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MMA Online: World of Elitists and N00bs

It’s not easy to say but the first step is admitting you have a problem. I’ve been called an elitist about mixed martial arts maybe 20 times in the past, each one making me angrier than each instance prior. You see I’m never rude about anything nor am I ever rubbing what I know in anyone’s face. It seems to happen when I make a simple correction or point out the flaw in someone’s argument.

But something has always fascinated me. Why is our sport the only one where this happens? Why does every MMA argument around the internet have to deteriorate into, “how long have you been watching n00b!?” You don’t go to a football forum and see people being called Super Bowl n00bs before being told to watch more games. It’s like the world’s saddest pissing contest.

I finally cracked the case recently. People that were watching years before the boom get angry when new fans show up and dare to have opinions. They’re like that annoying concert going kid that knew who Fountains of Wayne were long before “Stacy’s Mom” became popular. “Oh man I saw them years ago, their old stuff is so much better.” Wow, you had heard of them before me? Give that man a medal. Apparently he thinks he’s part of the band and helped make them famous so he’s a much better human being than I. I mean he went to a show for Christ’s sake. A SHOW! You’re a winner. These people go around like they deserve a ribbon for hearing a song before you and it’s the reason I could never get into any type of music scene.

When I watch football with my group of friends every Sunday rooting on our favorite team some of them seemingly don’t understand basic concepts of the game. Meanwhile I’m wondering why teams with a Cover 2 defense don’t put the strong safety on Randy Moss to bump him off of his route and then let their top cover corner take him down the field since he’d be better at it in the first place. Not once have I been called an elitist. In fact they sometimes, are you ready for this, ask me questions. Yes, they actually ask me questions, get answers, and know something new. No name calling involved, they actually seek me out.

I love to cook and almost enrolled in culinary school but in all of the times I’ve cooked with someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing I’ve never been called an elitist for knowing what I’m talking about. There have been times someone was cooking a steak and put table salt on it instead of kosher salt and I had to bite my lip to not say anything since they were ruining the quality of the meat they were about to prepare. In the times I did say something not once has the other person screamed “ELITIST!” and left the kitchen.

But these are just the things I know and I’m passionate about. I love mixed martial arts, I love coaching basketball, I love the Xs and Os of football, I’m great at social studies (history, geography, government, politics), and I enjoy cooking. These are my “things.” I know more than 99% of people about these subjects just as everyone else has their own certain passions they enjoy and retain information in that I absolutely do not.

So why the “elitist” jab in mixed martial arts? I know where Latrell Sprewell went to college, I know Oral Roberts University plays their basketball games in the Mabee Center in Tulsa, and I know Super Bowl IX was 2-0 at halftime when the Vikings, led by Fran Tarkenton, mishandled a pitch for a safety. Again, never once called an elitist. Maybe “loser” or “nerd” but never an elitist. My worst subject? Science. I’m bordering on special ed on the subject. If you show me a physics equation with a gun to my head I’ll urinate myself. So what’s more important, solving a physics equation or knowing which event Hughes/Trigg I occurred on? I’m not cool, but I’ve never insulted anyone that was smarter than me on a subject. I’m open to shutting my mouth and learning things.

I hate the word elitist used in a mocking way in any form of life. I’m not endorsing a political candidate or discussing the subject in depth but if a political candidate calls another an elitist to speak to stupid voters I probably won’t be voting for that person. Oh Christ, he went to an Ivy League school, eats a healthy diet, and has been to other countries? HOW DARE we elect that person. I want someone that dropped out in middle school and has a healthy meth habit. He’s more like me, John Q. Public, and I can relate to that. Elite means the best, the select few. Elitism means that you believe elite, superb people should run the show. Well dumb people can’t have that and they stand together better than any other faction.

I don’t mean to get so far off topic. It’s simply that calling someone elite is alot like saying they’re handsome. It’s like using, “you have really white teeth,” as an insult. It’s not the insult that hurts it’s the fact the poorly educated person using it thinks that it does. When you call me an elitist it’s alot like saying, “hey, you’re smarter than me.” Look at Sherdog’s Jordan Breen. Yes, he can be annoying while openly discussing the 74lb prodigy he saw through internet feeds in his amateur fight in the Congo. But I also respect his opinion and more than once I’ve went out of my way to see what he had to say about something before I made up my mind. I’ll never insult someone for knowing something I don’t know, outside of maybe Star Trek or Dungeons and Dragons. That’s just sad.

