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Huerta confirms fight is for title shot

Roger Huerta and Kenny Florian will be squaring off at UFC 87. It was expected that the winner of the match-up would receive the next title shot against B.J. Penn. Huerta verified the rumor.

We have been told that the winner of the fight will be the number one contender for the title,” Huerta said.

Should Huerta emerge victorious, he would receive the shot at Penn. Even though Penn would be the prohibitive favorite in the bout, Huerta believes he can take down the champion.

I’m going to do what Matt Hughes did and what Georges St. Pierre did. The guy is beatable. You have to wear him out. You have to go out there and out-will him”

When asked what he thought about Penn calling out St. Pierre instead of addressing the lightweight division, Huerta said the following:

He just hasn’t been challenged yet at lightweight. You can’t underestimate myself or Kenny. We will definitely be up for the challenge of fighting Penn.”

Seeing how Penn looked against Jens Pulver, Joe Stevenson, and Sean Sherk, it’s very hard to see Huerta or Florian defeating Penn. Nevertheless, it appears the UFC is leaning in that direction before the potential superfight with GSP.

  • Atom says:

    Huerta V Florian – I hope thats going to be one exciting war of heart, technique and pure aggression.

    Has either ever been K.O’d?
    I know Huerta was hurt bad by Guida with that nasty face punch while Huerta was on his knees. But cant remember seeing Florian in major trouble before??

    Whoever faces BJP, both will cause more of a challenge in the striking than Sherk, Hughes, Stevens. But cant see either causing a problem to BJP on the ground or takedowns as much as GSP?
    This is a tough one for me to call LOL as i wana see Huerta win everything but dont wana see BJP lose haha, so, what does everyone else think?

  • Anthony says:

    BJ is a level above both Huerta and Florian. But I guess I can understand the UFC’s decision to have BJ and GSP clean out their division, as BJ only has 1 successful title defense (Sherk would argue otherwise), and GSP just won back the WW title. BJ and GSP are both definitely dominant champions but both have failed to show the establishment of that dominance. BJ needs a few title defenses (he failed to win the LW title twice before and never got the chance to defend his WW title) and GSP needs a few title defenses.

  • Kelvin says:

    I agree with Anthony both GSP/Penn need to defend their titles at 2-3 times before fighting one another again IMO.

  • Lethal says:

    Dana should make B.J. a deal, if he agrees to defend his title against the winner of Huerta/Florian he’ll give him a rematch with GSP next.

  • TCR says:

    Maaan, whoever wins this is trully f.u.c.k.e.d. =)

  • Patrick says:

    “I’m going to do what Matt Hughes did and what Georges St. Pierre did. The guy is beatable. You have to wear him out. You have to go out there and out-will him””

    So people still actually think that B.J. hasn’t completely turned his conditioning and head game around? That’s a mistake Huerta, biiiiiiiiiiiig mistake.

  • jt says:

    If you watch the Penn/Sherk fight closely, Penn is clearly getting tired faster than Sherk. He looks a little gassed deep in the second. I think if you get him to the late 3rd/early 4th, he is extremely beatable.

  • Mike Wolfe says:


    Problem is that he beats the piss out of you for the first three rounds. Sherk thought the same thing, and all it got him was a swollen face.

  • Danny says:

    i know alot of people r in love with bj but the truth is that huerta or florian would give bj some problems. kenflo is a wily guy who doesnt get rattled and can take the fight wherever it goes. huerta is a big LW whos got size to match bj. the fight with guida was the best to happen to him right now. he learned how to battle back from adversity. something like that can only make a guy work harder so it doesnt happen to him again

  • revjames13 says:

    Neither have a snowball’s chance against Penn. Florian could win by stoppage due to cuts only and Huerta would need a foreign object. I think Florian has a slight edge vs. Huerta, but Penn/Huerta would have a lot more marquee value. It would be worth it for Penn to crush the number #1 contender before he moves up to fight GSP. It would give GSP the time to get past Fitch and perhaps even Alves (if he beats Hughes). But he shouldn’t wait longer than that. They are both in their prime right now and before any freak injuries screw this up we need to see them fight.

    I think Penn/GSP is the greatest match up in the history of MMA. They are 2 of the top 3 P4P. Penn: best jits in the game. GSP best functional wrestling. As for standup, Penn has better fists, GSP better kicks. If you were to genetically design a modern MMA fighter it would be GSP. But Penn might be more talented. BJ’s focus nowadays is something to behold. I might give him the mental edge. But GSP has never been tougher after rebounding from Serra.

    I would predict Penn takes him with a late fight submission. But that’s a big if and I’m biased in Penn’s favor. This fight better go down in the next year. It’s far more important than Randy Fedor in my opinion.

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  • the Levi says:

    this is the fight i am looking forward to the most. i don’t think that this fight will be short. i expect to see a 12 – 15 minute war. IMO this is the main event. they are both really good fighters , it’s just that BJ is on a level of his own.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    BJ Penn has always been nearly unbeatable at 155.

    Pulver’s heart and Penn’s lack of conditioning caused his only blemish at 155 (don’t get me started on his draw with Uno which is a complete travesty) which he avenged last year.

    Beyond that, he has destroyed or easily beat any 155er put in front of him. I don’t see that being any different in the case of Florian or Huerta.

  • Wang Chung says:

    huerta is right and personally i think bj still needs to defend again.
    bj is such a badass, but i like huerta’s attitude man, dude is a total warrior. i also like the fact he’s smart enough to know it’s time to train with elite dudes and jetted to st. pierre’s camp to get himself to the next level. realistically i think he’d likely get smoked by bj, but…

    my money is on florian as well. i think he’s too slick, and if sherk couldn’t finish him, huerta probly won’t. florian’s rapid improvment is worth taking note of..a loss to penn would probably jettison him to the upper upper echelon of the division via gaining more experience against super high level comp. he’s a cerebral guy and he’ll make the adjustments to get to the top no doubt.

  • Jena says:

    Ugh! Is all I can say in regards to KenFlo vs Huerta. That is going to be One awesome fight, and I agree with whoever said its the main event. GSP kicks serious butt, and I don’t see a loss for him in 87, much less a big challenge at winning. Now the KenFlo/Huerta fight… man. I’m a Huerta girl all the way, but I’m nervous about the fight with Flo. Flo ain’t no joke. This will be a true testament to Huerta’s heart. All in All… I think Huerta’s got it. Not just because I


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