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Mach, Lion defeated at Shooto Tradition

Some deflating upsets marked this morning’s Shooto Tradition card from Tokyo.

In one bout, Hayato “Mach” Sakurai looked to be getting the better of David Baron on the feet but those tides turned quickly near the end of round one. Baron came out looking for a ground battle but became more confident as the minutes passed by. As the men were clinched and looking for a takedown, Baron tripped Sakurai leading Mach to quickly stand and come toward Baron. Baron hooked in a guillotine and pulled guard, forcing a reluctant Sakurai to tap out after about ten seconds in the position. This obviously improves Baron’s name and standing in Japan and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in DREAM sooner rather than later. You can view the fight here.

In another bout, Class B-rated fighter Savant Young (in Shooto class B fighters get two five minute rounds while class A fighters get three rounds) pulled an upset of upsets defeating Takeshi Inoue by decision. Lion was rated by many to be the top featherweight in the world, a distinction now to be fought out between Kid Yamamoto and Urijah Faber.

  • Reaser says:

    Young and Baron BOTH looked very impressive, though I can’t believe that Sakurai let that happen.

  • i thought that faber and kid were already the top two in my opinion.

  • Reaser says:

    Huck, you find it funny that when there’s an article, post, column, whatever on SHOOTO, or many other orgranizations, these people that claim to watch all this MMA, no one ever responds to it, hah…

    It’s ridiculous, even so called journalists/writers on other sites, no idea what SHOOTO is or never watched it once in their lives, not to mention all these supposed “fans.”

  • Brett Jones says:

    I can’t imagine the sort of imbecile that would have ranked Inoue #1 going into this match. While there’s some question as to where Tamura ranks after his loss to Kadowaki, the fact remains that he defeated Inoue. I understand that certain people decided that victories over Toida and Marc Duncan indicate that Inoue has surpassed Tamura, but those people are wrong. If you look at who they’ve defeated, it’s very difficult to rank either Inoue or Tamura ahead of Jeff Curran, let along Urijah Faber. I’m happy to say that the ranking seems all the more justified in light of the posted results.

    As for KID, his ranking depends on where you draw the line for the Bantamweight and Featherweight classes. I follow EliteXC’s limits of 140lbs. for Bantamweight and 150lbs. for Featherweight in order to make things a little simpler. With that in mind, KID falls under the Bantamweight distinction, having most recently fought (twice) at 138lbs. Of course, who knows if he’ll still be at that weight now that DREAM exists.

  • Don’t bring me into your rants.

    And it never bothers me. I like football but it doesn’t mean I watch Arena or XFL just because it’s on. And I’m not disrespecting the great history of Shooto by making that a direct comparison, it’s just something that’s different from what people are used to watching is all.

    I’ve said the same thing for years, the more guys you know the more you like the sport. People don’t love their first UFC, it takes a while to learn all of the fighters and then they look forward to every card. Then you get them into PRIDE and after awhile they learn all of the fighters and love it. This goes on and on but they have to venture to watch a couple of shows and get to know the people. It always pays off in the long run to know and like more stuff, it’s not a chore. Things like Cage Rage and ICON being available free online can only help. I’m not going to blame anyone for not going out of their way to download Nakakura’s title win if they don’t watch it anyway. I think if it were free online at 7pm on a Tuesday, like Rio Heroes was, people at home would watch it.

  • Patrick says:

    Baron’s guillotine was awesome. Sakurai landed that hard hit that dropped Baron so early though, I was pretty sure Sakurai was going to win after that. Good job on Baron pulling it out though and using a pretty much textbook perfect guillotine choke.

  • Reaser says:

    #5, I wasn’t talking about NEW fans…but eh, whatever…

    and start watching Arena Football, lots of great players play in the league….

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    If this were a western event I would think that this would put a dampner on Sakurai fighting the winner of Diaz/Inoue for the DREAM welterweight title.

    My brother’s friend wants to get into Shooto. Apparently Shooto guys don’t classify Shooto as MMA… Shooto is just Shooto to most of them..

  • paddiosf says:

    Mach is looking alittle old in my opinion..Mach normally uses alot more leg kicks in his fights and really didn’t have much movement..And looked slow..


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