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Kenny Florian vs Roger Huerta at UFC 87

While DREAM is no doubt trying to finalize their card in the last 8 hours before the show, MMAWeekly is reporting the UFC is already booking for August with Kenny Florian vs Roger Huerta.

The fight comes as a surprise to no one but it’s nice to finally have confirmation after months of speculation. Many thought this was the card the fight would appear on as it takes place in the Huerta stomping ground of Minneapolis.

Huerta will make his first appearance in the Octagon this year after taking a voluntary break to heal his body after a ridiculously active 2007. Florian last appeared earlier this month with an impressive beating of Joe Lauzon on Fight Night 13.

This bout will very likely mean a title shot for the winner as Florian looks for his second attempt to take the belt home and the young Huerta looks to make a statement.

So the $64,000 question is…. who ya got?

  • Evan says:

    Very happy with this…as to my winner…coin toss. I will just sit back and enjoy this one.


    I agree Evan,,,, its hard to pick this one, but i am going to go with the more than likely underdog on this one and pick HUERTA… t(ko)

  • NickRE says:

    I’ll take Florian by referee stoppage in the 3rd due to a cut above the eye by an elbow.(Florian wins the first two rounds also) Am I missing something? Whats the deal with the $64,000?

  • It’s a pop culture reference. Maybe old pop culture, but none the less.

    I think Florian will do this will little trouble. Huerta is great and all but he’s really young and Guida is his top competition and he wasn’t exactly looking great there. Florian is getting better and better and hitting a prime. He’ll eat some shots early but once he gets him down, while not an easy sub or anything, he should be in complete control.

  • NickRE says:

    N/M on the $64,000 question
    Guess I am to young
    Here’s a link to anyone else curious:

    Sorry about posting a link but its non MMA related.

  • Mikey Gilz says:

    It’s hard to not pick Kenny Florian in this one. He’s better at everything, and has faced much tougher competition.

  • Barry says:

    I really like Huerta, but I’d have to agree that Florian has the technic and experience to take this one.

  • Wang Chung says:

    florian is on the scene and i expect he’ll win this one somewhere on technique. the thing i like about kenny is he’s cerebral about fighting and crazy dedicated. the guys that are that dedicated are the ones who are going to go far in this sport.

    huerta on the other hand i hear is now training with st. pierre which could mean huge strides in his game. maybe not by august, but he’ll definitely be picking up some champ sprinkles hanging with georges and i wouldn’t be surprised to see a war between these 2.

  • RT says:

    Ive got florian via foot work and leg kicks, the only chance Huerta has is to try and turn it into a brawl with lots of scrambles and maybe he can catch him like he did Guida but I just don’t see lightning striking twice.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    What is awesome is that along with Lesnar v. Coleman there will most likely be a title fight headlining the event. Apparently Lesnar won’t headline due to “political reasons”. I guess that means, if Lesnar gets main event status when he is 1-1 against a 43 year old then the rest of the fighters under UFC contract will collectively shit a brick.

    UFC 87 looks mighty tasty.

  • revjames13 says:

    I give Florian the edge, but if Huerta can find a way to win, even if it’s a split decision, it would set up a pretty huge fight with BJ Penn. No way on God’s Green Earth he beats BJ (Florian actually has a better chance winning vs Penn— via a stoppage due to a cut– then just about anyone else in the division), but the marquee value to Penn/Huerta would be immense.

    I don’t think Florian will have his way against Huerta. He’s going to have to claw his way to a win, war of attrition style. It probably goes the distance and whoever can close out the fight on top will take it. Florian’s probably got the cardio edge, maybe he’s a little cagier. But this one’s a close call. Should be a barn burner.

  • revjames13 says:

    BTW, for the record, BJ subs Sherk in 3.

  • Fight Fan says:

    Florian will win but as long as Sherk and BJ etc are around he’ll be the Franklin of the LW division…almost but not quite good enough.

  • Oh BJ and Sherk are head and shoulder above EVERYONE in the UFC. By a huge margin.

