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Results for IFL: Nelson vs. Imes

The IFL was back in action tonight at the Mohegan Sun Arena where three belts were on the line. IFL heavyweight champion, Roy Nelson was defending his belt against TUF 2 runner-up Brad Imes, IFL lightweight champion, Ryan Schultz was defending his championship against the tough Deividas Taurosevicius and IFL middleweight champ, Ryan McGivern was taking on Dan Miller for his 185 lbs. title.

The full results are after the jump.

  1. John Franci > Frank Latina via submission (rear-naked choke) in round 1 
  2. Aaron Stark > Lamont Lister via decision (unanimous)
  3. John Howard> Nick Calandrino via TKO (strikes) in round 3
  4. Matt Horwich> Joey Guel via decision (unanimous)
  5. Josh Souder> Zac George via TKO (punches) in round 1
  6. Danillo Villefort> Mike Massenzio via submission (kneebar) in round 1
  7. Dan Miller> Ryan McGivern via submission (kneebar) in round 1
  8. Ryan Schultz> Devidas Taurosevicius via decision (unanimous)
  9. Roy Nelson> Brad Imes via TKO (punches) in round 1

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  • I thought Brad Imes would have a much better career from the TUF show than he has. But, he has been mediocre at best…..And that might be a compliment.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Yeah I thought he’d have put up more of a fight with Nelson. But he just seemed to be content getting punched in the face.

  • Evan says:

    I enjoyed that amazing guard pass and two knee bars. Good card.

  • I said Nelson would “rape” him, Nelson is on a Rothwell-type level and Imes is still just Brad Imes.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I also like the term “rape” for complete destruction but if you put it in inverted commas you draw attention to it and people get offended more easily.

    I thought Imes was improving since he left the UFC but it appears he will never raise higher than a lower to middle tier gatekeeper.

  • recently.reaped says:

    never been a fan of the use of that word.
    The reason being I think if it’s a commonly used word for severe beat downs either in MMA or gaming where it is constantly used, it desensitizes people to the word and the horrible act it is associated with in real life.
    next thing you know the younger generation will view rape, as ‘no big deal’
    perhaps it’s an overreaction on my part, and I obviously don’t think using that word will encourage ppl to start raping women because of it’s use. However, I grew up watching a lot of violent movies etc and what some ppl find brutal I find to be ‘no big deal’ apparently MMA is included with that perception. Non-MMA fans think the sport is brutal, whereas I see the beauty and competition of the sport.
    Am I off base in my thoughts? Is using rape in a non-sexual assault context acceptable?

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Depends on who you ask… if you head onto Xbox live it’s unacceptable not to use it. I however wouldn’t use the term to describe to a bunch of nuns that their cake stall beat the red cross’s from down the road.

    I wouldn’t advise to anyone to start using the term in official reports or blog entries. I’m not going to start replaced “defeated” or “>” in my event results with raped but as just an emotive word to help describe a fight from one fan to another… tis fine.

  • Fujin says:

    Miller and his brother are no joke.

    Though it’s unfortunate that the IFL is in a downward spiral, at least the best fighters in the league will get picked up by the bigger orgs.


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