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EliteXC still bullish about female MMA

crush_001.jpgOn Tuesday, EliteXC held a conference call to help promote their CBS show on May 31 at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

Gina Carano will be fighting for the first time since Sept. 15 when she takes on Kaitlin Young. Both fighters were available to the media on yesterday’s call. It should be an interesting fight, in that both fighters are outstanding strikers who pack a lot of power in their kicks and punches.

There was a few interesting revelations during the call, with EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw revealing that the promotion is considering adding a women’s title and is entertaining the possibility of doing an all-female card.

“We’re talking about two things,” Shaw began to respond when asked if there were any plans to institute a women’s title. “We’re talking about a women’s title and we’re also talking about an all women’s show where we feature one night of just all women’s fights.”

The idea of adding a title is long overdue in my opinion and would help add clarity to the female division. However, if EliteXC adds a female title, then I strongly feel they will need to bring in both Tara LaRosa and Amanda Buckner. In regards to LaRosa, she is widely regarded by many as the top pound-for-pound female fighter in the world. If you’re going to have a championship title, LaRosa has to be in the mix.

One thing I’d love to see EliteXC consider since they are already talking about an all-female card is to do a Grand Prix-style tournament for the title. If they went out and created a bracket with the eight top female fighters in the world and had them compete for the title over the span of three shows, I think that would help create more interest and intrigue in the female division. Throw fighters such as LaRosa, Buckner, and Roxanne Modaferri into a division that already includes Carano, Young, Cris Cyborg, and Shayna Baszler, and you’d have an amazing tournament field.

Outside of the addition of a title and a possible all-female card, EliteXC could also have additional expansion plans for female MMA. In her closing statement, Young indicated that she’s heard EliteXC has booked a female MMA fight for 130 pounds, which, if true, means that the promotion could be on the verge of adding a second full-time weight class for female fighters.

Another notable comment during the conference call took place when Carano was asked to address criticisms regarding her difficulty in making weight for some of her fights.

“A fight has never been canceled because I didn’t make weight,” Carano responded. “Unless one does, then I don’t have anything to be ashamed of. I do cut weight. I get down. I’m not very good dehydrated, so I walk into the weigh-ins not looking so hot sometimes. But it’s not going to be a problem for May 31. I am in surprisingly good shape where I am at right now. I feel great. I’m strong and ready to go. So, no, it shouldn’t be a problem and we’ll just see how it goes. I’ll just keep on trying to get more professional and trying to get down faster. (And) try to lay off the ravioli a little bit more (laughing).”

  • cyph says:

    Women’s title is good. All women card is no good. Women MMA is a sideshow so that we can watch Gina Carano. Nobody wants to watch an entire card of women MMA. Do they really think we watch women’s tennis for the tennis?

  • recently.reaped says:

    soooooo instead of the WNBA, they’ll call it the WMMA?

    I’m all for woman in sports as it’s good for exercise and self confidence like it is for men, just don’t expect me to pay to watch it.

  • Nick says:

    I am gonna echo Karo Parysian’s sentiments on Inside MMA. Women should not be fighting. I am not saying women should be banned from fighting, I am just saying I have never, or will never watch two women fight in MMA. It holds no interest for me. The few seconds I have seen, they look sloppy and uncordinated.

  • Smokes says:

    If half the fights are like Kaitlyn Youngs fights it’ll be awesome ko’s but the opponent will fold like bread everytime. I wouldn’t want to watch a full womens card unless it was free but the title sounds fair and warrented.

  • Joe says:

    I’m not going to lie. I will never watch women’s MMA. I plan to turn the channel on May 31st when it comes on. It’s not that I find women’s sports boring, although I do more times than not. But there is something about seeing two women fight that makes me cringe. I also think it is incredibly ignorant to put a women’s fight on the first nationally televised card. Sure some people know her because of Gladiators. But why are you giving everyone in the world that is waiting for an opportunity to dog the sport a clear opportunity. If one of the women in the fight on May 31st gets cut and bleeds heavily, you better prepare for the sport to be set back a year in development. People that have accepted MMA like many that read this blog see no problem with women’s MMA. But get a group of guys that are giving the sport a try for the first time on CBS, and the response will likely be “Oh, man that’s messed up.” And they will turn the channel.

