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5 Oz. of Pain on CBS Sports: Defending Mir and Nogueira as coaching choices for TUF 8

bigfist.jpg In my article for this week, I analyze the UFC and Spike TV’s decision to go with UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir as coaches for the eighth season of “The Ultimate Fighter“, which starts in September.

Many people on the blogosphere have been critical of the news, but I can find little fault with the selections given the current circumstances. And as it stands now, the coaching selections of the show could be the least of the concerns pertaining to TUF right now.

For an extended look at the present and future of the TUF concept, with quotes from Spike TV President of Sports and Specials Brian Diamond and Adam Swift of, just click here.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    personally i like frank mir, he’s an intelligent, articulate guy. i like watching/reading interviews with him.
    and i think it will be great to watch a legend like Nogueira. these guys dont have to crack jokes the whole time to make the show entertaining, as long as we get an insight into the 2 fighters and their coaching/fighting methods, thatll do for me.

    as fot the ufc heavyweight division being on hold for over a year? who cares? they barely have a heavyweight division now. guess it gives the ufc a year to get some talent in.
    after losing/letting go Arlovski, Monson, Sylvia, Couture, cro cop and not bothering with Fedor & Barnett, their really isnt anyone worthy of fighting for the title after nog/mir

  • I kinda thought Sylvia was probably their first choice to coach opposite of Nog., so when he left that went out the window and they probably did some scrabbling to choose a replacement. Mir may suck as the #1 contender, but considering he’s young, marketable, personable, and a former champ plus the UFC loves to push him, its does make some sense.

  • paddiosf says:

    No matter what there’s going to be critics of the Coaches…I think from what I ‘ve read over the different fight sites are upset that Mir is going to eventually fight Nogueria for the title..I like the idea, look at Mir a UFC vet who’s had his up’s in down with injuries and losses has seem to regain his old form..Some People are still upset about the whole Randy Couture fallout, let’s face it Randy’s days in the UFC are done and maybe for good as a fighter..So let’s sit back and enjoy the next season when it happens..

  • HexRei says:


    the TUF coaches always fight each other at the end of the season, and it would be astronomically unlikely for that fight not to be a title fight. so yes, that is one thing you can be 100% certain of.

    You’re completely wrong about Randy though, he is a warrior and even if he suddenly became a hollywood star over Redbelt (and I’m not betting on it… his other movie ventures have been equally unnotable or even worse, laughable) he would still come back to fight in SuperFights periodically. His competitive spirit is incredible and his drama with the UFC, even though some blame lies with each party, is not proof that he has in any way faltered.

    After October, unless the UFC achieves the ludicrous goal of preventing Couture from ever competing out the UFC again (not at all possible- the best they could do is get a judgement for a few mill in lost revenue) we will definitely see Randy fighting again. Fedor, fure sure, (100%, I’d bet my future income they will fight someday) and probably others after that, such as a Barnett rematch, or Big Nog.

  • HexRei says:

    er, always when they are within each other’s weight class and therefore able to fight. *cough* hughes and franklin *cough*

  • HexRei says:

    holy shit, i sound like couture’s biggest nuthugger ever. still right though.

  • Patrick says:

    “Mir may suck as the #1 contender”

    No, he doesn’t suck. Where the hell did this “Frank Mir can’t fight” sentiment come from? He’s an incredibly skilled fighter, extremely dangerous on the ground, and probly has one of the best active/dangerous guards ever. The dude is a good fighter. And at this point I can’t think of another heavyweight in the UFC other than maybe Vera who would fit in TUF at HW better. Mir’s smart, got a little comedy in him, a good coach, a businessman, and knows what he’s doing.

    Nog is Nog… that should be enough.

    The complaints on TUF from hardcore folks have always been “blah blah blah too much focus on the stupid antics in the house and not enough fights/training blah blah blah” well guess fucking what? This season has essentially been all fights with a little training thrown in. A season with Mir and Nog? They don’t dislike eachother, there won’t be that much drama, and both of them have a LOT of experience training other fighters. We’re going to see guys who can actually coach…coach. It’ll be great for the hardcore mma fan.