Stupid people that call others elitists, I’ve had enough. This is my gauntlet and it’s officially thrown down. Stop being so insecure. This goes to some smart people as well with your n00b nonsense. You’re not better than ndizzle84 on Sherdog just because you watched the latest Japanese card live on a shady feed. Now you might be better than him because you can actually spell words and have healthy relationships with other human beings but the MMA knowledge is all very unimportant in the end. Knowledge of mixed martial arts makes you neither smarter nor dumber than anyone else. I’d like an MMA world that is just like all of the other discourse on the internet, full of racial slurs and homophobia like it should be.

  • Zane says:

    Mike, great article and I completely agree. The concert reference was spot on, and I even catch myself having that mindset when it comes to things that I love and have been following for a while. But everyone needs to start somewhere. People do not understand the hypocrisy in criticizing somebody who has just started watching the sport, considering that everyone was at once a new fan. Great read, great insight, great analysis.

  • JacRabbit says:

    Thumbs up

  • Jay K. says:


    You’re a Faig!

    Feel better now?


    Jay K.

  • Smokes says:

    Didn’t really dig this article. I think it was off on most points and I do see people calling each other elitist or noobs to often. More like they question your knowledge because you make an uneducated statement when the information is listed on the internet with easy access.

    I assume your joking on the last comment so I won’t attack on you on that, but it was quite silly to say.

    “I’d like an MMA world that is just like all of the other discourse on the internet, full of racial slurs and homophobia like it should be.”

    Anyway I normally like your articles and although this one was well fought, I don’t say I agreed with it at all. But still look forward to reading future stuff from ya.

  • Joseph says:


  • Rich S. says:

    nice article..
    and i definately agree..

    and ummm.. that last line was hilarious..

  • smoogleton says:

    Its more like people who have been watching MMA for years and have a grasp of the details not enjoying “expert analysis” from people who are not experts and try to assert viewpoints that expose them as such. The fact is, there is a new demagogue with a blog to pimp out sprouting up every day, and most of them haven’t watched enough MMA to be doling out advice. Fightlinker is a great example. This site is by committee, but its in the same boat.

  • Patrick says:

    Nicely said. Very true as well.

    I think some of it all stems from people who are considered “noobs” presenting themselves as having all the information and experience, they present arguments that really have no foundation in reality and are purely subjective opinions.

    Now, when people are confronted with actual fact/experience, they tend to react poorly as their opinions are shot through.

    I think that’s where the majority of the “feud” stems from.

  • Oh I can feel that #7. I remember writing back a few years ago and some guy that just started watching his first shows was like “people want the newbie opinion in there too because it’s like them!” And we just said no.

    Then a couple years down the road when that guy was really knowledge I was like, “see this new stupid guy wanting to talk alot, that’s exactly how you sounded.” And he gets offended.

  • A.C Slater says:

    When I think of an elitist, I think of someone who scoffs at the very idea of someone with even one proverbial nugget of knowledge less than they do at their disposal. In other words, an elitist is someone who somehow feels above another person who is even marginally more of a noob than they are. So, yes, if someone calls you an elitist simply because you know your material, that’s absurd. BUT, if you make them feel subhuman for knowing less than you, well then not only are you an elitist, you’re also a douchebag.

  • @ #9 – Can I take a guess?

    @ #10 – Well said, and important distinction.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jay K., Mike Huckaby is the author of this article.

  • Reaser says:

    I’ve been called an Elitist also…

    It’s people who feel threatend by your knowing more about something than they do.

