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Video: Meet Chet “The Hitman” Hardaway

Today should be a very big week for news with EliteXC’s first-ever CBS telecast set for this Saturday and the WEC’s biggest show ever scheduled for Sunday. However, today is Memorial Day so I don’t anticipate a ton of news coming out. As such, I thought it might be interesting to do a post on an interesting situation pertaining to the Philadelphia/New York/New Jersey MMA scene.

An amateur fighter out of New York named Chet “The Hitman” Hardaway is causing quite a stir on the local scene. He recently got some press in a local Long Island newspaper and many fighters are upset about it. The feeling is that Hardaway, a traditional martial artist, has not proved himself in MMA and is trying to pass himself as being a bigger deal than he really is. In fact, many believe he’s reinforcing a lot of negative stereotypes about fighters. There was a term I used to heard used when I was in high school… poser.

The uproar over Hardaway right now is being expressed through MySpace and video blogs. It was a video blog by Hardaway himself that has really generated a strong reaction and has even inspired a hilarious spoof.

The spoof is a must-see video, but it’s a lot more funny after having seen the original blog that it was inspired by. And since today is a slow news day, I’d though I’d present both for everyone to see.

First, there is Hardaway’s blog, which is unintentionally funny in various ways:

And here is a spoof of Hardway’s “Team Hitman,” with a blog about “Team Handjob”:

  • Ryder Die says:

    What the Hell was that? I dont think self promotion is my thing either but I dont see anything wrong with The Hitmans video. You have to do some of that if you want to go somewhere in this scene. On the flip side that spoof was the dumbest thing I have ever seen. It was however a little funny. Maybe I need to know a little more of the background to understand this.

  • Ian says:

    I don’t get it. I’ve never heard of the guy in the first video, and I can’t imagine anyone locally here in Philly or South Jersey would care about some self promoting nobody.

    Who has a problem with him?

  • Bad Monkey says:

    What a clown. There’s nothing worse than a guy who thinks he’s highly intelligent butchering the english language and sounding like a complete asshole. Go Hitman!!!

  • bjjdenver says:




    Who is this fool? Anyone from the area know who this guy is? Anyone have a link to the local paper that gave him press?

    The Hell with it!! Sam I expect you to post his blogs as a weekly feature, so we can see what he is up to. Go Team Hitman!!!!

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    If his goal is to get some good fights out of this, then good job. After all his blog makes me want to hit him.

  • Sam Caplan says:


    Here’s a link to the newspaper article on Chet Hardaway:

  • egad81 says:

    Anyone named chet is a TOOL

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Holy shit!! What a joke. I watched the video on the link of his ‘training’ session with sensei Chuck Norris. This guy is going to take a beating from someone when he goes in to fight.

    There’s nothing wrong with traditional martial arts, but the ‘Hitman’ doesn’t look to have ANY MMA skills whatsoever. Good Luck, Chet.

  • OCD says:

    I want those seven minutes of my life back. I lost 20 IQ points watching those videos. I am surprised I still spall…spell.

  • bjjdenver says:

    I’ll check it out.


    Q) How many videos on the internet do we need of TMA guys getting worked by MMA fighters??

    A) As many as we can get! Seriously, at least this guy isn’t in his 60’s, lol.

  • Team Handjob1 @ you tube says:

    Hey guys, glad some of you liked the spoof, its helpful to watch the tool Hard away with his wanna be rant, We didn’t ask to be posted here but are thankful to Sam for posting us. The back-story is The real chet got some press here in orange county NY and is a talent less hack, that’s why we made the Video spoof. There is some actual training video of the real chet out there and we will post it soon. We just feel that the MMA sport doesn’t deserve a WWE type personality. His training video shows him to be a weak-minded punk and at time screaming falling to ground even though he wasn’t hit. We have the ultimate respect for real fighters and wanted to expose this fool for who he really is. Check out all the Times Herald Record, Middletown NY coverage for his full background

  • bjjdenver says:

    “Hosin’s owner and Hardaway’s trainer, Doug Coberly, couldn’t keep up with the heating bill.”
    –That says a lot right there.

    “His friends urged him to pursue a mixed martial arts career after a backyard altercation with a pal during high school.”
    –The other night, while hitting on a girl, my buddy told her I was training to be a cage fighter (Napoleon Dynamite), but it made me think, I should be in the UFC.

    “He trains 3 hours a day, 3 days a week” (in the video)
    –lol, I train that much in bjj and mt by the middle of the week, and I’m 39 next month. Way to commit to the sport. I know he has a family, but he is the one with the big talk.

    No mention of BJJ or wrestling, just a vague reference to grappling with a TKD instructor…um, ok.

    Maybe he should put down the sticks and go to Chicago to train with the guy that can make his opponent pass out from several feet away, lol.

    I’m all for guys chasing their dreams and having the courage to step into the cage/ring/mat, but judging by his training video, delirious guys like this are going to get hurt and that won’t be good for anyone.

  • bjjdenver says:

    Thanks again Sam, and like I said, please consider following this guy and keeping us posted!

