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Gary Shaw denies Slice vs. Tyson report

miketysonmay2004.jpg During a Thursday conference call to promote EliteXC’s first-ever “Saturday Night Fights” card on CBS on May 31, EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw was asked to address a report by the web site that claimed Mike Tyson has “tentatively” agreed to fight Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

The report, which cited an anonymous “insider at the company,” claims that a Slice vs. Tyson fight could happen towards the latter part of the year or early next year.

Shaw denied the report when asked to comment on its validity and stated that he has had no discussions with the former heavyweight champion. However, he added that he would make the matchup between Slice and Tyson “in a heartbeat.”

During another question, Shaw was asked if there was any possibility Slice fighting another boxer, Eric “Butterbean” Esch. Esch has been candid in recent interviews that he would like a fight vs. Slice, however, Shaw was bearish about any such potential matchup.

  • portlandmma says:

    butterbean hasn’t had a hard attack yet?

  • Rich B says:


  • Bofa Deez says:

    Just goes to show again Elite XC is making Kimbo a sideshow…

  • UFC69INTX says:


  • bjjdenver says:

    If any of you have not visited that website, take a look. It is the biggest joke I have ever seen. Surprised Shaw even gave it the time of day.

  • thepumaman says:

    Racist! You are only saying that because it’s a BLACK website! The most visited in the world, it claims.


  • Shane says: is the same website that “reported” Eminem signing with the WWE and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis signing with the UFC.

  • Evan says:

    I remember when PRIDE was going after him…

  • Patrick says:

    So did anyone read some of the comments on that website?

    I’ve never read so many completely ignorant, retarded, poorly written (spelling as well as grammar) posts.

    What the fuck is wrong with people? Ok, I understand they take pride in their race or whatever, but seriously people… there are absolute great fighters out there of the same skin color if that’s how you want to choose your favorites… but no, they eat up the mass marketed watered down publicized bullshit.

    I fear for those people, because I’m not sure they realize how completely ignorant they are.

  • BHos says:

    butterbean? tyson? how about put slice against some heavyweights who are actually in elitexc???

  • DPK says:

    If Kimbo ever wants to be taken seriously he should be getting as far away from Gary Shaw as possible. Fighting Tyson, or Butterbean would be a complete joke, and probably set the sport back in the eyes of everyone. Gary Shaw should not be allowed to promote another MMA event for saying that he would make this fight “in a heartbeat.” Seriously Gary go back to destroying boxing, leave this sport alone.

    This is where Bas should be stepping in and saying “hell no, your not doing this to my fighter”

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i understand people being protective of mma, i dont want the sport jeopordised in any way, but as long as there are decent mma organisations putting on solid cards on a regualr basis, i dont see the harm in side shows like tyson/slice.
    pride & k-1 did it for years

  • non hater says:

    If you put any champion vs. Tyson , it does not what form of combat sports it is. YOU ARE GAURANTEED a ppv bonanza and possible record veiwing. Although he doesnt act like it Tyson is a trained proffesional fighter, and at one time arguabally the best ever. If he put any real effort behind training Kimbo Slice would be destroyed within the first 90 seconds just like spinks.


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