  • Dan S says:

    Im all for women in mma.In order for mma to last it has to appeal to both men and women.And for all the guys that are against women in mma id dare you to step in the cage with one of them and see how you feel after.

  • HexRei says:

    @#5 Joe:

    I think that indeed someone here is being ignorant, and it’s not EliteXC and CBS… are you sure you’ll be flipping the channel yourself, or are you going to let your wife out of the kitchen long enough to do it for you, perhaps in between doing the dishes and making you another pork rind and lard sandwich?

    I for one love to watch women’s MMA, but I think that’s probably because i have a deep respect for what women can achieve and can appreciate the skill of the war no matter the gender. I even think they should be able to vote!

  • L Grant says:

    I’ve seen plenty of female MMA fights, and some have been much better than a lot of MMA matches featuring guys. I’m putting the Tito “100% guarantee” that the Carano vs Young fight will be a hell of a lot more entertaining than the Quarry vs Starnes fight.

    I think the idea of a Woman’s title is a great idea. Although, I don’t think the all female card is a great idea. There’s no reason to single them out. They’re Mixed Martial Artists just like the guys.

    I think they could easily hold a tournament idea like Cap suggests, and the girls could comprise the majority of a card. But, I think it would be a better idea to feature some men on the show too.

    Not to add excitement, but to show everyone that Female MMA isn’t different from regular MMA, and thus no better or no worse.

  • Danny says:

    i dont care how sloppy they fight. the more gina carano on my tv, the better. i wish she would get sloppy with me. hahahaha

  • Hubert says:

    Most of the female MMA bouts I’ve watched have been great. I would love to see more women’s MMA, and definitely think that titles and more weight classes should be involved.

  • Pierre says:

    The thought of an all-womens card and a Title would be awesome…especially if they were to set it up a la Grand Prix. To be honest as recently as a year ago i was one who never wanted to see a woman fight inside and outside the ring, but now i am a convert especially when they are as talented as Baszler on the ground and Larosa all-around. Carano of course is easy on the eyes but i don’t watch it b/c of that but rather she is talented in the stand-up. Most especially Mega Megu who is one of my favourite fighters be male or female.

    Of course i do have my own reservations to get over, as i still rather not roll with women in bjj, as i have always been taught just like most not to hit women. But we as men should get over ourselves as the women are working just as hard as every male fighter and are just as skilled for this they deserve our respect and not our misogynistic prejudices

  • Joe says:

    I never said that many current mma fans wouldn’t support female mma. I said that people not familiar with mma would be disgusted. I’m not quite sure what you are basing these dishes comments on. To be honest I don’t like women’s sports for the most part. That doesn’t make me a sexist. That makes me part of the majority. I would gaurantee you that none of my friends, who are marginal mma fans at best, would watch women’s mma. Like I said, I have no doubts that most of the people reading this would support women’s mma. I am just pointing out that the rest will not.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Is there a single women’s sport that has half the revenue or fan base of its male counterpart? In sports, including MMA, the money talks and bs walks. If there’s no significant audience for women’s MMA, it would be a bad business move for a network to feature an all women’s card, and the occasional women’s fight on an otherwise all male card is just a novelty item, like dwarf (small person?) wrestling.

  • koolpaw says:

    Tara, Amanda, Shayna And Roxanne. of course those names MUST BE in the league if they call it “world title”. Kaitlin will catch up soon.

    Besides Tonya, Jully, Debi those fighters who already have signed with EliteXC, i will put names of Molly Helsel, Sarah Kaufman from Canada and Takayo Hashi and Akano from Japan. Dr. Rosi Sexton from UK is considered as the top fighter at 125 lbs. Female division has a lot of talents those fighters always show Exciting fight with their skills and skills.

    In case of u havent check youtube and UG, Here is the play list of Tara Larosa vs. Roxanne Modafferi 2006 at MFC

    The Video just has been found in Roxy`s BookSherif last month.


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