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UFC 84 Video: Keith Jardine going for the win over Wanderlei Silva

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  • Jay K. says:

    Definitely my Guy!

    I’ll take the unpopular opinion here and I’m hopin’ he takes out the Axe Murderer in the 2nd / 3rd round.

    Go Keith!!

    Jay K.

  • A. Y. says:

    So many of these pre-fight “what makes me tick as a fighter” interviews come off as artificial I’m-a-BAAAAD-man sessions… It’s good to see some sincerity and heart. GL Keith.

  • Nate says:

    Great interview, that is why I like Jardine. Wanderlei’s interview was also pretty much the same. I miss the Wandy of old though, and want him back.
    …..WAR WANDERLEI, knock Jardine out!


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