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Tito Ortiz offered UFC contract prior to UFC 84

200px-titoortiz.png was informed by Rear Naked Radio, a weekly MMA show heard every Saturday from 7-9 p.m. CT on Live 105.3 FM in Dallas, that former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz was offered a contract by the UFC in the days leading up to last night’s fight against Lyoto Machida.

While listening to the initial portion of an audio clip forwarded by Rear Naked Radio, Ortiz begins to talk about possible options outside of the UFC.

“Either I go to Affliction; either I got to possibly something with De La Hoya; or start something on my own; HDNet; I mean there are so many opportunities for me,” said Ortiz. “Lorenzo (Ferttita) came up to me, actually, a day before the weigh-in and he’s like ‘UFC is the place you need to stay. You need to be here. We need you here.’ And he was giving me the old fluff deal…”

Ortiz’s girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, then interjected and revealed that Ortiz had even received a contract offer. Rear Naked Radio followed up the revelation by asking Ortiz directly whether that was in fact the case.

“Yeah, they tried to,” Ortiz confirmed. “They try to just like, I don’t want to say bully… (But) they were trying to get my mind off of it. Then not inviting me to the press conference, and I’m just like, these guys don’t have no interest in me. For Dana (White) to sit there and say these companies are going to drop out quick; that they’ll pay their fighters and they’ll be done, we’ll see. We’ll see in this next year what really happens.”

Special thanks to Rear Naked Radio for making the audio available to us.

  • mike wolfe says:

    He’s dating Jenna and refers to Lorenzo’s statements as fluffing? Presumably he means that in the porn industry context, and it’s pretty insulting to somebody he supposedly respects. Maybe his talk is just to create hype for himself, but it’s really old and boring. Stay or go. Either way shut up already.

  • Ryder Die says:

    I dont even like Ortiz but I think the UFC is the only thing that makes any sense unless he goes out on his own. The UFC is a place where he is already established stardom. The others he would most definetly be a star but it wouldnt be the same. The aura of the UFC carries alot of clout. If he where to go somewhere like the Elite XC I think it would almost be like a minor leaguer going to AAA instead of the Majors. I know that there are problems with DW but you can capitalize on that. And crying about what the fighters get is so old in my book. If you arent happy with what they get then the UFC will find someone just as good to take your place. The only think that I think fighters need is some type of insurance and I am too uneduacated on the insurance part of UFC to go any farther on this subject.

  • samscaff says:

    It makes plenty of sense for Tito to fight somewhere else besides UFC. Did you hear that ovation last night? For losing? That wasnt people just cheering the UFC brand. Tito is a big name. His name happens to be bigger than his talent, but boxing history has proven its star power (not necessarily skills) that makes money.

    Reports are that Sylvia is getting $800K for his Affliction fight. Monte Cox stated that Ben Rothwell was getting $30K per fight in IFL, and he’s getting over $250K for his affliction fight. Affliction is paying real money, and they would probably pay Tito a pretty penny for a showcase fight. Affliction has Babalu and Rogerio Nogueira signed. Tito against either one of them would be a top-tier fight.

    I agree EliteXC is a level below, but Affliction has already shown they are not affraid to put top fighters against eachother for real money.

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  • Evan says:

    Affliction – We’ll see if they can go on with that payroll.

    De La Hoya – Out of the MMA business

    HDnet Fights – Changed business model. I wonder if they will ever run a show again.

  • Rich S. says:

    i wouldn’t mind seeing him stay.. but..
    i would love to see him drop to MW.. because.. he can’t beat Machida.. i don’t see him beating rampage.. he can’t beat Chuck.. i still say he lost to Forrest.. i mean, he’s been LHW a long time.. but.. maybe he just can’t hang any more..

    so a move to MW would be wonderful..

    then again, the UFC has the most vicious MW division in the business right now.. soooo.. idk..

  • E says:

    Tito move to middleweight?

    Geez, I didn’t realize Tito wanted cut off an arm/leg in order to fight.

  • red says:

    bad news for mma..all this is showing is that the world of mma is UFC… common.. everybody else is loosing money too company for the whole sport… its like the boston celtics is the only company in the NBA or its only top rank promotion in boxing…it wont be a mainstream sport as predicted but its gonna be a WWE thing. big once a month event….too bad

  • the one says:

    all you fuckers!!!!
    you will see,,, ufc will go down baby!!!!

  • HexRei says:

    what the hell is three commas in a row supposed to signify?

  • Evan says:

    “what the hell is three commas in a row supposed to signify?”

    Emphasis on stupidity

  • THORAZINE says:

    Didn’t u know # 7 E,… that a leg weighs more than an arm?.. it’s 1 arm for Tito Ortiz to move to Middleweight and 1 leg for Welterweight… now if he wants to fight at Lightweight its both the arm and leg!

    Hope that clear things up..

  • E says:

    thanks #12 for clearing that up

  • mike wolfe says:

    If he loses his giant, bone-filled head, which he doesn’t seem to need or use, he could fight in lightweight.