    Florian or whoever can handily be 3rd but have ZERO chance against Penn and Sherk. It’s a ridiculous dropoff. Like the UFC has two top tier lightweights but then they have almost everyone ranked 12-30 in the world. No one has a chance against Sherk or Penn. Florian, Stevenson, name anyone. It’s Penn/Sherk winner and then every single other guy way below.

  • Si says:

    I’d disagree, I reckon that Florian is now on the cusp of that next level. He’s improved ridiculously since Sherk’s l’n’p domination, and I could seriously see him giving Sherk some problems.

  • ctownhood says:

    I would have to think Florian in this one too. Unfortunately for him, it means facing BJ 😉

  • Shaun says:

    good call on the matchmaker’s part. i’d lean towards ken-flo as the favorite but i doubt it’ll be an easy fight.

  • Ross says:

    imo this is an easy pick- as much as I love Huerta, if you cant finish Leonard Garcia then you aint finishing Florian. Nothing against Garcia but Florian is on a different level.
    64,000 question- damn were getting old.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Florian gets the edge in experience, but he’s not invincible. Lauzon gave him more trouble than I expected. Huerta is comparatively young in his career, but he’s impressed me with his smarts and toughness in some legit battles. He has the ability to rise to the occasion. It’s a coin toss for me, but I’ll pick Huerta.

  • Danny says:

    Huerta will get beat. He’s a very exciting fighter but he’s also reckless and fights a lil too gutsy. he thinks his “latino” toughness is always gonna get him through the rough spots in the fight so he’s just fooling himself. he needs to fight with some caution and patience. until he does, he’ll lose the majority of the fights againts world class LWs.

    Oh, penn and sherk r only ahead of the pack becuz they’re both 2 oversized LWs. Penn looked about 180 in his last 2 fights and sherk, well, sherk is juiced up so that expalins that.

  • screwface says:

    actually this ones ez to pick. florian by cheezy elbows round 2. sorry just not a fan of elbow cuts causing stoppage, thats not mma to me. but the unfortunately the only thing florian is good at.

  • political reasons, i dont think lesner should headline a ufc event any more than kimbo slice, the man is 1 and 1, i dont understand why this guy gets all the love for what might be, not what hes done, why doesnt dana sighn him to fight hillbilly jim for christ sake, if he tried as hard to make every fighter like he does brock he would have to cut the whole damn roster.

  • Tommy says:

    My doughs on Roger. Any takers?

  • king mah mah says:

    no way, huerta will will this in the 1st!! Florian should replace rogan! haha!

  • king mah mah says:

    will win that is

  • devin miller says:

    great fight and probably will be fight of the year contender.. Toss up in the striking game but i give the edge to florian.. huerta is the stronger and better wrestler but kenflo is no slouch there either.. on the ground huerta is an amazing scrambler and florian is a bjj black belt. Huerta’s heart will keep him in the whole fight which will be even most the way. Florian by u.d!!

  • JIMBO says:

    Look i give this fight to Huerta of one soild reason this guy and scramble and get the advantage when your not paying attention and he is not going to quick coming at you. look at what he did to Clay Guida, Clay came at him nonstop and in the end Huerta had the gas to choke him out and he did it scrambling out of a bad spot. Huerta can beat Kenny cause Kenny hates to be overwhelmed if you come at him a lot he cant handle it look and what happen to him with Sherk. taking down over and over again and that is what Huerta like to do come at you know matter what the score is or if you got a good elbow he will take the him and make you pay for it just like he did with Clay. KO in the 3 round 2:00 min

  • mmm says:

    No doubt huerta will win this one, he’s a mexican warrior with a big heart.
    He’s hungry, he’s dedicated and he has nothing to lose.

  • demo says:

    Roger is a great fighter and I want him to win, but kenny’s not a ” cake walk” as roger said. Kenny is a great fighter. I think if Roger puts pressure on kenny he’ll take him out by TKO.


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