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Slice vs. Rogers; possible destination for next CBS show; injury update; and more in post-fight notes

I covered the post-fight press conference of last night’s “EliteXC: Primetime” event for and you can now check out my notes by clicking here.

In the article, I discuss the Kimbo Slice vs. Brett Rogers post-fight altercation; potential destinations for the next EliteXC show on CBS; scorecard results for the Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith and Slice vs. James Thompson fights; the attendance figure at the Prudential Center; and much more.

  • Rich S. says:

    IDK.. with the way things have been going.. they’ll probably just feed Rogers to Big Foot.. and give Slice another person Rogers has beat or something.. like Murphy.. who knows.. i just doubt that Slice will get Rogers.. for some reason..

  • S.C says:

    Who in the hell saw kimbo on youtube and thought “oh there’s someone who will transition well to mma…? Kimbo should think about getting out while the hype is still there. Boxing is a better fit for Kimbo and I think and have said in the past that Boxing needs Kimbo more than MMA need Kimbo…One more thing Fatty Shaw is a moron who should take his one trick pony back to boxing…

  • darkmetal says:

    I am thinking Shaw was like “No, you idiot, you can’t call out Kimbo!” after all, now he will be forced to make the match happen. But his one saving measure is to have the ref say Kimbo wins by “standing stoppage” lol.

    Other ways for Shaw to ensure Kimbo wins some more fights (even against cans with glass jaws):

    1. Immediately disqualify Kimbo’s opponent: “You almost hit him in the back of the head, I am calling the match”

    2. New rules: Kimbo wins via shove to the torso, and his opponent deemed KO’d because he moved 1 ft 4 inches backward! The Commentator will then say it was apparent that Kimbo’s opponent was going to fall down unconscious, and thankfully he was saved by the ref before Kimbo used the Dim Mak and crushed his liver. Oh, and I hear that he is being rushed to the hospital….

    3. Medical stoppage: Ref halts the fight as Kimbo is being GNP’d, and the Dr rushes in and says that it is apparent that the opponent has a “bruised rectal sphincter” and cannot continue. Commentators: “We need to think of the safely of the fighters, Frank”

    4. First blood: Kimbo’s opponent bleeds from a cut on his right cheek, and the ref calls the fight because the blood loss might gravitate to the eye should kimbo stand him on his head.

  • Frank Wallace says:

    Brett is probably a better fit for Kimbo as he is primarily power striker with as limited a ground game as Kimbo. Kimbo has both power and evasive skills and should be able to get the win easy.

  • Danny says:



    Love the Dim Mak reference. good stuff.


    I’ve said the same thing to some of my friends about kimbo being better suited 4 boxing. with the lack of good HWs in boxing, he could make it to the top pretty quickly.


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