    Like this guy a couple months ago was trying to tell me about the Spread offense in college football and was saying all these things and I kept correcting him, and he flipped out and asked if I thought I knew everything and I responded with “I ran the spread offsense in college, I was a college quarterback, I know more about x’s and o’s and what teams are trying to do on offense and defense then you ever will, plus I won a nationwide NFL Trivia contest”….started a huge argument almost ending in a fight…

    its the same with MMA, someone says something like oh, I remember when Tito beat Chuck, and you look at them and are like WTF are you talking about and you say that didn’t happen, and they argue with you, then they call you an elitist and you probably respond with you’re a dumbass/fake fan/fanboy/noob…etc…

    Basically I think it’s less to do with being a new fan or an original fan, its more about stupid people saying stupid shit.

    Knowing about the topic you are talking about is never a bad thing, yet you will get called an elitist…

  • drewdoodoo says:

    I have a dream that one day elitists and noobs will embrace their differences and work together against the douchebags.

    Seems to me that the use of the term “noob” will get you called “elitist” pretty fast and visa versa.

    Putting folks in these categories (or any categories) will probably piss off anyone.

    Reaser has got it, some people just suck, regardless of their knowledge base.

  • muttly says:

    drewdoodoo, you goddamn neutralist!

    and you are so an elitist, huck! 😛 *muttering* “thinks he knows everything ’bout mma cause he writes for a reputable blogsite rasm frssum. mutter mutter…….”

    I think a big problem comes directly from people making insinuations about others’ knowledge, intelligence, amount of mma watched. These are statements made about people that you (not anybody in particular, not being facetious), on the other end, cannot possibly know, and can only guess at due to their posts. When in fact, they may have watched and studied and trained, and only ended up with differing opinions.

    Everyone can agree that you can watch as much mma as you want, and it still won’t guarantee you’ll know the truth, or even have the same opinion as people. You can be smart as all hell in either a narrow sense (pHd in Math?) or in a very broad sense (jack of all trades), but you can still put up some moronic posts (yours truly is guilty, also). You can read all the in depth analysis of the fights, from every pov, and you can still demonstrate a lack on knowledge.

    This all really stems from the dynamic nature of mma. With so many factors being involved, there’s as many opinion variations as there are factors. And the learning curve that’s necessary to even enjoy watching a fight once it hits the ground is so crucial that omission of such learning is almost a direct insult to those people who have taken the time to learn the BJJ concepts, the intricacies of countering styles, the level of training involved. I have watched many a boring ass fight, just to broaden my undertsanding of the BJJ side of mma, and to witness such surety in some obviously (to me) ill-informed opinion’s really makes me wonder: why the fuck haven’t you searched youtube before saying that?

    When you got a sport that people are so passionate about from so many different directions, there’s bound to be clashes. Combine that with the fact that the recent rise of mma in the states has been accompanied by the internet giving a voice to EVERY person out there, and you’re gonna see sparks fly. Everyone has a right to have their say, that’s why there’s a comment section. But sometimes I feel that there’s some out there that should have that right revoked, and the determination of who those people are is rarely associated with their knowledge, intelligence, or volume of mma watching.

  • Oh noes, I hasn’t watched enough ultimate fighting. Me is a noob.

  • A.C. Slater has it right. There’s nothing elitist about correcting someone’s mistake or busting out some knowledge if it’s done facilitate the conversation.

    As far as the band comparison goes, I have my own theory on that.

    Since I was about 14, I’ve listened to music that is mostly considered as “outside the mainstream.” And I LOVED these bands. No one knew who they were, it seemed, except my friends and me. But when a band I loved got mainstream recognition, I freaked.

    At first, I thought it was childish. “They’re my secret, not yours. Mine, mine, mine.” But it was more than that.

    To put it in terms of MMA… five years ago, if I saw a guy wearing a Tap Out shirt at a bar, I wanted to talk to that guy. He more than likely trains and knows his stuff. Now? I try to avoid someone in a Tap Out shirt.

  • Ian says:

    I think the aggression inherent in MMA discussion stems from the nature of the sport itself. It’s purely combative, so it’s no surprise that the people who are fans, and thus frequent and post on message boards, are combative themselves, which lends itself to what amounts to verbal dueling as opposed to verbal discourse.

    Now, forum discussions on the internet tend to skew hyper-negative anyway, pretty much regardless of the topic, but I’ve noticed it at even higher levels at MMA blogs/forums.

