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Monte Cox tells everyone how he really feels about Ken Pavia

Adrenaline MMA CEO and fight manager Monte Cox was a recent guest on MMA Rated Radio and discussed a number of topics.

However, what caught my eye was Cox’s candidness about his feelings towards rival agent/manager Ken Pavia.

When asked by Ariel Helwani about Pavia sticking to managing and not promoting, Cox responded by saying:

That’s the difference between Ken and I. Ken struggles to be a manager let alone trying to promote. I mean, it would be horrible to fail at both professions. So, he should just stick to what he’s doing.

But things only get more interesting when Cox started talking about the differences that exist between the two:

I’m taller than him as is most everybody (laughs)… He’s never developed a fighter in his life. You know, it is what it is. I mean, we’re completely different. You have two kinds of people: He calls himself an agent which is probably right. I’m a manager; I take guys in the beginning of their career and develop them…An agent is someone who says ‘look, I don’t really know you but I bet I can make money with you and I got nothing to do with developing your career but, hey, go with me and I got some connection and I’ll make money with you.’ It’s a huge, huge difference. Anyone can watch a UFC and pick out a guy who does well and say ‘man I should manage that guy.’ Well, that’s nice but what about the guy who’s been managing and handling that guy for the four years before he got there? In my business, we call those agents “poachers.”

That’s some pretty potent stuff right there. For more of it, just click here.

  • Brandon Sanchez says:

    As where Pavia manages more top name guys, and Pavia is actually a pretty likeable guy. Also, let’s not get into the failure things 😉 M1. We see how well Monte manages and promotes (fails) Fedor.

  • he is right, mma is huge here in iowa and most of the fighters have been fighting for some time, have grown up with wrestling skills backed up by some type of martial art and or boxing and in similar formats with the local organizations. the chances are if they were to go big time they stay in the states. and there is unlimited talent , but im afraid that all the fighters that come frome here would end up to be cookie cutters mirror images of each other, if pavia really manages at all i think mostely thats what youll get, nothing exotic and new. and thats a shame because i really believe that the more different styles the better the fights, youll never see a cung le for exampl come from here and somebody who takes time to search for these types should be commended. and he made fun of his height .

  • Dave says:

    Pav is a likeable guy? I think he comes across as a gigantic a*s.

  • Fred says:

    Obviously, Cox is not big enough to avoid talking about Pavia altogether. I’ve always heard good things about Monte Cox; but you’ve got to question why he would even bother talking about someone who is clearly not a rival. Ken Pavia is an agent on a smaller scale who operates fine on his level.

    Stop acting like he’s a threat, Monte! It’s like a high-school kid picking on an eighth grader. Just makes the high school kid look like a punk.

  • Ronin says:

    Well I know nothing of Cox or Pavia, I do know this, if your talking S-H-I-T about someone then you perceive that person as a threat.

    Cox should keep his mouth shut, I have seen what he looks like and Helio Gracie could take his fat ass..

  • Wang Chung says:

    dude, i don’t think pavia is any ‘threat’ to cox. cox has been around longer than you’ve been rocking skidmarks in your undies and managed some of the best to ever grace the octagon. pavia is a newjack.

  • Wang Chung says:

    also, i don’t know what any 5ounce readers think, but ken used to do little write ups over at mmajunkie and the last one he wrote got booed so loud i heard it through my screen. just ego stroking garbage.

  • Evan says:

    “the pav”….lol

  • Zack says:

    They are both unnecessary leeches.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    He should really stop calling himself the pav.

  • C.C. says:

    Unlike Pavia, Cox is a conflict of interest lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • C.C. says:

    And to further that point, there’s a reason Dana stopped managing Chuck and Tito when he became a promoter.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Cox is suggesting that without his efforts, his clients wouldn’t be successful, or as successful. Love to hear him name names and explain how he’s “made” each of them. Then ask the fighters he’s named whether they agree that Cox gets credit for their careers. Pretty easy way to judge whether he’s the real deal or just another gasbag in the fight promotion biz.

  • kbull says:

    Seems that if you want to manage fighters you manage fighters. If you want to promote, you promote. Seems like Monte is a manager who wants to promote and Pavia is a manager who wants to manage.

    Thanks for showing us the promoter in you Monte…

  • The Axe says:

    Monte Cox “Hey, you’re 6’10” and you already train – I should make some money off you.”

  • affliction card will be the best ever


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