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FOURTH ROUND of Five Ounces of Pain’s Fantasy MMA Mock Draft


Some of 5 Oz.’s readers voices their frustration with the slow pacing of our first annual “Fantasy MMA Mock Draft” so the crew got to work and sped things up. After posting round three yesterday, we’re already back with round four.

In case you’re new to the site or you just want to re-live the glory of the first two round, click here. And to re-visit round three, just click here.

But to make a long story short, this is not a pound-for-pound top fighter list. What we’re doing is essentially pretending that every fighter in the world is suddenly declared a free agent with six new organizations selecting talent through a draft format.

The idea is to see how six different fans would construct their organization and which fighters they would select to help them execute their vision. Much like real world MMA, every promoter has their different philosophy with each organization establishing its own identity.

To see who the staff drafted in the fourth round, just click below.


4.1 Sam Cupitt: Takanori Gomi

Previous Picks: Frank Shamrock (round 1), Tito Ortiz (round 2), and Gesias “JZ Calvan” Calvancante (round 3)

Analysis: Gomi is also considered by some to be the best in the world when it comes to the lightweight class. Just like J.Z. he is also a very exciting fighter.

The addition of Gomi to my organization adds further legitimacy to my lightweight tournament as I now have arguably, No.1 and No.2 in the division participating.

On a side note, I’m struggling to come up with a name for my organization so if you have any ideas… post them in the comments section.

4.2 Sam Caplan: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

Previous Picks: Brock Lesnar (round 1), Fedor Emelianenko (round 2) and Josh Barnett (round 3)

Analysis: Wow, have the mighty fallen? If we had conducted this draft a year ago, I don’t think Rua makes it past the first round. Here we are and I’m getting him in the fourth round. I bet if I rolled the dice and waited longer that I might have been able to take him in the fifth.

Rua currently is dealing with a recurring knee injury but at 27, it’s way too early to write him off. He’s a dynamic fighter with a style that is entertaining to watch. If he can get over his knee problem, I think he could become a cornerstone of SAMMA’s light heavyweight division even though his English isn’t the best. My feeling is that he’s a unique talent and that if marketed properly, fans in the U.S. will really get behind him.

Again, the knee is a concern but this isn’t football or baseball where he will be constantly running. With the right amount of time and rehab, I think Shogun will revert to his old form in PRIDE.

4.3 Matt Cava: Jon Fitch

Previous Picks: B.J. Penn (round 1), Anderson Silva (round 2) and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (round 3)

Analysis: With most of the “flashier” names already taken, I’m going to continue to bolster my league with guys who ‘just win baby’. Ranked the #2 WW by “Inside MMA” and 5 Oz of Pain, all Fitch does is win (he’s 17-2). Fitch hasn’t lost since 2002 (six years without a loss!!) and has put together 15 wins in a row. Fitch wins with strikes, submissions and can grind out a decision. He has stated in interviews how he is in this game to prove how good he is; he’s not in it for the fame, not for the money, just for the pure competition.

In this Fantasy Draft, the fighters from each league would fight each other to prove who is best. There is no doubt that Matt Cava’s National Chainlink Warrior Alliance (NCWA) will be beating down everyone else. The other fantasy owners can pick the fighters with ‘big’ names, my guys will be holding all the belts.

4.4 Ram Maramba: Keith Jardine

Previous Picks: Quinton Jackson (round 1), Randy Couture (round 2) and Urijah Faber (round 3)

Analysis: By the third round, it should be easier to predict what your competitors are thinking, but the MMA world requires a different approach. After staring at P4P rankings long enough to make my eyes bleed, I still found myself feeling much like Matt Millen: absolutely clueless, but leaning towards drafting a receiver.

With most of the big-time heavies and light heavies off the board, I’m in a bit of a panic mode to match up my two marquee names. Caplan loaded up on the lard and took any decent competition off the board for Captain America. Now I have to bank on hoping I can talk Couture into fighting a couple of talented late-rounders before hanging up his spikes and heading to the booth.

Rampage’s prospects aren’t looking great either. Silva and Rua are gone, but I wouldn’t trade Faber for either guy so I have to make do. A little out of desperation, my fourth-round choice is Keith Jardine. The benefits are two-fold: a legitimate top-10 LHW for Rampage and sniping a fighter who makes sense on Huck’s roster. Yoink.

P.S. Jones, Jenkins and Bennett: NFC CHAMPS.

4.5 Mike Huckaby: Andrei Arlovski

Previous Picks: Chuck Liddell (round 1), Forrest Griffin (round 2) and Wanderlei Silva (round 3)

Analysis: Yoink yourself Maramba, Jardine wasn’t even in my top 5 of next picks. He might be a bit of a forgotten man after the yawnfest against Werdum and the prelim against O’Brien but you know what? He won. And he’s a massive name and a big puncher and he’s going to put butts in the seats and gets me PAAAIIID. You’ll never get into my head and know what I’m going to pick. Just when you see a pattern BAM I switch it up.