    I try to approach discussions with newer people to the sport with the idea that being a smug, condescending douche-nozzle is much worse than being non-knowledgeable mma fan.

    Unless they’re reciting Dana White press conferences as Gospel. Then it’s open season.

  • Shane says:

    I don’t agree with this argument at all, you’re speaking from the viewpoint of a columnist tagging a relatively new sport. Until the sport becomes better established, your website still has that “fanboy / blog” atmosphere attached to it and the faster you recognize that the more humbling and the better. But when the sport becomes official and I mean on a ESPN highlight / local and national news coverage standpoint as are the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and to a lesser extent soccer, I have no doubt that many of the writers from fiveouncesofpain and just as importantly will become the forefront journalists that will have the press packages and the money that’s involved in sports journalism.

    But yeah, I think you should keep pieces such as this one to yourself, it makes you sound juvenile.

  • mike, you need both noobs and elitists, or you would never have intreresting banter,cant you just write an article, sit back and enjoy the fireworks?

  • You don’t need stupid people and superficial people to have banter. You can just have people having a discussion.

    I again ask what it is about MMA that makes people like this when it doesn’t happen in other sports. I assume because it’s new and like the reference I made but how long until it’s just banter among people with differing opinions and not just jackasses.

  • #19 it happens in almost every sport, you know why? its called a playoff,and at the end the best team/man/women is left standing, alone with no doubt about it.

  • Reaser says:

    It happens in all sports, I gave a football example earlier….

    but I think what Huck is saying is it happens 100 times more in MMA and its that much worse, there’s no middle ground, people can’t make arguments without saying you don’t know this, or for the people that don’t know they don’t want to learn so they will just argue for the sake of it…its ridiculous…

  • JJ says:

    Great article Mr. Huckaby. Haven’t read much of your other content on here but I’ll do my best to read your future posts.

    #16, totally agree with your points about “underground” bands, as well as the point about people in MMA related brands. I used to maybe make an MMA reference or comment to someone with a Chuck Affliction shirt only to get a response like “Chuck who? I just really liked this shirt.”

  • #21..#23 well done

  • Zane says:

    Hey Mike, I have tried to be in contact with the other writers on this site and none of them seem to care very much. I won the Frank Mir contest for UFC 81 and still have not recieved any of the stuff I won, while the 2nd and 3rd placers got their stuff months ago. It has been 3 1/2 months and I have no clue what to do. If you can help in any way it would be much appreciated.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I’ll look into it Zane.

  • nacho says:

    It doesn’t matter how much or how long you’ve been watching, it’s in the love of the sport that shines out. Not whether you know more than they do, watched more fights, or spent more money. When you talk to a real fan of the sport he doesn’t come out as a jerk, a know-it-all, someone trying to “show” everyone how much they love MMA by how much they do/don’t know. True fans come out as fans. You can talk to them about the sport and both learn from each other, because you’re probably going to follow different fighters/areas and talk to each other about it, not brag or be defensive of what you might say….. You can tell the real fans out there in the 1st couple of sentences they make to you about MMA…….

  • Lucas says:

    Mike, I completely understand where you’re coming from. It’s pretty annoying the way any discussion of MMA quickly reverts back to some poster on a forum or commenter on a blog called you a “TUF noob” or something of the sort. I’m sure someone that is even more immersed in this community (e.g., someone writing for one of the big-dog blogs), such as yourself, must get 10x more annoyed by hearing it constantly. So Mike, I can sympathize with you.

    However, if I could offer one small piece of advice: next time you set out to express your frustration with being labeled an “elitist,” you may be a little more effective at getting your point across if your evidence to refute such claims is not: (a) the fact that you ignore your disgust and just bite your lip whenever some uninformed person ruins a piece of meat by sprinkling the wrong type of salt on it; or (b) that you are willing to answer questions for your friends who lack the your expertise in zone coverage schemes. I think you and Sherdog’s Mike Sloan may have supplied this month’s dose of irony for the MMA blogosphere.

    P.S. – I couldn’t believe that either when the millionaire Wellesley girl and the kept man flying around on his wife’s private jet were calling the black guy who gave up all of the wealth that being the editor of the Harvard Law Review offers (and trust me it does) to move back to Chicago to work as a community organizer. Damn tuf noobs!