  • Atom says:

    Damn, I wished i’d seen the newspaper/training video link before I watched ‘Hitmans’ video…what an idiot and cant believe the reporter got involved in such a bullshit story..what a waste of ink!!
    I hope were able to get a link/video of his ‘evolved’ fighting style at the june 11th event. Hahaha

  • Real Deal says:

    If you check out all of the Times Herald Record coverage of Hardaway, you will learn that he has no martial art background. He wants to become a famous sports caster (he used to practice with the tv volume off when watching UFC events as a kid). He and his friends decided he had a great voice to be a star commentator. He figured in order to get a job as a sportscaster, he first needs to become a champion. This idiots thought process is that “simple” (minded). So he has been “training” for less than a year, has a good line of BS (good enough to trick the Times Herald Record into giving him massive coverage). While doing so, he has insulted all who train their butts off and sacrifice everything. He actually equates himself to the champions. To make matters worse, he challanges a guy who has 2 pro fights, (Hardaway only fought 1 amateur fight. It was stopped in the 2nd round at the first sight of blood. He claims in the article to have, “blood all over me”.
    So, due to his insult of all serious warriors out there, the parody video was produced.
    If you want more (footage of actual training footage where he cried like a baby without even geting hit), just ask here.

  • Ryder Die says:

    Yeah now I have a totally different outlook on this. It is someone that needs to contact Ohio Valley Wrestling for hopefully a WWE career instead of real fighting. I regret even sticking up a little bit for this Chet.

  • RUSH says:

    What kind of newspaper would even waste their time with that crap? Well obviously that one.

    I graciously invite USA Today to come to my basement and watch me shadow box in the mirror as I strive to become the next UFC Lightweight Champion without any real training!

  • violent offender says:

    well hes in hiding now..

  • Legit says:

    if you knew this guy for real…all you would want him to do is shut up! i think he just likes hearing himself talk. not only does he have the times herald record fooled, but he also has zenedge energy drink along with the people affiliated with it fooled! he is a joke. his personality is dog s***. i just wish he would stop getting press whether its good or bad because quite frankly i think he gets off on it. by the way…that training video needs to be posted asap! i’m sure everyone would love to see it for real.

  • Mark One says:

    The best thing that could happen to this muppet is to get inside a cage with someone who knows what they’re doing as soon as possible…

  • violent offender says:

    I hear that

  • jeff the drunk says:

    my japanese sources have just told me that Hitman Hardaway vs Marlon Sims in a “special rules poser” bout is slated for DREAM 5. to add to the drama, my Long Island sources tell me that Joe Scarola will probably face the winner.

  • Bob says:

    I would love to see the training video when he cried.

    Violent Offender: this dude is in Gold’s Gym everyday on 17 around 4-5 walking around with a towell on his head talking crap more than working out.

  • Team Hand Job1 says:

    The training video footage will be up on YOU TUBE very soon.

  • June, 7 2008 at Chet “TheHitman Hardaway” MMA Fight
    Shinnecock Indian Reservation, South Hampton Long Island, New York
    Cost : 35.00

    Come see the Hudson Valley’s Own Chet “The Hitman” Hardaway in action. Live MMA action right here in New York. Get your tickets now before they are sold out. Tayy-B “The Myspace monster” and the Cast of “The Man Behind The Music” Reality will be ringside for this event

  • Team Hand Job1 says:

    Promoters take note, Hardaway is making a mockery of the whole MMA scene.
    Locally he has been challenged by Anthony Vetro a local fighter following a series of publicized remarks against Vetro.
    The parody video explains his bogus injury claim, now we see that he is completely healthy.
    His plan was to become a famous sports (MMA) commentator had to be preceded by a championship belt (in his warped mind), wich he thought could be accomplished with a good line of BS.
    This guy is a cancer to the sport and all martial arts!

  • Team Hand Job1 says:

    Hitman pulled his original video blog because of all of the embarrassment is has caused him.
    Fear not, it will be posted again very soon.

  • legit6 says:

    The original hitman video is back on you tube. It doesn’t work above but is there

  • legit6 says:

    MMA community, below is the HitMans MySpace entry that was copied and commented on, on a large newspaper blog/comment section. This shows how delusional he is!

    Jun-1 —
    from the hitmans space;

    WOW what a night. History in the making (CBS MMA event). First off BIG THANKS to E! for the killer tickets. Sal Tormina and myself had the best seats in the house. Front row Center damn!! We had a great time and KIMBO is CRAZY!!! Real Quick Big Thanks to Jake Shields,Tara Larosa,Mark “Hammer” Coleman, Matt Hughes, Antonio Silvia,WWE Star MVP,Gina Carano,My man Jon Murphy,and all of the other fighters that said what up!! Also Team Hitman was seen on CBS!!! I think I’m in HEAVEN!!!

    Comment posted;
    BTW, you got your tickets like everyone else, the Team Hit Man seen on TV has nothing to do with Chet the salesman or did any of these mma stars acknowledge him other than as an autograph hunter.
    Got to keep your eyes open Chet, you never knows there and sees the truth.
    He saw it on tv like everyone else.

  • violent offender says:

    Jake Shields,Tara Larosa,Mark “Hammer” Coleman, Matt Hughes, Antonio Silvia,WWE Star MVP,Gina Carano,My man Jon Murphy,and all of the other fighters that said what up!! Also Team Hitman was seen on CBS!!! I think I’m in HEAVEN…………anyone wants his address

  • violent offender says:


  • whatswrongwithpeople?? says:

    Regardless of what the spoof video guy thinks of this fighter, it’s completely appalling that he would wear a t-shirt of a penis being jerked off in front of 2 very young girls & repeat the words ‘team handjob’ over & over again. Nice way to influence those children you lowlife scum asshole! I hope someone from social services see that video.

  • Legit says:

    I think the “hitman” is worse of an influence…he’s a lowlife scum asshole!

  • violent offender says:

    yeah chet ditched his wife and kids for stardom ….hes an uncle tom punk


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