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UFC 84: Ortiz “crashes” post-fight presser

According to Dave Meltzer of Yahoo! Sports, it appears there was a lot of drama between Tito Ortiz and the UFC during the post-UFC 84 press conference:

The 33-year-old former UFC light heavyweight champion showed up, uninvited, with UFC official Jennifer Wenk asking him to leave and not cause a scene. Ortiz at first refused, but after some pleading, got up and seemed to act like he’d made his point in front of the press about not being allowed in. But when girlfriend Jenna Jameson told him to stay put, he changed his mind and went back to his seat.

Wenk, after seeing the press wanted to talk with him, agreed to give him 10 minutes before the official press conference started. That lasted about two questions before Zuffa COO Kirk Hendrick stopped the questioning. But after much discussion and a tense scene with the media that wanted to talk with him and the appearance of four Las Vegas Metropolitan police officers, they agreed to let him participate.

Both Wenk and White said that Ortiz was never banned from the press conference, but that he should have waited for everyone else as the fighters and White came in as a group.

We’re going to post an interesting update on this situation in a few minutes. Stay tuned.

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  • true mma fan says:

    jenn has no business in the affair also tito was just being tito who would expect anything less it’s funny to watch a dirty skeeze who is dumb as a box of rocks (sorry rocks) try to act like she is smart and has any kind of intelligence. sorry TITO you made a huge mistake marrying that grand canyon of a trailer trash ho. and to see jenna with 2 men in the same room with clothes on was a lil different situation for her she looked as if she was ready and willing once again to put on a show for the camera.

    sorry to get off the point but like i was trying to say he should have left the bitch at home and delt with the press conference in a lil better way.but if you look at the bigger picture yes tito WAS a hell of a fighter but now it’s hard to tell either his bitch has his BALLS cause he didn’t seem to show any in the fight or the post interview or she is just banging the hell out of him so much he has no balls left

  • Brian says:


    Heh, who do they think they are?


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