  • Ronin says:

    1. richest, best, or most powerful: more talented, privileged, or highly trained than others
    elite troops.

    Sam Elite is not a bad word, if someone called me an elitist I say “thank you, I do know more than you”.

    With this article your trying to prove you are a anti-elitist.
    Elitistism is good, when a newbie fan goes on a MMA board and “says something like “why is Antonio Nogueira ranked as a light-heavyweight and is the heavy Weight Champion of the UFC?”
    Well you have to explain there are two Antonio Nogueira’s, they are twins.
    But people shouldn’t bash people who don’t know things just inform them.

    I can see where old fans from say UFC 1 might resent newbie fans of course these newbies think MMA started with The Ultimate fighter season1, they think Leban is a top notch striker and Forrest is the next Chuck Liddell.

    Sam don’t take to heart idiots (old school) or (newbie fans) that blog here.
    Allot are just negative people buy nature and are closed minded, they can’t see anyone else’s point of view, no matter what you say or who you are.

    The MMA forum I visit has turned on Randy Couture I say like 80% hate him or have negative feeling towards him, who would ever think that would ever happen.

  • For the second time, I wrote this. And I’m hardly anti-elitist .

  • nacho says:

    There you go Ronin#29 … Right on the head! 2 people who know what they’re talking about will get along. Just as 2 who don’t know what they’re talking about …. But get them crossed (1 knows and 1 doesn’t/is learning) then you get a lot of resentment from 1 being an elitist and 2 being a Noob. But when either starts bragging, they’re just like #10 said, douches.

  • JollyDV says:

    Michael Huckaby,
    Enjoyed the aritcle. Something different from the norm. It is good for the soul to vent occasionally. Glad you are able to do so here and get feedback.I agree that you don’t see it in other sports like in MMA. I don’t have an answer as to why, but it is. After reading the comments, I do think that because MMA is “new” to the mainstream, that may possibly be the reason, or at least a part of it. Who knows? The fact is that there are those who know their stuff, and those who don’t but want to, in the process of wanting to they forget that they don’t. Anyhoo, nice change of pace, enjoyed the article. Chow!

  • bjjdenver says:

    The worst…UFC elitist, lol.

    I think the elitist comes into play when the fan is very knowledgeable about mma and has been a fan since UFC1, etc…Then the noob comes on that picked it up from TUF2 and says something like Kos is the best ever…then the elitist says something about Pancrase…the noob say they prefer waffles…the elitist makes fun of the noob’s TapouT hat (sideways as required by law)…then the noob says something about the elitist’s mother…then the elitist yells upstairs and tells his mom what the noob said…the noob says Kimbo would beat Mike Tyson…and so on and so on, until some Dr. Who comes on and they both retire for the evening.

    Meanwhile neutral people hit the mats…

    Of course we must remember that fan is short for fanatic, and each person will always think they are correct and Never Back Down!

  • bjjdenver says:

    “thank you, I do know more than you”.

    lol, thanks!

  • mike wolfe says:

    The accusations of “noob” and “elitist” don’t bother me. Everybody started as a noob, and sooner or later true fans become elitist in one sense or another. In contrast, the terms “nuthugger” and “nuthugging” have always struck me as both odd and disturbing. How about a piece on them?

  • Ryan M says:

    It’s like being in on the ground level of something beautiful, only to have its soul ripped out in front of you while you watch your favorite pet being lowered into a pit of lava….

  • Jay K. says:

    Apologies to Sam for the slander…

    Mike!, Your’e a Faig!


    Jay K.

    ps. Now posting with correction goodness.

  • A.C Slater says:


  • jeff the drunk says:

    Mike, great article.
    # 10 very well put, especially the last sentence.

  • Todd says:

    Bjjdenver is on point on this one.I’ve worked out with some quality pros who know not a shred of NHB/MMA trivia.They can,however,show you twenty transitions to a triangle or how to turn your hips over when you kick.That’s just one reason I think a Sherdog “blackbelt” is a dubious distinction.Too much time on Sherdog =No time in the gym.A little humility makes it possible to teach without coming off as a prick.I can appreciate some new info as much as the next guy.It’s just that I believe our resident mma encyclopedias need to tone down the arrogance a little.Because to me the biggest distinction of an “MMA Elitist” is that they generally can’t/don’t fight or even train.

