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Herring to take on Lesnar at UFC 87? is reporting that PRIDE and UFC veteran Heath Herring has agreed to step in and replace the injured UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman in his bout against Brock Lesnar.  Lesnar is coming off of a first-round submission loss to former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir.  Most saw this upcoming fight with Coleman as a great way to put the former WWE superstar “over” and into a state of legitimacy in the UFC heavyweight division.

 If this bout agreement with Heath Herring is in fact a reality, Lesnar will have a much more relevant and somewhat more dangerous opponent on his hands at UFC 87: “Seek and Destroy”.  The event is set to take place on August 9 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The show will mark the UFC’s first time in Minnesota.

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  • rolltide says:

    Bad idea matchin Lesnar up with Herring. This could really blow up in the UFC’s face.

  • Eric says:

    If Lesnar falls to 0-2, do they feed him a couple easy wins to get him on track, even though everyone will know they are just setting him up for success? It may do him more damage to give him a couple cans.

  • bigfish042 says:

    Dont understand this. The UFC likes to “use” people to make them money. Why wouldnt they give him a very winnable fight for his 2nd??? I guess His name isnt Brock Bisping. If that was the case they would feed him chumps that cannot even compete in smaller organizations or very 1 dimensional fighters that still cant win

  • cyph says:

    Would fans pay to watch Lesnar VS chump? No way. This should be a great fight considering that Herring is a striker. He can be LNP’ed as Obrien has shown. This fight should last a couple of rounds which will allow us to see what Lesnar can do. I want to see that vicious attack that he unleashed on MIr for a full five minutes… I think it’ll be a very entertaining match.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Herring has got to be a favorite in this. Somebody should also remind Brock not to kiss Heath during the ref’s instructions.

  • mike wolfe says:

    This is a good match up. Better for Lesnar than Mir, imo. Herring doesn’t like to wrestle and doesn’t have much of a ground game. O’Brien completely dominated him on the ground, and Lesnar’s bigger and a better wrestler than O’Brien. Lesnar can stand and trade and take Herring down if he starts to lose the striking contest. It has the makings of an exciting fight.

  • HexRei says:

    Mike, Herring may not like to wrestle but he actually came into MMA via wrestling and showed some pretty decent ground game in Pride. He does prefer to strike though, and I think Lesnar will NEED to take this to the ground because Herring will outstrike him.

  • HexRei says:

    @#3: Maybe because they’re paying him more than most of the guys on the main card, including the main event? They can’t afford to coddle a guy they’re paying 100g’s + per fight.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Yeah, Herring has more experience as a striker, so I’d give him the advantage there. But Lesnar is huge, and the few shots he dropped on Mir before the submission did damage. Mir was smart enough to get the win without taking damage, but Herring won’t. Not to overlook Herring’s striking, but Lesnar could end it quickly with one or two solid punches. Either, way, I like this match up because it should showcase both of them

  • the one says:

    now brock lesnar is dead!!!!!!
    what are you doing dana????you really suck!!!!!!!
    ufc fighters move now to other company let’s go boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackyl says:

    Lesnar vs Herring is a great fight. It’s a winnable fight for Lesnar, and Herring has enough legitimacy that people can’t say it was a fluke win. It seems that some in the MMA fan community aren’t going to be happy either way. First Coleman was too washed up, now the UFC is doing wrong by not giving Lesnar a freebie. But from the very beginning Lesnar has said that he doesn’t want any freebies. It’s really funny too that, given Lesnar’s physical attributes and amateur background, people write him off because of the WWE. I think a lot of hardcore fans are afraid. They are afraid of people like Lesnar and Kimbo. Guys that can maybe come in without a lot of formal training and hang with the guys that do. The fact remains that as much training as someone has had, there’s guys out there that will thump them in a heartbeat. Now that MMA is growing in popularity, there’s guys out there that think they can hang. Instead of being welcomed in, they get called sideshows. I predict that one of these “sideshows” is going to become a major force on the fight scene. It happened with the TUF guys. All these people kept saying that Forrest had no business fighting Shogun, Shogun deserves a bigger fight, blah blah blah. Look what happened. This sport can’t exist in a bubble forever. The bigger it gets, the more people will come in.

  • Ian says:

    Props to the UFC on this match-up. It’s a good one, and one I’m much more looking forward to than Coleman.

  • Rich S. says:

    To the ones that think Lesnar’s totally screwed…
    You’re wrong..
    I wouldn’t be suprised AT ALL.. IF Lesnar beat Herring..

  • Patrick says:

    Ok, I absolutely hate the WWE and fake wrestling etc etc… but everyone has to give a little respect to Lesnar, he’s not pulling a Kimbo here. Both opponents Lesnar has agreed to fight are no joke, he’s fighting legit guys here. I can respect that, hopefully he’ll learn some stuff from it.

  • Rich B says:

    The worst tatts in the business vs. the worst hair. A metrosexual’s nightmare, for sure.


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