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Report: Tamdan McCrory to return at UFC 87

m_eec2c3c9e26dcdea7c21bc71f4a1c0ce.jpgWelterweight prospect Tamdan “Barn Cat” McCrory is slated to make his return to MMA on August 9 at UFC 87 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.

The news was first reported by

According to, McCrory will be taking on “The Ultimate Fighter” season two contestant Luke Cummo.

The 21-year old McCrory decided to take a hiatus from fighting after suffering the first loss of his young career during a bout at UFC 78 this past November against Akihiro Gono.

The site is also reporting that “The Ultimate Fighter” season six contestant George Sotiropoulos will be appearing on the card as well against a yet to be determined opponnent.

UFC 87 is expected to feature a heavyweight bout between former NCAA and WWE heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar taking on former UFC heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer Mark Coleman. While Lesnar vs. Coleman will be a featured bout, it is not expected to be the show’s official main event. However, it is not yet known what the UFC has in store for a main event for the show.

A much-anticipated lightweight bout between Roger Huerta and Kenny Florian is expected to take place on the show as well.

  • mo says:

    I remember hearing that there was a rumor that Tamdan was going to be in a reallity show. I think it was one of those on VH1 where they take guys and try to hook them up with girls or something, does anyone know if he made the show or not?

  • Rich S. says:

    ya.. i know what you’re talking about.. i saw an article on CAGEPOTATO that showed his ‘profile pic’ and everything..

    either way..

    he’s gettin’ KO’d.. big time.. i love luke cummo [no-homo].. i’ve liked him ever since the show.. i was completely devistated and infuriated when i found out he was beaten by LUIGI…

    it’s time to make his way back up..
    and what better opponent to do that with than a guy named Tamden that has low self-confidence and can’t pick up… much less talk to girls..

  • Rich S. says:

    oh.. and i believe Tamden was the guy who’s UFC profile listed “awkwardly strong” in the ‘fighter strengths’ section…

    what does that even mean??

  • jm says:

    I heard Tamdan picked up his game and dropped the show. rich s has alot of nerve making fun of a guy’s name to support a dude (who I respect anyway for his well rounded and clear-minded game) who brags about drinking his own piss till he gets the squirts. that may help him make weight, but it does not make him healthy. it does make him a little desperate and alot disgusting. pretty petty discussion. how about some actual critique? i’m hoping for a slugfest.


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