  • muttly says:

    The belt system on sherdog is why I don’t post in their forum. I’m used to earning belts with pain and patience, not furiously posting messages on an internet forum.

    “the biggest distinction of an “MMA Elitist” is that they generally can’t/don’t fight or even train.”

    Nail on the head. They talk like they do train, like they fight, when they just sit on the couch, running their mouths.

  • Yes and John Clayton knows nothing about the NFL and Peter Gammons is confused by baseball. That argument has never held water in any sport.

  • 5oz of Fluff says:

    I think the real issue here is that bloggers do not have the ability to take criticism. I can’t believe you wasted you time writing this garbage or I wasted mine reading it. Get a grip man.

  • So Bon says:

    What are N00bs?

  • Allow me to expand by saying it’s all the mentality and where you come from. All athletes feel that way about writers whether they say it or not. They’re there living it out doing it daily and some guy from the Miami Herald writes something about you without all the information and you’re pissed. Or you get asked a really stupid question.

    If you’re a writer you study your sport tirelessly and cover it on a daily basis going over everything. Peter Gammons knows more about baseball and certainly history and putting things in the right perspective more than almost any baseball player. But at the same time said some baseball players he’s writing about are never going to have that same peer to peer respect.

  • Todd says:

    It’s not that MMA elitists don’t know their trivia.My issue is the manner in which they choose to impart this knowledge.Then again I’m not looking to validate my dry , uninspired ,self-serving ramblings.

  • Donk says:

    In a place where we all have so much in common it’s amazing to see how easy it is to argue and make enemies. Each opinion and viewpoint shouldn’t be brushed aside for being different, as it is this variety which enables us to enhance our own understanding.

    But it is human nature to listen to those with views similar to our own, and criticise others who are different. In a place where opinions are readily given, and a subject that is clearly a big part of many people lives, it is understandable how people can be defensive and aggresive.

    So with this in mind, we should try and contribute to the topics in hand to gain from each others knowledge and viewpoints. Rather than create a divide, in a place where we share the same passion for MMA.

  • the Levi says:

    what really bugs me is being called a TUF noob. yeah i watch TUF but i have also been watching since the 1st UFC. just because i watch TUF shouldn’t make me less of a fan.

  • Reaser says:

    Agree #43 for the most part…

    What I find annoying is “journalists”/bloggers/etc. and even “fans” who have never played a sport at a high level in their entire lives critizing players and or thinking they know more about sports that someone…

    Like you mentioned, John Clayton, he’s great for NFL news, rumors, reporting the latest on suspensions, free agency, etc….But if he was doing “Jaws” job of breaking down film and telling you what a quarterback is thinking it would be ridiculous…

    In MMA amazingly somehow every forum poster “trains” in MMA, its ridiculous, fight somebody (and link to your MMA record) or you don’t know about the sports “stage” (for lack of a better term)….A guy started watching MMA beginning with UFC 71 and now for a month has been training in BJJ and he knows more than someone who’s watched all MMA since UFC 2 and played sports at the collegiate level???

    Or like the guy who’s never played sports at a high level in his life who’s sitting there saying “I can make that pass” and he’s serious about it, because he can go outside and throw the ball 50 yards. The guy couldn’t even take a snap from center, let alone a 7 step drop, read the coverage, know where your target is gonna be without staring him down the entire play, making the pass while getting hit, throwing an accurate ball, breaking down opponents defensive game film, knowing a game plan, reading a playbook, REMEMBERING all the plays, knowing what each and every position has to do on each and every play, telling everyone else there jobs while doing your own, speaking in a huddle, audibles, what to audible to, etc…and during a game a quarterback has to do this all in a mere matter of seconds, process information, relay it, execute it, but people write articles about how someone can’t do it when they don’t even really know if someone is or isn’t doing their job at quarterback because they don’t even know what the hell they are watching…

    Also annoying are the million’s of forum/comment posters, even some writers who (allegedly) train in BJJ…So??? What do you know about fighting in front of 5-20,000 people? Getting hit in the face, getting hit by a knee, punch or kick you don’t see coming, getting cut, fighting with blood all over you, reacting to situations, etc….

