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Pros and Cons of EXC on CBS

PRO: Gus Johnson. Absolutely fantastic job. Not only did he give credibility to the show but he’s an absolute professional and made it twice as good. I’d like Gus Johnson to announce everything on my television from MMA to hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos to talking to the banker on Deal or No Deal. I love you Gus Johnson.

CON: Brett Rogers cursing. Immediately after the Rogers/Murphy fight I saw Gary Shaw talking to Rogers and my first thought was that he was reminding him he’s on CBS and this is the first fight and he needs to make sure to be professional and sound good. And Rogers comes right out and gets us a five second mute. If that isn’t what Gary Shaw was saying to him what the hell was he saying? This was the first fight ever on major network television and that wasn’t the chat you had? Seriously?

PRO: Big Black. Like all civilized human beings, I realize Rob & Big was the greatest show in the history of MTV. While I’m sad that he apparently left the show to do things like stand behind Brett Rogers on television wearing a t-shirt I’m just happy he’s around. Simply seeing him brightened my day.

CON: Whore dancers. Seriously, if there was one thing everyone agreed on it was that EXC needed to lose the strippers dancing on the ramp. Oh yes, dancing to rap music and closeups of ass shorts, exactly what all of us were praying for on the network debut. The whore dancers are the equivalent of K-1’s horrible DJ. Just stop it.

CONFUSING: Phil Baroni has a college degree!?!? Phil Baroni? I was 80% sure he couldn’t read let alone finish a four year degree at a D-1 university. This information has made me question everything I thought I knew.

CON: Stoppage of the Lawler/Smith fight. Doctor Sherry Roken (sp?) apparently felt everyone paid to see her and step in the way of a man’s career and future. What is the point of giving five minutes if you take a man’s comment 30 seconds after something happens as the final word? What is the point of telling a doctor the truth? And to hell with the NJSAC for blaming it on Smith saying he couldn’t see. No, it was your fault, not his. Don’t pass the problem off because you were incompetent. Give him his five minutes and then talk to him. Smith obviously didn’t want to stop and you just robbed us of a great ending to a great fight. You’re not protecting anyone, you’re trying to steal the show. I don’t care how hard you try, you’re never going to be as incompetent as Armando Garcia so stop with the effort.

PRO: Carano/Young. Nothing else to add, well played.

CON: James Thompson’s ear. I got a phone call during the fight asking if there was a new trendy Hollywood plastic surgery that involved inserting pool balls into ears. That’s just not right. That ear made Mark Coleman’s head tumor look like a scratch.

PRO: Kimbo’s scissor sweep. Sure he was seemingly confused in the crucifix but I was really impressed by the sweep. Long way to go but a great sign.

CON: Dan Miragliotta’s stoppage. Just awful. Our own Adam Morgan strongly disagrees but I feel he’ll be in a huge minority. They were looking for a reason for Kimbo to win. And I should note I like Kimbo and have defended him time and time again so this is hardly hatred towards him. Thompson took 5 shots worse than those throughout the course of the fight and it wasn’t stopped. Yes, his disgusting ear exploded and he might have been killed with the next punch but that fight should not have been stopped. Apparently the scorecards are out and Thompson was winning the fight. That certainly doesn’t help the case for EXC and that end was a sham.

OVERALL: I loved the show. The fights were fantastic and despite the two horrible stoppages and the dancing whores I think it went off very well. All things considered over how bad it could have went I think this was as nice as we could have hoped for as mixed martial arts fans on a national stage. Just please stop with the strippers. Please.

  • Brent says:

    Sam, you and the other writers are going to have to stay awake all night to try and spin the wretched abortion people just laughed at on CBS.

    On the upside – undercard was excellent, and Haselrig proved me wrong by staying in there with Moreno.

  • Yeah Sam. And be nice to Brent, judging by his URL title he has kidney stones.

  • g says:

    Seemed like a lot of the fights were stopped pretty quickly. Not necessarily bad stoppages, just very quick. Do you think the ref(s) were told to err on the side of caution because it was being shown live on prime time?

  • Fujin says:

    I agree that Gus Johnson did an awesome job.

    And I’m glad someone else has the class to appreciate Rob & Big.

  • OCD says:

    Every EliteXC show has controversy, and not the good kind.

    It is unfortunate that for many this may be their one exposure to MMA, and they will come away thinking it almost looks like pro-wrestling at times.

