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Report: Gamburyan vs. Emerson at UFC 87

A lightweight battle between castmates from the fifth season of “The Ultimate Fighter” is the latest bout added to UFC 87, scheduled to take place on August 9 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. It was be Manny Gamburyan, the runner-up from TUF 5, taking on Rob Emerson.

The news was first reported on Monday by our friends at

Since losing the TUF 5 final against Nate Diaz due to a shoulder injury, Gamburyan has gone 2-0 in the UFC with submission wins over Nate Mohr at UFC 79 and Jeff Cox at UFC Fight Night 13.

Emerson, who is 7-6 according to Sherdog’s fight finder, last competed at UFC 81 in February, where he recorded a split decision victory over Keita Nakamura. He had been scheduled to fight this past weekend vs. Terry Etim at UFC 84 as an injury replacement, but he ended up having to be replaced himself by Rich Clementi due to injury.

UFC 87 is scheduled to be headlined by a welterweight title defense by Georges St. Pierre against number one contender Jon Fitch. Other bouts include a heavyweight tilt between Heath Herring and Brock Lesnar as well as a lightweight bout between Kenny Florian and Roger Huerta.

  • rolltide says:

    Both of these guys are tools. I’m hopin for a double KO.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Emerson was the dude that got Manny all riled up on the Ultimate Fighter wasn’t he?

    “Suck it Team Pulver”

  • Danny says:

    dont get too excited. i’m sure emerson will have an injury b4, during or after the fight.

  • Cipher says:

    The way the fight was going against Diaz, Manny would have won, yet diaz, lauzon and grey maynard are all fighting better fighters and gettting more exposure. Gamburyan beat Lauzon on the show, yet Lauzon gets to fight Ken Flo and Manny has to fight Rob “I always suck and get hurt” Emerson, it just does not seem right.

  • HexRei says:

    Cipher, that’s because Lauzon hadn’t ever lost on PPV, and already had a win against Pulver, a former UFC champ. Additionally, that loss to Manny was on TUF and does not count on the fighter’s official record, and that’s per the NSAC’s decision so the UFC can’t really take that fight into account very easily when justifying matchups to the NSAC (and the NSAC does get final say on who is allowed to fight who, remember when they wouldn’t let Mir fight Sylvia, despite having beat him once already?). And although he lost to Diaz due to a pre-existing injury, that’s still a real loss. It doesn’t matter if you’re the toughest guy in the world if you have a recurring injury that keeps you from winning the big fights.

    I have to say that although you could argue he’s gotten the short end of the stick it’s hard to have any sympathy for a guy that tries to bait his opponent into a glovetap and then surprise attack him.

  • Patrick says:

    After that bullshit Gamburyan pulled last time with the “glove tap” thing I hope Emerson finds a way to put him out. That fucking sneak attack cheap shot shit made me incredibly angry, Manny’s a douche.

  • Cipher says:

    I do not disagree with HexRei about his points, and yes Lauzon did TKO Pulver, It just seems that guys like Maynard should not be getting better fights over a guy that came out ahead of him and has yet to lose other than out of injury. And I totally agree with everyone about the glove tap/kick, total lack of class.

  • Rich S. says:

    i just want to say i hate Manny Gamburyan.. alot.. i’ve hated him since i watched the show, and that manuveur he pulled in his last fight just seeled the deal..

    but.. there’s not way he could lose this fight..

    i’m sad now..

  • mike wolfe says:

    No. 4 Ciper:

    Maynard deserves the attention he’s getting after manhandling Frankie Edgar. Lauzon lost to Florian, but he has more quality wins than Manny. As far as Manny’s loss to Nate Diaz, I don’t think you can say that Manny would’ve won without the injury. Pelligrino looked to be winning until Diaz caught him with the arm triangle, and Pelligrino’s a better fighter than Manny. With his jits, Diaz is always in the fight.

  • Cipher says:

    No 9.

    I take nothing away from grey maynard, He totally overpowered Edgar, the point I was kind of trying to make was that other guys who did not go as far as Manny did, such as grey, who does not have a ton of experience, have been given better fights, such as Edgar. I just found it interesting. And yes, Diaz might have pulled out a submission, but he might have also been handled like he was in the first round.

  • Bob says:

    As much as I dislike Manny I have to root for anyone fighting Emerson, he of the gang related beatdowns at the local mini marts…….That alone makes you despise him and shows how he lacks balls having to beat down innocent people.

  • ziro4 says:

    guys! will this fight start really? on ufc site theres another fight published for ufc 87


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