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Ricco Rodriguez not appearing on the next Celebrity Rehab

Former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez confirmed that VH1 will be shooting another run of the successful reality show.

They are doing another season of Celebrity Rehab, and I hear there is going to be quite a cast on that show,” said Rodriguez.

While Rodriguez wouldn’t say who specifically is on the show, he did mention one person who is not.

I will not be back for the next season. Not at all. I am eleven months strong and very happy. It was a blessed opportunity to get to work with Dr. Drew.”

It’s great to see that Rodriguez is turning his life around. Now, let’s see if he can turn his fighting career around as well. The Ricco Rodriguez that lost a split decision to highly regarded Antonio Silva can be competitive against most heavyweights in the world. However, the big question that remains is if he will finally get his conditioning in control. At 31, he still has some time to do it.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Big attaboy for cleaning up. He has the skills to be a force at heavyweight, but his conditioning in the Silva fight was substandard. He was looking like a cardiac arrest at the end. If he’d been in better shape and been able to press the action, I think he’d have won.

  • jeff the drunk says:

    he looked like a heart attack waiting to happen vs silva. only HW he might be a threat to is Butterbean, in a competetive eating contest.


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