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Matt Lindland wins Republican Primary

athlete-matt-lindland.jpgAffliction middleweight fighter Matt Lindland was victorious during Tuesday’s Republican primary for the Oregon House of Representatives in the 52nd district, according to the Oregonian.

A silver medalist during the 2000 Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling, Lindland defeated Phyllis Thiemann in Oregon’s 52nd district, which entails most of the Mt. Hood area.

According to, Lindland won in decisive fashion, garnering 57% of the vote in comparison to Thiemann’s 43%. A total of 2,410 registered Republicans came out to support Lindland, while Thiemann recorded 1,803 votes.

Lindland will now move onto the general election, where he will take on the winner of the Democratic primary, Suzanne VanOrman.

VanOrman won her nomination in overwhelming fashion by registering 82% of the total votes cast. A total of 5,468 Democrats turned out to register their vote for VanOrman.

  • There are Republicans in Oregon?

  • Brett Jones says:

    Lindland will win, but he will be subsequently kicked out of Oregon for wearing a banned sponsor’s logo on his shirt during his victory speech.

  • D says:

    @2 – NICE!

    War VanOrman!

  • HexRei says:

    Michael, there are a LOT of republicans in Oregon. Multnomah County which comprises most of urban Portland is quite liberal but pretty much the entire rest of the state is republican. Some of them are libertarian-bent individualist republicans and some of them are fundamentalist christian republicans – the latter the people Lindland comes from.

  • mike wolfe says:

    I’d vote for him. Wouldn’t move to Oregon to do so, though.

  • bob says:

    he is such a politician with all the bs he talks about


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