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Tito Ortiz and pro wrestling? Not a bad idea

I came across something called the National Ledger, and in it, there’s a small article on Tito Ortiz and his upcoming fight this Saturday at UFC 84.

The writer quotes former ECW pioneer and ex-WWE writer Paul Heyman (who now does a video blog for The Sun in the UK) talking about what Ortiz should consider doing next:

“Tito is finishing up his UFC contract this weekend. What does he do next? Wear out his name in MMA, or capitalize on his love for pro wrestling and exploit his larger than life personality by joining WWE or TNA? And remember, where Tito goes, so goes Jenna Jameson, the best self-promoter in show business today.

During Ortiz’s last contract crossroads, he did a brief stint in TNA as a personality but didn’t do any wrestling. He has the look and personality that could make him a superstar in that field. And I think Heyman hits the nail on the head: wear out his name in MMA, or exploit his larger than life personality.

  • Scott says:

    I’m from UK and noticed this comment. I had recently been thinking that Tito’s attitude and interviews really remind me of the sort of interviews I used to watch as a kid on WWF. I think Tito should just take the cash and start faking his fights with them!

    Then hopefully Kimbo might follow him…

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    I think Tito’s pride would make it hard for him to join the ranks of pro wrestling at this time. Win or lose Saturday he will still be a valuable commodity in mma for at least another fight or two. Maybe in the future wrestling could be an option but I don’t see Tito going for that any time soon… Interesting debate though.

  • Patrick says:

    Depends on how much they’d pay him. Tito loves money.

  • DPK says:

    Why not, it worked out well for Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, and Dan Severn, and none of those guys had Tito’s name recognition or personality that Tito has. I’m sure he will cash in.

  • kazja says:

    Especially if it is in California. CSAC forces MMA promoters to do predetermined fights.

  • Joseph says:

    If Tito were to join the ranks of WWE or TNA, he could score a lucrative contract and get a great deal of fanfare, which are two things I’m sure he’d be very interested in. I could see him stepping into the TNA ranks and really being a major player, going right in line with what that company is wanting to do as it tries to focus more on giving the “competitive” feel of MMA and I think he could, if he worked on his pro wrestling technique, be a superstar the likes of a Kurt Angle. I think it’d be an awesome idea, for sure.


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