  • jgrose23 says:

    I’m glad Ultimate Iceman and the Silva/Liddell fight were on. Gave me something to watch outside of the train-wreck that was the EliteXC show. That was very difficult to watch. The entrances were WWE-esque, the dancing whores added nothing, Busta Rhymes (huh), way too much “fluff”, slow pace and very shoddy reffing. Not to mention Kimbo Slice is not worthy of ANY main event status or any accalaim at this point. He admitted he has a long way to go, but I didn’t see anything that would lead me to believe he belongs with any top HW. Also, would Phil Baroni please go away. When was the last time this guy was relevant??
    This was a very poor show that has A LOT of question marks surrounding it.

  • Jake says:

    Here’s my random 2 cents:
    -I agree…dancing whores with little choreography must go.

    -Out of all the controversial stoppages, I thought that the Baroni stoppage was the most justified although I still thought it was a little too soon.

    -The announcer that said that Kimbo was under the tuteledge (sp?) of Bas Rutten and Randy “Coutommy” should be shot.

    -Gina’s opponent who’s name isn’t worth remembering shouldn’t quit her day job if she couldn’t continue due to a bloody nose and swollen left eye. The fact that she also couldn’t beat Gina after a 3 week training camp is pitiful.

    -The Lawler/Smith fight was entertaining. The booing fans at the venue should be shot along with the doctor that stopped the fight.

    -Kimbo is being coddled by Elite XC and Dan Miragliotta did everything he could to ensure that Kimbo won.

  • newport says:

    i thought gus did a great job, but i swear on the life of my first born child that i’ll never go out of my way for Elite XC again. Imagine if we had to pay for that trash

  • Jake says:

    Oops forgot to mention that I’m glad it was free.

  • RBeezy says:

    the CBS production was amateurish at best, a firing offence at worst. Gus Johnson is a stud and Frank Shamrock was surprisingly lucid.

    Baroni looked strong and that was it. I want to do his whole training regimen…well except for his defense strategy.

    Gina Carano made a believer out of me. her technique and strength are pure.

    I think James Thompson was 15 seconds away from being knocked the eff out. if you replay him coming out of his corner, he was already on dead legs. frankly, I’m surprised he got medical clearance to step in the ring. His ear was obviously infected and just plain nasty. Gus got it right when he called it an alien life form.

    I got a strong stomach but I yelped when Kimbo popped that cauliflower ear open like a zit.


  • newport says:

    we can all breath a sigh of relief fellas—WEC will put on a professional MMA card tomorrow night

  • rolltide says:

    This show sucked. I never thought i would come away thinkin the Carano fight was the best of the night. Kimbo’s ground game was horrible. His all around game was pretty much garbage. At least I have the WEC to look forward to.

  • #7 Jake, you do realize Randy Khatami is a real person right. He didn’t fuck up saying Couture, it’s a different guy.

    My goodness.

  • xx2000xx says:

    Con: Rogers doing his interview. We learn that he does’s work, no do’s work? WTF is that? That set black men down 20 years, the dance just topped it off. Way to butcher the English language, but know you did it and think it’s cool too??? Obama is crying right now for what he did.

  • BlackbeltLT says:

    Rolltide. I hear ya Brother!!!! Robbie Lawler, Elite XC champion, but got beat up in UFC. Kimbo Slice, fighting a guy that got knocked out by the winner of the first fight of the night. HOw to do you and get knocked out and the guy who knocked you out is on the undercard and your the main event!!! Garbage for ratings. I will say the ladies were really entertaining!!!

  • Vern says:

    I’m not a promoter or anything but here is a free tip for you Gary Shaw:

    When you build your entire promotion on one guy you better make damn sure he is a good fighter.

  • Andrej says:

    Gary Shaw does have a heavyweight he can promote: BIGFOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Vern says:

    Just out of spite for EXC I have been watching Silva Liddell cause I live on the west coast.