    A guy who “trains” thinking that makes him know more knowledgable is ridiculous, if you actually fight then I’ll buy it, you’ve been in there everyone else basically hasn’t. Like myself, I’ve stepped in a boxing ring and fought and I’ve played college football, I actually know what it’s like to do those things, people who just play catch in a park or punch a punching bag once in a whlie don’t (watch TUF 4 for more thoughts on fighting verse training, ha)….By these peoples logic, does that make a guy who plays pick up basketball at his lunch break 5-6 times a week someone who can talk about what its like to play college basketball or in the NBA??? No it doesn’t, so you training doesn’t mean anything, except that you train and either are afraid to step in a ring/cage and or aren’t good enough.

    I just find a lot of things annoying about writers and fans alike…Talk about a sport if you know what you’re talking about, if you don’t then either don’t talk, don’t act like you know and or ask…I prefer the latter as I think everyone should have the “right” to talk or discuss any certain sport, and I love talking sports with people, but for some reason, NOT only in MMA, but any sports argument always comes down to who knows more…

    Somehow an arguement in football about who’s going to win the AFC North turns into “you don’t even know who David Archer is, you couldn’t tell me he was World Bowl 92 MVP with the Sacramento Surge, you don’t even know who the Surge are or what league they played in, I have their helmet sitting in my room. You couldn’t even tell me that he played in the CFL with the Sacramento Gold Miners, ya thats right, there was a team in Sacramento in the CFL, you’re an idiot, you didn’t even know he started his career with the Falcons and ended it with the Edmonton Eskimos”…

    David Archer has nothing to do with the AFC North this year or really anything to do with anything but thats a football argument example, and its the same in MMA, except a 100 times worse, but it DOES happen in all sports….

  • Adam Morgan says:

    The AFC North will be won by the Cincinnati Bengals, plain and simple.

  • Reaser says:

    hahahahah, that’s funny #49….

    Steelers, Browns, Ravens (with a decent surprise season) then Bungles in last is what I’de pick as of today….

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Obviously. I’m a Bengals fan and an optimist. We can dream, can’t we?

  • huckaby, clayton knows nothing of the sport but still seems to get the inside information before other fans while mel kyper jr admits to not being an nfl expert but a good judge of nfl talent and his picks are pretty accurate come draft day by studying the young stuff inside and out and for reasnor this is not ridiculous thats why the website exists so we can voice our opinion with or without prejiduce you just have to learn to have thick skin if you want to be a part of 5 oz of pain

  • Reaser says:

    #54…fair enough, haha….

    #55, can you please tell us who kyper jr is and who is reasnor???

    Mayock is way better at picking the draft these days and Kiper Jr got made fun of by his own colleague during the draft for makin up fake trades being discussed to try and make his “opinion” mean more, then all the fans started laughing at Mel, it was classic…

    Clayton knows a lot about the sport, but he’s far from the best at getting inside info, Schefter is by far the best, and at least Clayton isn’t “Mort” who’s said some gem’s as Eli Manning is going to be out for a month while Schefter was saying that’s not going to happen on another network and said a week at most and probable to play, hah…

    This isn’t a forum, its an opinion/news blogger/writer site…there’s a comments section, but a comment section is far from the reason this website exists, part of it, probably, but I think people more come here to read news and or opinions….

    Speaking of thick skin, is that why you are calling other “commenters” chicken shit for not answering a worthless question???

