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Complete card for Adrenaline MMA’s first-ever show on June 14 nearly set


The complete card for Adrenaline MMA’s first-ever show on June 14 at the Sears Center in Chicago, IL is nearly set. According to the fight promotion’s web site, the first card is shaping up like this:

Main Card:

  • Jeff Monson (23-7) vs. Mike Russow (9-1)
  • Daiju Takase (7-11) vs. Terry Martin (16-4)
  • Alberto Crane (8-2) vs. Clay French (14-2)
  • Tony Fryklund (14-9) vs. Brian Gassaway (25-17-1)
  • Jeff Cox (9-6) vs. Bart Palaszewski (28-11)
  • Taiwan Howard (6-1) vs. Rory Markham (14-4)
  • James Giboo (11-2) vs. Mark Miller (9-3)
  • Herc Hayes (7-5) vs. Kerry Schall (22-9)
  • Rob Kimmons (15-3) vs. Hector Urbina (11-3)
  • Aaron Rosa (10-2) vs. Ron Fields (18-24-1)

Preliminary Card:

  • Dom O’Grady (4-0) vs. Mike Stumpf (8-1)
  • Joe Jordan (40-11) vs. Ryan Williams (6-1)
  • Christian Reynosa (6-2) vs. Josh Hosman (7-3-1)

According to a press release from the promotion, Miller and Palaszewski are on the card with the consent of the IFL. No mention of Markham, which could mean he’s now a free agent.Adrenaline also got permission from EliteXC to use Rosa and Urbina.

It’s interesting to note that Cox and Crane are on the card, as I doubt the UFC would give their consent for them to fight on a Monte Cox show. It’s possible they are fighting outside of their UFC contracts, but more than likely they were cut. Also, depending to who you talk to, Martin may or may not have been released by the UFC. There are those claiming he received a waiver to compete outside of his contract.

Howard is also a fighter to watch. I saw him at the IFL Draft tryouts in New York last year and he looked good. Initially, he was left off the final list but when they needed an extra fighter, he jumped up on the canvas and without hesitation volunteered to fight again. He looked much better in the second fight and ended up advancing. His brother, Torrance Taylor, might be an even better prospect. Taylor was pulling off some moves that you’d normally see from Cung Le. I haven’t heard much about Taylor lately, though.

Overall, this should be a very successful regional card. Monte Cox knows how to promote grass roots, regional MMA and Russow is apparently a big ticket seller in the Chicago area. I was told that half the police force may come out just to see him fight.

  • Fight Fan says:

    Is Monson fighting At LHW or HW.

  • Dongbar says:

    HW of course.Russow weighs around 260

  • Already on sale. Just got first row, can’t wait. Monson’s the man!!!!

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    It is a pretty good card. It’ll be interesting to see Clay French, the guy had a very good year last year going 7-0 including a win over Mac Danzig.

    And I just like everyone else is psyched to see the return of the Meat truck. We have been missing some true athletic heavyweights and Schall is back to show us why.

  • orlando says:

    go clay french that guy is good man….you guys need to look out for that guy.

  • Tag01 says:

    Crane, Cox, and Martin are all off the UFC website. I’m guessing they’re all out. Even when they’ve loaned out fighters to other organizations, they’ve kept those fighters on the website. (I.E. Melvin Guillard). I hope someone from Five Ounces of Pain can follow up with these guys and see if they were cut.

  • Nick says:

    This fight card is like “Land of the lost fighter”. I feel like I am looking at a fight card from 2000. There are some washed up names. I am all for new MMA orgs, but some of these guys should have retired years ago. This is more like a regional show than a large event. The UFC has nothing to feel threatened about by Monte Cox and his promotion, thats for sure. I hope it does well though, any mma is good mma.

  • Rich S. says:

    whoa whoa whoa…
    i thought Martin was fighting The Crow??

  • ttt says:

    takase is in the elite group of fighters who have defeated Anderson Silva

  • Wow, I really like this card. The main event scared me into thinking it would be awful.

  • Shaun says:

    clay french and jeff monson are two i’d like to see back in the ufc. but there’s guys here that i thought retired kerry schall? leg kicks tko from jardine.

  • FightGuy says:

    recycled fighters that can’t cut it in the big show, what a joke …

    war ufc! war dream!

  • bjjdenver says:

    Sam, what’s the deal with Crane? My schools owner is good friends with him and was in his corner at both of his UFC losses, but my understanding was they had already told him he would be back for at least one more fight. Was he released or are the just giving him a Melvin?

    Imo, he should be at 145, but….


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