  • stray says:

    What a bunch of whiners! Sure, it wasn’t perfect, sure there were some early stoppages. SO WHAT!?!? There were some great moments and I for one am quite happy to see MMA being exposed to a larger audience. Props to Robbie Lawler & Scott Smith for the great sportsmanship. Do I think these smaller organizations will put the UFC out of business? Certainly not, but I hope it will allow fighters to have more choices than being stuck in an unfair contract with the UFC. Yes, I feel the refs were told to stop the fights before it got too ugly, but Thompson was damn near out on his feet, it had nothing to do with the bleeding alien life-form. And while he had Kimbo down at the end of Rd2, his shots were doing ZERO damage, so why stop it then? I felt Thompson fought one of his better fights and look forward to seeing him better his record in the future. By the way, keep the dancers…

  • j mac says:

    I was just wondering what yall that about james’ ground and pound to me those elbows and punchs seemed pretty week i mean he had kimbo in a crucifix i wonder how much gary shaw dropped him to take it easy.

  • Brandt says:

    I liked the show as well…but I was watching it from the perspective of a casual fan. Of course all of the enthusiasts will hate it, but this show wasn’t made for the enthusiasts. You’re taking a sport that has battled for years to become legal in many states and expecting the transition to mainstream to be a smooth ride. Rude awakening.

  • #14 – “Do work” is a Big Black thing from the show Rob & Big, as mentioned above.

  • Caleb Newby says:

    What the hell? People really thought the show was TERRIBLE? I liked it. Was it perfect? No. Would it bring in new fans? I certainly think so. The Kimbo stoppage was the worst part of the night and leaves a sour taste of boxing’s controversial finishes in your mouth, while the title fight finish is soley on the shoulders of the athletic commission. Regardless, it was an entertaining and good show. People need to calm down.

  • Brandon says:

    I agree with 14, Rogers came off as an ignorant how should I say this nicely… not a nagger but well he came off looking like an idiot with his post fight interview. Showed zero class and what was up with that stupid dance.

    Props goes to Joey V with his post fight interview he was very classy, kept his conversation clean and respectful.

  • me says:

    That was not a scissor sweep.

  • darkmetal says:

    Some points:

    1. What is the last time a fight was stopped while one fighter (Thompson) was practically in mid-punch? Yet they didn’t stop the fight when Kimbo was unable to defend himself to GNP in round 2? My take is that Kimbo was about to drop from exhaustion, and they had to have him win somehow.

    2. Kaitlin Young lost by Doctor’s stoppage, not by giving up. And what is the last time you have seen a Dr stop a fight for a mouse under the eye?

    3. Baroni deserved getting KO’d for wearing a Santa suit and Elvis glasses (and ripping his shirt off ala Hulk Hogan); Perhaps he was exhausted from all the dancing as he made his way to the ring….

    All in all, this show was only interesting in it’s mediocrity and shoddy referee work. Kimbo beware, you cannot run from fighters with no ground game forever: If Thompson was not inept, he could have choked you out at least once, as well as gotten full mount, or completed a keylock hold twice.


  • Mike says:

    I realize your on the Pro-elite payroll but that was the worst card ever and a totally fixed finished to insure Kimbo won.

  • jeff the drunk says:

    other than the bullshit stoppage of the lawler fight the card was about what i expected, not great but pretty damn decent.
    i was there in the mezzanine sec 101, and before it went live they encouraged everybody to move down as far as we could to fill the lower seats, which was cool for us nosebleeders. the women’s fight was probably the best, but if they didn’t stop the lawler fight it might have been best of the night. and for all the people complaining, you say it was so horrible but it looks like you watched the whole show anyway.

  • JOe K. says:

    For all of you who didn’t think the fight was a fix goto and look down at EliteXC coverage to the “I Saw the Sign” article.

    If thats not slanted I don’t know what is.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    So it was fixed because they handed out signs? They handed out signs at the Tank Abbot fight, too. So what?

  • JOe K. says:

    That is a blatant promotion of one fighter to win over the other. Fixed is too strong of word. A more accurate term would be “slanted in favor of”

  • Brandon says:

    Apparently all of the local hockey games I’ve attended here in Ottawa are fixed because they always give away free Senators souvenirs (flags and other gear) to help support the home promotion.

    I think people are REALLLY stretching it when they say paper signs = fixed fights. For the record when I was in Montreal for the UFC , they had contests and were giving away GSP merchandise… therefore apparently that fight was fixed as well.

  • Ronin says:

    dancing whores???
    Man you must hate women?
    Got some mother issues..

  • ryan says:

    dancing whores? do you have a problem with NFL and NBA cheerleaders as well?

  • lil4alot says:

    Terrible night of fights.

    If you thought these were good fights, please reconsider if you are a fan of a sport.