  • Reaser says:

    and Jason the ONLY thing I said that was ridiculous was a guy who “trains” in BJJ thinking that makes him an expert, if you’re going to respond to people at least read what they post and or comprehend what they write…


  • let me tell you mr know it all, if think for one second that by kissing the ass of every editor on this sight makes you there equal youre wrong, where your right is that it is an opinion/news blogger/web sites,but your not the one posting the news so where do get off/ and by the way if i ask a guy a question he damn well have the balls to respond because you do on just about every article written and your no different than anyone else ,your hit and miss, hot and cold sometimes you sound brilliant and sometimes you come across as not having read the whole article yourself,i stated that there was a good chance affliction will get funded in time for the fight ,if they do they do if they dont than i will have been wrong but i wanted to know if the box would watch the card or if he even wanted to watch cause to me it sounds like he dosnt even want to give it a chance and to call this thing dead in the water he is just hating on mma, and i mean the whole sport, but if behind closed doors he watches this than i just argued with the biggest hippocrit on this site, and if you want to answer the question for him feel free cause he dont have the balls and you both seem to know the exact financial situation at affliction.

  • Reaser says:

    Never said I knew it all…

    and that’s funny about kissing ass of editors, thats why I just picked apart Sam Caplan’s DREAM article/blog post….I’ve told whoever the “writer” is that was on Kimbo nuts to get off of them…etc…

    As for the rest of whatever you are saying there, it doesn’t make sense, you’re complaining about another guy apparently, which has nothing to do with me, I just made the simple statement about you saying to get thick skin yet you’re flipping out in different articles comment’s sections going after a guy because he doesn’t feel like answering a question that has nothing to do with anything…

    I don’t even care about affliction, so again, I have no idea what you are talking about, I will order the PPV and be one of the few people to do so, their PPV numbers will be garbage, they will put on another show or two MAX after that, imo they are the second coming of WFA…

    That has nothing to do with what Huck wrote, but you’re latest comment post makes one of my original points for me, stupid people saying stupid shit is problem #1 with MMA forums, sites, comment sections, etc…It’s not elitist’s or noobs, or TUF noobs or fanboys, its stupid people saying stupid shit…as evidenced by your comment.

  • no you didnt say you knew it all, i did.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Zane, Matt Cava has e-mailed you multiple times. He’s even asked you via comment threads to respond to your e-mail. We’ve been trying to rectify the situation but it seems you’re more interested in posting about the situation in comment threads rather than answer our direct e-mails to you. If you are sincere about wanting to remedy the situation, e-mail Matt Cava at UFCTakedown at gmail dot com. Otherwise, there’s nothing we can do to help you and I’m not going to let you just keep posting these messages.

  • Patrick says:

    This was a good choice of topics to write about. For all the years that I have followed MMA, I have never once made a single forum post, even though I read them every day. Every topic eventually breaks down into the elitist-noob war. But even more than the elitist, noob, and neutral parties. You have the long standing fan who isn’t and elitist, and new fan who truly enjoys all aspects of mma. I’ve been a martial artist most of my life and practitioner of mma in recent years. I’ve been guilty of having the elitist attitude. After all, I was there watching at UFC 1 like all other elitists. I have the books, magazines, and dvds from everywhere I could find. The thing with the elitist attitude is that for so long people like us had a hard time find other people to talk mma with outside, the group that we train with. You didnt have those casual MMA fans until recently. I think the problem isn’t with the noob, that just found out what MMA is. Everyone has to start somewhere. I welcome the new fan, who enjoys MMA in all its forms. Ring or Cage, standing or grappling. And not everyone has to train to be credible to talk about MMA. Just like any other sport you, shouldnt have had to play to be a fan or have knowledge or expertise. The problem lies not in the noob, but the poser. The guy who just caught on to The Ultimate Fighter, sports his Affliction or Tapout gear to the bar every night, and goes to the gym to bench and curl, and shadow box between sets and never steps foot on the mat. This kind of guy wants people to thing hes tough, and is all knowing about MMA, and could take Chuck Liddell any day of the week. This kind of guy buys his gear at the Sports Authority, claims to be a UFC fighter on myspace, and doesn’t know the difference between and omoplata and an omlet. This is the guy that can only talk about a fight if it has that one knockout punch and refers to grappling as “humping”. Its guys like a football fan who can only talk about the hail mary pass and nothing else. I embrace the noob, but the poser is what gives me the elitist attitude.

  • Fiona says:


    I love your site. They really look very nice. The articles provided are long enough to provide great content but not so long as to be totally engrossing, if you know what I mean….


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