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Updated Affliction news

There is a very well written and informative blog piece on the first Affliction show over at USA Today. The updated fight card for the July 19th show from The Pond in Anaheim is as follows:

  • Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia
  • Josh Barnett vs. Pedro Rizzo
  • Matt Lindland vs. Fabio Negao
  • Renato Sobral vs. Mike Whitehead
  • Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Paul Buentello (not yet official)
  • Ben Rothwell vs. TBA
  • Mark Hominick vs. Savant Young
  • Justin Levens vs. Ray Lazama
  • Mike Pyle vs. Brett Cooper
  • J.J. Ambrose vs. Patrick Speight

The article also points out that despite the talent on the roster only Tim Sylvia has main evented a pay-per-view with more than 100,000 buys. This is important as Affliction plans to air the main card live on pay-per-view at a UFC-like price of $45-$50. If I may make a suggestion I would hope Affliction would go the PRIDE/K-1/others route and carry 7 or 8 live fights one after another. That’s one advantage most fans would appreciate over the UFC’s product as you get more action for your buck and truly feel like you’ve seen a full show instead of half of one.

The fights will take place inside of a ring, not a cage. This might not be new news but I had yet to officially hear that from anyone personally. Also, despite reports, Affliction is still negotiating with HDNet for a television spot. The plan is to air the card live on pay-per-view and then air it on free tv a few days later.

Affliction VP Tom Atencio also stated that their second show should be in October with the goal of the Fedor/Sylvia and Barnett/Rizzo winners fighting one another in the main event.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Gotta say I’m slightly dissapointed in it being inside a ring. I don’t have much against the ring, I just think a cage of some description is where MMA should take place.

    But you know me complaining about this is like complaining that the French open is on a clay court. I’ll live. Fantastic looking card.

  • slimm says:

    how much will the tickets for the event be?
    this card looks crazy sooo many good possibility of great instant classic fights i know will be watching this one way or another july 19

  • No idea about prices but tickets go on sale Tuesday May 20th.

  • Binsu says:

    FYI, the Pond is now called the Honda Center.

  • IT IS THE POND AS GOD INTENDED IT SIR! The same way “Monster Park” will always be Candlestick no matter what they name it.

  • im sorry sam but if this is true iam not dissapointed at all, the ring cage thing makes no difference to me, actually prefer a ring, in my opinion it lends itself to more action and a little more stand up plus the roster looks great, almost every fighter on the card has been drafted in the mock draft so basically sound like theyve got some heavy hitters of the sport, and if fedor ends up fighting barnett that would be huge, as it would clear up some of those top ten heavyeight power rankings if it plays out that way, i guess overall it sound as bout as good as a card could be in the us that is not put on by the ufc, and to see it again free sounds like they really want to turn the casual fan on to this, fedor ,barnett ,rothwell on the same card, i cant wait and will be trying to turn as many people on to this as i can, just wish they had some better light/featherweight fights but im stoked so far.

  • Fight Fan says:

    Is it possible that Rothwell could be fighting AA?.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    It is possible yes.

  • Fight Fan says:

    Is it probable?.

  • Fight Fan says:

    The whole cage vs ring thing is interesting. I have said before that I prefer the ring but to have a competition where they have diferent surfaces for different events would be cool (like Sam said in tennis… clay, grass and hard court etc). I guess for MMA it would be square roped ring, a bigger roped ring or “hex”, the octagon cage and a smaller round cage or something. It would sort of add to the home and away type thing.

  • slimm says:

    thanku Huckaby for the lil info that u do have i might just have to checkout how much i wouldnt mind going to this at all thx again cheers….

  • Chris Lyons says:

    Not a lot of time to sell tickets, but my wife ad I will be there. I prefer a cage of some sort, the constant restarting of the action and the hands pushing people isn’t something I liek to see, but oh well.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    California MMA fans have a reputation for being late buyers of tickets so having them on-sale this late isn’t going to kill sales. Hopefully, the prices will be affordable.

  • orlando says:

    wow dude cool card…

  • orlando says:

    and responding to sam….yeah lets hope the prices are not as ridiculously priced as the fucking shirts….i mean everyone has an afflicition shirt now….i think i even have one….im pretty over it. It was cool at first, but now whatever man its just a shirt with a fighters name on it…..

  • joho says:

    This beats any UFC card sooo much top talent Can’t wait for this!!!!!!!

  • if rothwells opponent is aa that would be iceing on the cake, and if people start complaining that they are not gonna watch it because of the ring wich i doubt any body that truly loves mma will care.

  • UFC69INTX says:

    they are putting on a grEat card, but with all there top talent on one card is going to be the death of any other promotion they put on for the next year… so one supercard isnt going to solidify them as a competitor for the ufc, but great card nonetheless, I WILL BE WATCHING

  • dk says:

    Damn I wanna see this!

  • kazja says:

    This event will not go off in California. Armando UFC Garcia will see to that. Bad chose for Affliction to enter the corrupt fight arena. Millions down the drain for Affliction.

  • kazja says:

    The CSAC ruined the K1 event in Los Angeles. The Affliction Match Maker will have nightmares with Armando UFC Garcia. Ever wonder why Pride never did an event in California.

  • Rich S. says:

    that’s one hell of a card if i’ve ever seen one!

    freakin’ Aleks/Buentello??
    if that’s real then holy crap..

    and Rizzo/JB 2…

    not to mention Fedor/Syliva..

    i’m totally stoked..

  • Ian says:

    I might buy this card twice.

    Just because.

  • Fight Fan says:

    I just saw the funniest shit. I don’t know how to set up links so I’ll just say go to youtube type in FEDOR EMELIANENKO VS. RANDY COUTURE and it should be one of the first options. It starts with white text on a black background saying “…I respect Randy very much…” Watch and enjoy.


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