tough fight where his opponent didn’t GIVE him the victory.. I hope Kimbo gets Rogers and Knocks Him the Muff Out! Rogers’ stance and composure isn’t that good.. it’s sloppy.. he leaves himself open.. Kimbo keeps his head tucked in.. bobs and weaves.. avoids the damage.. and fires back.. so.. between those two descriptions i would have to pick Kimbo..

  • GirlyGirl says:

    #14 Jackyl

    Kimbo did tap. 2:47 in the first round. Go watch it again.

    So now you’re a jackass for saying that.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Alot of peoples in the press media area (including me) believed he did tap. BUt When i asked Ester Lin, she said he didnt, he gave a thumbs up.

    Probably an angel or something.. AN angle that EvERYONE saw him tap. yeah, go figure. Rewatching it on the net, it seems he did put up thumbs. BUt yeah, go figure, bas has to teach kimbo to NOT give any hand gestures, because it will throw everyone off, hence brett…

  • Mr.Percy says:

    hahaha…That was great,Everyone knows shaw is just protecting his largest investment(kimbo),If kimbo would have lost to Thompson,when Thompson was suppose to be an easy win,Shaw would be in serious trouble as a promoter.Rogers needs a shot so all the trash talk would be put to rest!

  • Rich says:

    I love when people are defending Kimbo they Rip Brett for being a poor fighter as well . Well he did what Kimbo could not he knocked out James Thompson in the first round . I repect Kimbo and his punching power but, he has along way to go before he can fight men that have been doing this their whole lives . He will never have the best competition until he fights in the UFC but, Rogers should beat him .

  • BigIke says:

    Bret is an idiot kimbo thumbed up several times during the fight,not tapped, he’s a rookie so of course he didn’t do well. but WHY???? is everyone against him let him prove himself, fight him Brett He asked him to challeng him, Bret????? no answer sounds like a punk to me.

  • BigIke says:

    Watch the fight again! you tap downward not stick up a thumb IDIOTS!!!!

  • Manowar says:

    Is everyone blind? Everywhere I read people arguing about tapping vs thumbs up signal. When I saw the fight both happened. First he tapped 2-3 times on the other guys forearm and I said right away to my GF, WTF…he just tapped and they didn’t stop the fight?!?! Thats weird, but Yes later in the fight he did jester a thumbs up when he was being choked. Both things happened. The thumbs up was very obvious, but very few people noticed the tap. BUT IT DID HAPPEN.

  • Josh says:

    they’re putting this gorilla fest on national tv? this no-name bret needs to take the tag off his hat, they need to leave this ghetto bs at home. mma used to have a lot more respect to it. wtf is going on

  • todd says:

    i have seen elite xc one time and it was garbage. It look like a combo between pro wrestling and fighting. Guys would come out dancing and dressed in what almost looked like costumes. Any of these guys would get eaten alive in UFC, especially Kimbo. He wouldnt last 2 minutes in the UFC. This is the kind of crap that will turn the sport crooked like boxing has turned out. Everyone has jumped on the band wagon and we have guys coming out of the wood work pretending to be fighters and promoters. Whenever something gets big there are always fake jack asses there to screw it up. Oh, Kimbo is going to fight 44 year old Shamrock who has lost five of his last fights, give this gorilla some real f ing competition like fedor or liddel, or ortiz. This guy is a joke.


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