  • Trust Doesn't Rust says:

    tito could easily sell a show on his own. as big as the ufc name is, casual fans definitely look at the headliner first when deciding whether to buy a ppv or watch a card on tv. what the credibility of the ufc name allows is the opportunity to sell casual fans on borderline shows under the assumption that a ufc pay per view card is a big deal, and thus build new stars in the way other promotions can’t. but if the marketing is sound, tito (like kimbo) is enough to get those casual fans to buy/watch a non-ufc show, some of them likely at first mistakenly thinking that it’s a ufc show, especially if it had another big ufc name on the show like arlovski, sylvia, or couture. the one thing these other promotions potentially have on the ufc is the same thing pride had– the aura of being the outsider, that ‘these guys’ are actually better than the ufc fighters. fighting in a ring carries with it an implied openness that a cage doesn’t have (in addition to the natural flexibility offered by ropes as opposed to fencing), and this distinction can create the impression that a promotion is more open and intense than the ufc. all that’s needed is a familiar name like tito to add initial legitimacy and showcase other fighters. and if guys like fedor or even kimbo, who have an obvious look and fighting style distinctive from anybody in the ufc, can be properly showcased annihilating somebody in the unique way that they do, that other promotion can make a good case to a growing fanbase that it is the superior fighting promotion. the goal of any of these up and coming promotions should be to establish the idea that a handful of its fighters are better than anybody on the ufc roster– smaller but better, like HBO is to network tv.

  • Evan says:

    “tito could easily sell a show on his own. as big as the ufc name is”

    Not a very big one.

  • 124124 says:

    the end of ufc is coming!!! fuck yall greedy americans!!!

  • Dr. Chewseph says:

    actually if tito just cut off his 45 pound head he would be all set…that thing is huge!

  • Mike Ringer says:

    It’s all great to point at Affliction and say “now there’s an operation that’s paying it’s fighters properly”. The real question is, how long can they pay that way. They had better be careful or by trying too hard to not be like the UFC they could put themselves out of business.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    I don’t know, with Afflictions fucking $45 t-shirts they should be able to afford to pay a bunch of fighters.

    I kid, I kid. Either way the card is looking awesome and hopefully Arlovski with end up fighting Rothwell so we can see Big Ben get KTFO’d.

  • Scott says:

    To post # 2, if UFC can just “replace” someone with some “just as good” why has there been no one to replace Couture? Im sorry, but if the UFC is banking its hopes on Griffin, Evans, Jardine, or any of the other Ultimate Fighter guys than they are in a sad situation. Liddell is getting up there, and skills (along with mental skills) are deminishing. After 185, the youth talent pool drys up. Brandon Vera is good..but he will have trouble beating a top flight HW, and is a bit big to easily drop to 205. If he did, different story and he’d destroy everything in his path at 205. I just dont see how people can sit back and say ” who cares who leaves, UFC will be fine”. With star after star leaving because they guys get peanuts from the big corporate machine that is UFC, its only a matter of time before more guys leave and the UFC is depleted.

  • HexRei says:

    @#20 : $45 is actually cheap for affliction, I’ve seen some of their shirts at $80+

  • Gene Simmons says:

    To #19
    There are a few big name investors behind the Affliction fight organization. Hint: Did anyone see Trump at UFC 84? When UFC pays fighters like Jardine $10k for a fight, it opens many eyes to the truth of the situation. These guys put their lives on the line and compared to other other sports don’t get paid sh–.
    Tito, stand your ground in representing fighters’ rights because people are listening. There will always be many uneducated haters who are simply jealous!

  • Steve Reese says:

    I’m a casual fan, I’ve watched almost all the Ultimate fighter shows and I’ve seen many tapes of other fights. What you cannot help but notice is how the sport has become more refined in style and substance. While being a casual fan I am a professional business man and i can’t help but look at things in that light.
    The old champions couldn’t win at the top level of todays competition. The training at very few elite gyms has elevated the game. These gyms and there owners are the silent powerhouses here and also where the fighters loyalty lies. To displace Dana White, the answer is to sell to the gyms at their managment level. In other words, make the gyms wildly profitible. They send you fighters and develop the future fighters (the product) that will follow. The best gyms will pay the highest percentage to the fighters and treat them like the pros they are or they lose them to the other big gyms.
    Fighters are happy, money gets spread equitably, and everyone wins. Now even his holiness Dana White must deal with the gyms to get top talent. Seems simple.

  • yarg says:

    There is one problem with the gyms being the ones who pay the fighters.

    Who will pay the gyms? The fighters are where they get their money.

  • bigman73 says:

    [ UFC ] will soon start to diminish cause of other organizations,cause other’s are not afraid to make that big money fight happen,unlike ufc you have to work you way up the ladder in sometimes a requirement but they let it drag on to much,that is where it gets boooooooooooring, perfect example kenny florian should have had a title shot long time ago,there you go shitty fight selections as usual.
    Dana White is a son of bitch to work for and an asshole promotor.


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