  • brutus says:

    I agree that the dancers are an awful part of the show, but for you to call them whores is just as bad.

  • MMA SKOOL says:

    Except for the first fight when the guy was going for a single on the ref after the stoppage, all the other fights were stopped early. This is why MMA doesn’t belong on Primetime.

    Thompson’s ear was much grosser than a few extra punches would’ve been to finish each fight.

  • Chris says:

    The early stoppages definitely hurt the show, but it was still a good night of fights.

    Elite is in a tough spot with Kimbo. He’s still a very green prospect, but he is also there most marketable fighter. So how do you continue to bring him along slowly, but still capitalize on how marketable he is?

    At this point in his development he probably loses a fight to Brett Rogers, Dave Herman, or Rafael

  • Chris says:

    The early stoppages definitely hurt the show, but it was still a good night of fights.

    Elite is in a tough spot with Kimbo. He’s still a very green prospect, but he is also there most marketable fighter. So how do you continue to bring him along slowly, but still capitalize on how marketable he is?

    At this point in his development he probably loses a fight to Brett Rogers, Dave Herman, or Rafael Feijao.

  • JOe K. says:

    # 34 Brandon Says:

    “Apparently all of the local hockey games I’ve attended here in Ottawa are fixed because they always give away free Senators souvenirs (flags and other gear) to help support the home promotion.”

    Kimbo’s from New Jersey? Also, is the future of the NHL completely on the shoulders of that one Ottawa hockey game because there is a rival Hockey league that is much bigger?

    I think fixed is too strong of a term. I just know that there was an agenda that they wanted to fulfill. Whether it was spoken or not, I think it was expected that Carano, and Slice would be the preferred victors of the evening. Carano and Slice both faced crtitism about being genuine fighters. They wanted to market there products genuine. If they both would have lost, a lot of credibility if not all of their credibility would be out the window and there show could be seen as a sideshow or media stunt.

    I’m all for competition with the UFC. I think the fighers don’t get there fair share with the UFC and thats because they don’t have another place to go.

    Regarding the GSP. The same probably applied for GSP. If that fight would have been closer he would have probably been given the nod.

    A better example is Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hammill. Hammill owned Bisbing but because it was in the UK and Bisping was undefeated they gave him the fight.

  • joho says:

    Not too bad of a show …..for free but some changes should be made ,yeah dancing girls are cool but even the WWE doesnt do that not too classy.
    I think the premature stoppages were planned so that it didnt show MMA as “human cockfighting” .they wanted it to look civilized to the new viewers not the hardcore fans..which sucked
    Kimbo was gassed ,he should quit smoking weed and they can only keep him afloat only so long.He brings attention to MMA but really is he a good model to represent the sport for prime time tv
    I also like the fact that Shamrock went over all the rules for the new viewers that was professional

  • S.C says:

    If you said you love that show then you are straight up saying you give 2 shits for the sport of MMA. Worst crap I have seen in years. Nothing good came out of last nights show. Dont tell me it was a success because it wasnt. And who made Adam Moron an expert. Everything that comes out of his mouth is bull shit. Reminds me of Fatty Shaw and the way he’s promoted Kimbo…Shamfull.

  • Jaq says:

    You watch MTV. That automatically means you cannot and should not be allowed to give an opinion on what constitutes a ‘good show’.

    I agree that there were some good fights, but the show itself was horrible. At times I felt like I was watching a combination of bodog and K-1 USA.

  • Kogepan says:

    I fault miragliotta. He stepped in 1-2 punches too soon. While Kimbo was doing alot of damage with 4-5 punches connecting, JT was not out at the moment he stepped in.

    Of course I felt the same way about GSP/Serra, after GSP sank 2-3 knees into Serra’s midsection. Of course nobody questions THAT decision.

  • mike says:

    Your post is on point, the whore dancers reminded me of WCW or the XFL just a joke.

    I think people need to remember that this was a free network television broadcast not a 50 dollar pay per view.

    They designed a great card with no expected boring defensive struggles.

    You can totally tell James Thompson is going to benefit from training with Couture if his ear doesn’t fly off into outer space first.

  • JuJutsuMongoose says:

    As a fighter myself, I just have to say–this show set my sport back a number of months, if not years. One decent fight all night; stopped by a doctor who is apparently afraid of blood.

    The rest was nothing more than a glorified WWF production.

  • houseminor says:

    joke jhon man you head red green red england busy busy


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