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Battle of former Gridiron stars could be signed for “Saturday Night Fights” undercard

20010716jhhaselrig1.jpgA battle of former NFL players is in the works for the undercard of EliteXC’s debut show on CBS on Saturday, May 31 in Newark, N.J.

Multiple sources have revealed exclusively to ( that event organizers are currently trying to line up an opponent for a proposed match involving former Steelers and Jets All-Pro offensive tackle Carlton Haselrig.

Haselrig, whose football career was cut short due to injuries and off-the-field issues, made his professional MMA debut on April 10 during a Battle Cage Xtreme show in Atlantic City, N.J. The former college wrestling standout recorded a first round TKO over former IFL heavyweight fighter Shane Ott in what was billed as the evening’s main event.

EliteXC wanted to put together a “Jets vs. Giants” themed match involving the 42-year old Haselrig and heavyweight prospect Bobby Jones. Jones, a recent signing by EliteXC, played offensive line for one season with the Giants. Despite already being under contract to the promotion, he was unable to accept the match due to a neck injury.

Several alternatives are being considered with the most notable being former Giants fullback Jarrod Bunch. If Haselrig and Bunch are signed for the fight, it will not be the first time Bunch has squared off against another former football player, as he submitted to a rear naked choke by former Washington wide receiver Michael Westbrook during a King of the Cage card in 2005.

  • mike wolfe says:

    If EliteXC wants to use rivalries to hype fights between marginal fighters rather than showcase talented MMA fighters, they should go all the way. How about some grudge matches between American Idol cast offs or Dances with the Stars losers? Like washed up football players, some of them have no other hope of getting another 15 minutes of fame.

  • Fight Fan says:

    Amen brother.

  • Joel Harden says:

    I can’t speak for Jarrod Bunch or any of the other potential NFL opponents, however I can speak for Carlton Haselrig and say there is nothing marginal about him. He would destroy most of the current heavyweight stars. He would expose Bimbo Slice as a fraud! Antonio Silva (Andre the Giants retarded baby brother) would get hurt. You have to remember Haselrig was the most decorated NCAA wrestler in history and aguably the greatest wrestler in modern history. He just happened to play football. He didn’t play college ball and was able to make the pro-bowl with the Steelers ( Just raw athleticism). The night when he knocked Shane Ott unconscious he was the only fighter who the other fighters were asking for autographs. His NCAA record stands at 143-2 with his only losses coming as a freshman. He hasn’t lost a fight in or out of the ring in over 20 years. Most heavyweights will duck him because there are very few true Gladiators out there. Carlton Haselrig is calling all men to feel a true good old fashioned ass whippin, alas most of the current stars are just boys!!!!!!!!!


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