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EliteXC signs Carina Damm and Debi Purcell

debi.jpgDebi Purcell and Carina Damm are the latest fighters to be added to EliteXC’s womens MMA division, has learned.

According to a source, Purcell was recently in Los Angeles to record promotional content for her EliteXC debut. She has also confirmed through her a post on MySpace account that she has signed a three-fight deal with the promotion and will debut vs. Damm on June 27.

securedownload-2.jpgPurcell, 4-1, according to’s fight finder. She has not competed in MMA since losing a unanimous decision to Hitomi Akano at a Smackgirl event in Japan on February 15, 2006.

Damm is the sister of professional fighter Rodrigo Damm. The Brazilian fighter has a career record of 9-3, according to and could be best known for her three fights with the BodogFIGHT promotion. Currently on a four fight win streak, Damm recently competed on May 3 during Freestyle Combat Challenge 35, where she knocked out Lashonda Knox at 0:11 of round 1.

Editor’s Note: Damm is pictured on the left, Purcell on the right.

  • Davey D says:

    Great to see EXC adding more female fighter’s to their roster. This sounds like it could be a good fight to me. I’ve known about Purcell for a while and have been wondering how she’d do against Gina Carano. Damm sounds like she has some dynamite for hands so this’ll be intresting.

  • William W. says:

    June 27th? Is this the Strikeforce card you are talking about? Or something else entirely different (a new ShoXC)?

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  • GoofyMonkey says:

    She any good?

  • Fight Fan says:

    This may sound sexist but it’s anything but. Um..let me put it this way, could any female fighter compete with any male fighter of the same weight. No probably not. So why would I want to watch fighters that are not very good in comparison regaurdless of what sex they are?. Sounds harsh but it’s honest.

  • Reaser says:

    Same reason people like woman’s college basketball, its different???

  • HexRei says:


    Well, LW’s can’t really compete with HW’s, why should we bother to even watch LW’s? Maybe because competition within a specific class can be interesting even if they aren’t the toughest fighters in the world?

    Furthermore, your assumptions about sex are a little off. Certainly, SOME female fighters can defeat SOME male fighters. Maybe the best females will never beat the best males, but that doesn’t mean girls can’t be tough fighters in their own right.

    That said, feel free to limit your mma viewing to men. Personally, I like looking at women.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    People like women’s college basketball?

    Seriously though, most of us just aren’t genetically programmed to be interested in female competition. It works fine as a sideshow with pretty women, which means its right up EliteXC’s alley.

  • Fight Fan says:

    1) “LW’s can’t really compete with HW’s”

    You are right and that’s why I have less interest in the lighter weights (most people are the same I think). This is going to sound bad but here goes. You could be by far the best in the world at 5 Kg but I don’t care. I want to see the best fighters in the world be they Chuck Lidell at 225 or Fedor at 238 and those guys get paid more money becuause most of the time they bring in more PPVs, that means more people are interested. Thats who what I REALLY want to see most of the time, the big guys. Having said that there are great fights at lower weights no doubt but those fighters don’t have as much apeeal to me as the heavier guys. Thats why I don’t like this pound for pound stuff, for that reason, most of the time heavier guys are better at fighting (thats the reason for weight classes in the first place). Lets face it the best fighter in the world is not a LW or MW so trying to compare them is silly to me.

    2) Womens tennis has a HUGE following but people don’t just watch it for the tennis. Anna Kornikova had a big following but it wasn’t just because of her game. And if womens basketball had weights would you watch the LWs?.

    So if you want to watch womens fighting go ahead but be honest and admit that its not just for the fighting. They may have a good even fight but so could two male fighters in the backyard and I don’t want to watch that either. Thats just from a pure fight watching perspective. I want to watch the best and women just don’t apeal to me because they can’t fight as well as 99% of pro male fighers at the same weight. Thats just me.

    Hex Rei do you watch womens Football? how about womens baseball?. And please… saying that it is wrong to say that women can’t beat men at fighting, sure it only takes one punch but it’s a fact that women are not as good at fighting…a fact. Deny if you want but its true. Take sprinting for an example, some women can beat some men at sprinting but the top olympic womens sprinter wouldn’t even make a mens college sprinting team. Men are just better at most physical activities. Also I think you’ll find (by looking in the tv guide) that most of the sports advertised are mens sports. There is a reason.

    “Personally,I like looking at women.”

    If i want to look at women I don’t really want to watch them punching each other in the face, it’s just a bit too kinky for me.

  • Fight Fan says:

    How ’bout that for a rant.

  • sven says:

    See i’m the opposite. I could care less about the HW division. There just arent that many guys in the world worth watching at HW even in the top 20. If it were up to me the UFC would axe the whole division and bring in the FW’s. Give me Faber vs Kid over Randy vs Fedor any day of the week.

  • Fight Fan says:

    You’re not the only one Sven. And the HW division is in bad shape for now. All the HWs are all over the place and the UFC’s HW division is lacking in talent. I’m surprised you don’t care about Fedor or Randy though.

  • jeff the drunk says:

    one thing that hasn’t been mentioned, these girls are both hot. no gina carano, but still pretty damn hot. good luck ladies

  • ldcpanther says:

    Ok all I care about is action packed and entertaining fights. Which usually negates HW fights so often they are out of shape and sloppy.

    As far as womens sports go I hate watching womens basketball its like watching the elderly getting busy. But womens tennis is infinitely more entertaining than mes tennis.

    I guess each to their own.

  • Fight Fan says:

    HW’s are out of shape and sloppy?. Thatas like saying LWs are fragile and weak. You are talking about who in the HWs? …not Randy, not AA, not Fedor, not…well not any of the top HWs. The reason they have weight classes is so lighter guys can play to, instead of getting there asses handed to them by bigger men. Sorry but it’s true with very few exceptions. So being sloppy must be good for fighting huh. By the way HWs are the only fighters where guys don’t cut weight to go in a division that they are really too heavy for in order to increase their chances of winning (Chuck =225 Franklin =200 etc.

  • Silvistri says:

    Im pretty sure when ufc first started there where no weight classes and the dominate fighter for a long time was Royce Gracie. That throws the theory that the best fighters in the world are HW right out the window. He fought at 176lbs which would be middle weight and beat every one.

  • realfighter says:

    For one almost all of you guys don’t know what you are talking about. I have seen plenty of lighter weights beat the crap out of the heavier weights(this is because they are faster). And also there are some tough girls out there that would be the crap out of all of you guys who are talking shit. I personally like to watch the lighter weights fight because they are always pressing the action and don’t get tired out as quickly as the heavier weights. There are not many light weight fighters who stall, most of all the stalling comes from the heavier weights because they get really tired quickly. And I have seen a lot of really good fights between two girls; half the time they are more aggressive than the guys.


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