    Nobody beat Mir for the title, … except for a motorcycle. So he’s getting a little leeway in being the #1 contender, give em a break, I for one would fucking love to see a jits battle between Mir and Nog. Gonna be a good fight, and given the state of the HW division talent wise right now (except for at the very top), the division needs to reorganize itself and get new blood.

    Whiners will always whine, that’s really what it all comes down to. I’m cool with watching awesome fighters/coaches coach new talent and seeing some down to earth amateur mma fights along the way.

  • Patrick says:

    By the way, saw that Redbelt was mentioned. That movie was awesome, it was a stylized mixture of a samurai movie and noir film with a splash of anti-gracie/anti-commercialization thrown in it. Terrific acting and directing as well. Really enjoyed it (yeah it’s a movie and some of it is pretty heavy fiction wise… but it’s ok to take a little creative action sometimes haha).

  • paddiosf says:

    HexRei…I know Mir/Nogueria are going to fight that ‘s a no Brainer..But what i was saying there alot of people on different fight sites say Mir shouldn’t be in the one that fights Nogueria..And I think Couture/Zuffa conflict is at the point of No Return, especially with Affliction now having it’s own fights..I think also with Couture and Zuffa letigation will be dragged out thru the courts for who knows how long..How old is Randy again like 44 years old…Plus I wasn’t disrepecting Randy..

  • mo says:

    You make some good points Sam, but they could have went with some better options. I think it would be natural to use Brock Lesnar’s influence and pair him against Mark Coleman or really anybody. I know the “hardcore” MMA fans would complain every day, but they would still most likely watch weekly because you have to think this is TUF’s main audience right now. There is no denying Brock sinfle-handedly boosted PPV sales on his own, and with pro wrestling regularly landing in the top 5 of ratings, you have to think TUF would get a significant boost as well. Yes, his experience would make him a less then stellar coach, but he could focus on coaching wrestling, and he could gather 2-3 of the top assistant coaches to coach with him. From a business perspective it seems like a no-brainer because I don’t see how the UFC could lose with this. I just think you have a fan base to that show that will watch it every week, and the real way to add to that would be to pull in another strong fan base that demonstrates absolute devotion like Pro Wrestling fans. He is natural for the camera and can add some drama because he knows how to market a fight. if big Tim didn’t leave it could have been one of the highest rated seasons i think

  • Kogepan says:

    wow, TUF with Mir and Nog?

    First, Nog can’t English that good, so I doubt he’s going to offer any good entertainment. He maybe a good trainer, but nobody watches TUF for that. As for Mir, the guy is KNOWN for his poor training techniques and poor conditioning. And its completely ridiculous to give the spot to a guy who has made his name by beating up an overhyped wrestler. Seriously, 3-2 after big accident!

    It wouldn’t hurt to UFC to consolidate and NOT have TUF on for a couple months. Now the interim HW belt will be held up until the end of the year. UFC is REALLY going downhill with MAYBE TWO title defenses a year because of all this TUF business.

  • DPK says:

    I don’t have a problem with the coaches, but I also would like to see them skip a season or two of TUF and then come back with better fighters who could make an immediate impact in UFC after the show.

  • matt says:

    i thought this was a great idea to put the HW division on hold to build viable contenders. right now the general public doesn’t really know any of the HW division and that needs to change. So give them 8 months to build some people up.

  • bubbafat says:

    “Given the circumstances” You said it right there. I think the argument is not about Minotauro or Mir as coaches. I think it’s about the “circumstances” that the UFC has gotten itself into. Whether it’s bad management or simply poor decision making, they are the ones to blame. I don’t agree with championship belts being held up in TV shows, regardless of who is coaching. I mean, as far as coaches go, you can’t find two better guys. But, anyone who thinks that the UFC HW div. is going to be in any kind of better position in just 8 months is sadly mistaken. Nog and Mir need no defence as coaches.


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