4.6. Adam Morgan: Carlos Condit

Previous Picks: Georges St. Pierre (round 1), Kimbo Slice (round 2) and Jake Shields (round 3)

Analysis: While everyone else is fighting over light heavies and heavies, I’ll take the highly underrated and undervalued Carlos Condit to add to my stable of welterweights. Condit has steamrolled his competition in the WEC and gave Jake Shields a hell of a run for his money at Rumble on the Rock a few years back. A rematch between these two down the line is something that a lot of hardcores will want to see. With the right buildup behind it, it’s a fight that could interest casual fans as well. Picking Condit allows me to bolster my welterweight division with top level talent and gives me a ready-made fight between he and Shields whenever I need it.

  • Reaser says:

    Cupitt, if you continue to keep making picks like the ones in the 3rd and 4th round then you can use “LEGENDS” or “LEGENDS FC”….Name of my promotion on that computer MMA game where you run your own promotion…

    And after one more round I like everyone’s roster so far except Morgan’s and Caplan’s….Cupitt finally figured out what he’s doing, Ram’s last pick was questionable so I think Huck passed him on the ranking list and Cava is still doing the best.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I knew what I was doing from the beginning…baby.

  • NickRE says:

    What is this computer game where you run your own MMA promotion?
    Current or made-up fighters?
    How in depth?
    This sounds awesome is it or am I overly excited over nothing?

  • Huckaby says:

    It’s a pay game. But if you get it you can download roster patches with hundreds of real fighters and real promotions, etc etc. I’ve got a DREAM season going.

  • NickRE says:

    Thanks, I’m headed there to check it out now.

  • mmaguy says:

    im suprised no one has picked lyoto machida. the guy is extremely marketable.

  • HexRei says:

    @#6 He doesn’t speak english, though. He is a great fighter but its a lot harder to market a guy who speaks no english. And although he is unbeaten, he certainly goes to decision a lot (as opposed to Anderson Silva who similarly speaks no english, but has a lot of impressive finishes) and that doesn’t help much.

  • keenan says:

    to start off i am loving what you guys are doing here i haven’t seen anything like this in other sites (yes i do visit other sites:) sorry) and im really enjoying this.

    machida is toooo good come on i mean the guy studied sumo!

    caplan how angry are you at huckaby?

    are you guys making these picks based on inter-promotional fights? because it only looks like one of you is doing that.

    carlos condit over dan henderson? i know he was in japan forever but the guy can fight in two weight classes and i think that makes him a good pick because he can fight any number of guys from either weight class

    sorry but condit and jardine are in my mind bad picks and way too early. but jardine’s face, the bald head and goat dso make me wanna see that guy fight i dont know what it is

  • keenan says:

    first i wanna fight that stupid duplicate comment maker the stupid thing was dead wrong.

    i think machida would be a good pick soon the guy will most likely hold the tittle in the near future and as a brazilian and japanesse fighter he can be marketed to both countrys.
    condit and jardine picks were way too early you could definetly get either of those fighters down the line. especially condit i dont think anyone had them on the radar for even the next two rounds but i could be wrong.
    keep this up guys no one else is doing anything like this and i think its working out great. you guys have a great site.
    huckaby and caplan’s picks got mixed up i think must have been a typing error lol

  • keenan says:

    im sorry for writing two posts i didnt think it showed up cause the computer told me it couldnt put the comment in because it was too similiar to a previous post of mine. if that thing worked so well then why didnt it pick it up this time. jerk thing

  • Reaser says:

    #2, only if you use the organization name I handed to you…

    and #8, #9 and #10, who cares if theres a duplicate post, it doesn’t help to keep posting about it and have a million posts in a row….

  • mmaguy says:

    #7 its true that he doesnt speak english and that can be hard to market, but its possible. he may not have many exciting finishes as of yet (although the way he handled soko was very impressive) but i have a feeling that we will be seeing more excitement from him. i agree with #8 in that carlos condit and keith jardine seem too early in their respective picks. i too would have chosen hendo, and also franklin before jardine or condit.

  • mmaguy says:

    imo, caplan and cava have the best picks so far

  • Huckaby says:

    Cava does have great picks. But he also has 4 fighters in 4 weight classes. That’s going to make for one lopsided card.

    And I want to take Machida but I still have 4 or 5 guys left over him. I can’t bring myself to do it yet with more marketable guys left.

  • Reaser says:

    Well are you guys drafting for one card? or building the best overall promotion?

  • mmaguy says:

    thats a good point huckaby. i cant believe arlovski has made it to the 4th round; he would be a 1st or 2nd round pick for me. congrats on snatching him up huckaby because he is probably one of the top 3 most marketable fighters in the world

  • keenan says:

    yes franklin is a good pick and i also think matt hughes would be a great pick despite their recent beatings without the current champs in their divisions they would be the champs

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