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Report: Penn and Sherk pass random drug tests

Both UFC 84 main event participants have passed pre-fight drug testing, according to a new report by MSNBC’s David Avila.

UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn and former champion Sean Sherk were both tested in their respective home states by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the report indicates. Keith Kizer, the executive director of NSAC informed Avila that both fighters have passed their random screenings.

“It was good news. No positive tests,” Kizer is quoted as saying in the article. “There’s been nothing since mid-December. Hopefully that will continue.”

UFC 84 is scheduled to take place on May 24 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. In addition to the lightweight title bout involving Penn and Sherk, light heavyweight bouts between Tito Ortiz vs. Lyoto Machida and Keith Jardine vs. Wanderlei Silva are scheduled to take place.

  • TomK says:

    No wonder recent pictures of Sherk have him looking a little smaller. Clean tests, all around!

  • BustYoFace says:

    Ok, lets see how many sherk bashers come in here and start posting idiot-ignorant-uneducated comments about how sherk past his screening.

    You know, the one thing that really pisses my off about all the shinanagans, was that no one cared to look at the CASC final report (which is availble to the public) and no one cared to follow the hearing. The CSAC has “NEVER” given a lesser sentence for a steriod appeal, wyh would they start now? Its because they know that they were wrong. From the way they handled everything with his case, to the actual methods of testing. But if they showed a flaw in the integrity of the “COMMISION” they are worried about a huge lawsuit from everyone they ever tested. They used sherk as a effin sheild from that. There were so many holes in there decision.

    Anyways, Im a sherk fan (obviously) but I didnt make an ignorant decison when i heard the news. I dont like cheaters or fighters that are caught using performance enhancing drugs (illegal), however if they deny it I will give them the beifit of the doubt, and actually hear their side, which no one cares to hear or listen to.

  • orlando says:

    hahahahah its not really random, because sherk definitly knows hes gonna just always b tested now….

  • I’m glad Sherk passed his test as I wasn’t expecting Penn to fail anything. Fortunately, the randomness of the test adds to Sherk’s case and maybe a few people will get off his back about his controversial failed test.

  • mike wolfe says:

    No 2 Bustyoface

    So you’re saying you’re pissed off about Sherk’s (urine) test?

    How would you like to be the official who had to travel around the country obtaining and carrying the samples? Great story for your kids’ classmates in the gradeschool “take your parent to school day.”

  • BustYoFace says:

    No 5 Mike

    …ok dude….

    I dont need to explain everything all over again. You should prbably “do some research” before opening your mouth again. Please.

    BTW: I dont give a s*** who carrys whos blood an piss all over the place, no one put a gun to their head and said, “Hey, take this piss an dblood and walk around”.

  • paddiosf says:

    Is that something new in the UFC or MMA? Random drug screening like the NFL,MLB etc…It’s good but I’m shocked to hear that but I support it also..

  • Adam Morgan says:


    It’s a new rule in Nevada and only Nevada.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    No. 6 and 2

    Actually, I was suggesting that in post 2 you were clever and humorous by saying that you were “pissed off” by a piss test. Apparently I gave you too much credit; post no. 6 suggests that you don’t have the ability to be clever and don’t have a sense of humor. Or, stated in a humorous and clever fashion, don’t be a dick about a piss test. Get it?

  • revjames13 says:

    Does Sherk really look noticeably smaller nowadays. I haven’t seen anything beyond commentary from him where I could gauge it. Based on the way he responded to everything and some of the facts from the case, I’ve always been willing to consider that he might have been innocent. But if you can tell now that he looks markedly different that says something. In my view, BJ beats him whether he’s on them or not. But if it was something that was aiding Sherk in the past and now he doesn’t have it, he is going to get tooled in round 1 by BJ, just like he predicted, by beat down. To Sherk’s credit, I hope what he claims is true and he makes it a great fight. I just don’t want him to win.

  • HexRei says:

    There is absolutely no way Sherk is losing in the 1st. He is the master of survival. I actually see this going to decision. BJ will not submit him and Sherk’s boxing is actually decent enough to defend BJ’s striking.

  • Trsigley says:

    Hey Sherk finally got the cycling down!

  • Trsigley says:

    My question is that if Sherk’s levels were naturally “elevated” because of training then shouldn’t his levels STILL be elevated? Unless he is training less of course……

  • #6 maybe you should be tested sounds like you gotta little roid rage going on, you can loosen it up a bit .

  • king mah mah says:

    Sherk is like that guy from that movie The Program! He probably injected clean piss into his bladder! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!


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