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Affliction undercard to air on Fox Sports Net

So says MMAWeekly based on a press conference earlier today.

announced was a partnership with Fox Sports Net to air the evening’s hour long undercard live.

Great news for fight fans with a way to watch FSN (or 50 of them with a sports package). Announced and posted earlier today were further news that Affliction had signed Antonio Rogerio Nogueira as well as information that Aleksander Emelianenko vs Paul Buentello would be on the pay-per-view card.

And according to Tim Ryan, president and CEO of the Honda Center, the stars are lining up for the show, with $250,000 in tickets sold within the first 30 minutes of going on sale Tuesday morning.

California State Athletic Commission executive director Armando Garcia confirmed that a 3.5 million dollar bond had already been posted for the show, clearing the way for ticket sales to the public. The bond ensures, among other things, that fighters are guaranteed their purses.

I’m glad the bond is posted but good luck to Affliction if they wish to avoid the CSAC disturbing their show. Try as you might fellas, Armando Garcia will find a way to ruin it for everyone. Don’t test him by “doing all the right things” and “following the rules.” He’ll only work harder to make sure this doesn’t happen. I’m sure at this very second he’s in his office throwing darts at your t-shirts thinking things through. Make sure to call the fire marshal and check into your legal matters on the subject as well as the Bureau of Consular Affairs to make sure no illegals are employed for the event. I’m just saying, you’ll thank me later.

Then again with everyone on the internet assuming this will be a 2 or 3 show promotion before closing up due to financial issues maybe Armando will go ahead and give them a fair shake.

I kid.

Of course, the heavyweight-stacked line-up of fighters was decked out in Affliction, save for Renato “Babalu” Sobral, who wore a crisp suit.

“I try to dress up a bit,” he said. “I have to change my image. I guess I can’t.”

And +5 points to Babalu for effort.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    wicked! all my old favourites coming out fighting this summer

    Aleksander Emelianenko vs Paul Buentello – looking forward to that

  • Derek B. says:

    Huckaby why so pessimestic?

  • HexRei says:


    If you mean about Garcia, Huckaby is right to mistrust Garcia, because Garcia is an evil robot from the future sent to destroy the sport of MMA in its infancy. See, in twenty years when the machines take over, a great MMA champion will arise to lead the humans in a bloody (and oily) martial arts war to reclaim the earth from its robotic masters.

    Which explains everything Garcia has ever done in relation to MMA in california.

    But seriously, Garcia just seems to love to throw around his weight and doesn’t display a lot of interest in helping the events and fighters succeed.

  • platypus says:


  • GassedOut says:

    Hex, you owe me a new shirt! I was sipping coffee when I read that! 😉


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