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The Ultimate Fighter 7: Week 4 Recap

When we last left you, Team Forrest’s Jesse Taylor secured a RNC to tap out Team Rampage’s Mike Dolce and take control of the house.

Here are the teams, sans Dolce, coming into tonight’s episode:

    Team Rampage

    * C.B. Dollaway
    * Matt Riddle
    * Patrick Schultz
    * Daniel Cramer
    * Gerald Harris
    * Jesse May
    * Brandon Sene

    Team Forrest

    * Tim Credeur
    * Amir Sadollah
    * Jesse Taylor (Won)
    * Matt Brown
    * Cale Yarbrough
    * Dante Rivera
    * Nick Klein
    * Luke Zachrich

As we join the house the fighters are, you might want to sit down for this, drinking. Jesse Taylor is having trouble opening his beer to celebrate his win and once he accomplishes that he goes on to the second house favorite of breaking something (the shutters). Jesse seems like he has trouble doing alot of things but opening a beer isn’t one of them.

Matt Riddle (Rampage) and Dante Rivera (Forrest) are exchanging insults and busting each other’s balls. Rivera states, “on camera,” that if Riddle ever beat him he’d retire.

Team Rampage discussing who they think Team Forrest will pick to fight. Most believe they’ll select Patrick Schultz as they’ve already seen him lose and he just returned to the house. Schultz says he’s training like he’s fighting Dante Rivera.

Fight Announcement: Team Forrest picks Tim Credeur (Forrest) vs Matthew Riddle (Rampage). Forrest states Credeur approached him about the fight saying he thought it’d be favorable and Forrest agreed. Weigh-in the next day and fight the next.

Riddle and Rivera continue to exchange insults in the living room with Rivera betting Riddle $500 that he wouldn’t get out of the first round. Riddle responds that he’s not interested and he’s not a betting man. Especially funny that Rivera is still talking even though he had the chance to fight Riddle and didn’t take it. Rivera: “I used to be a used car salesman so I’m pretty good at getting into peoples heads.”

Weigh-in: Matt Riddle (183) vs Tim Credeur (186). Credeur makes a couple of rude comments in the staredown.

Riddle comments that he loves his mom and she drives him around everywhere. Oh dear.

Tim Credeur (10-2) vs Matt Riddle (1-0)

Round 1: No touch to start and Riddle immediately goes for the takedown, goes around Credeur, gets his back, and takes him to the ground. Riddle, with back control, looks for the hooks as Credeur looks to break his feet apart. After a minute Credeur breaks free and we’re back to our feet in the center. Hard leg kicks by Credeur as Riddle fails with a takedown attempt. Leg kick returned by Riddle as he fails at another takedown but slams Credeur to his back when he tries the same. Credeur works to his butt and stands up against the cage to restart them. They exchange solid shots before they’re back to the ground with Credeur on top for the first time up against the cage. Nice upkick by Riddle as Credeur looks to improve position but loses it and Riddle takes his back yet again. Credeur looks for a leg but Riddle comes back over the top with shots to get dominant position again in Credeur’s butterfly guard. Credeur again does solid work to take the top and transitions into the full mount, raining down punches on Riddle’s head, landing a few solidly. Tim lands four or five more very hard shots as the ref is starting to take a closer look near the end of the round. Credeur takes his back with a body triangle and attempts a choke but the round ends.

Riddle looked like the better fighter for the first 3 1/2 minutes but Credeur absolutely dominated in the end and probably stole the round.

Round 2: Riddle with a takedown to start the second and we begin as we started last round. Credeur with nice control on the ground as Riddle can’t really do anything to improve his position as right on time it’s swept and Credeur has Riddle down against the cage. Credeur using short elbows looking to set up a kimura before standing back up and sending down a couple more hard punches to Riddle’s head. They’re back up and Credeur looks a bit gassed suddenly and Riddle uses the opportunity to fire away and land several strikes before taking him back down. Unsure why he did that as Rampage yells, “he should have stood up with him.” Rampage screaming at Matt to let him up but he’s not listening as he’d apparently rather be trapped in Credeur’s guard doing nothing. Riddle transitions his way right to his back as he’s still not learning his lesson. Matt with a chance to get up but he’s too slow and Credeur takes advantage hopping on him looking for an armbar. He gets it and Riddle taps.

WINNER: Tim Credeur, sub (armbar), 4:05 of Rd 2

Rampage is more than upset that Matt Riddle wasn’t listening to him, and who can blame him as he was his second pick. Riddle showed some solid ability but he wasn’t thinking and made poor decisions. Though he certainly made a good impression and we may be seeing him a few years down the line.

Team Forrest now leads 2-0 and keeps control of the house.

NEXT WEEK: Rampage loses his temper and Michael Bisping shows up as a helper coach.

  • Paul Hanna says:

    he should have stood up with the guy and fought for a KO.

  • Patrick says:

    I think we’ll hear a lot of that over the coming days Paul Hanna.

    You’ve got to give Riddle a lot of respect though, the kid has mad heart, and some really impressive strength. He completely exposed Credeur’s weaknesses, that guy won’t be going far.

    I was rooting for Riddle to win, great fight, had me on the edge of my seat the entire time because I knew that Riddle had power, and Credeur could just get dangerous at any point on the ground.

    For 22, Riddle shows a lot of promise (who am I to actually say that, haha, I’m 21.) Imagine if Riddle had the same opportunity to train at quality gyms like some of the other guys? Can you say dangerous?

    Great fight, he lost his head and took it to the ground and shouldn’t of stayed there, still, he showed a lot of heart and was really impressive. I think we’ll see him and Dante at the finale in the undercard (and hopefully Riddle has a future in the UFC), he’s got the potential to be a really exciting fighter.

  • Kelvin says:

    Riddle was Rampage’s 2nd pick…not CB was Rampage’s first pick.

  • Patrick says:

    Yeah, Riddle wasn’t the top pick, good catch.

  • Kelvin says:

    I agree Patrick…I gained MADD respect for Riddle…

  • You people with your “facts” and “details.”

  • Brandt says:

    I thought it was funny how much trash Credeur was talking while Riddle just smiled. He took Credeur down at will, but just lost his head. Riddle could have easily won…dang.

  • Brian says:

    I’m a little disappointed, because it looks like we’re falling right back into the old formula for TUF: highlights of last week’s fight; guys acting like idiots in the house, drinking and breaking stuff; very short training shots; fight announcement; again, very brief training shots; weigh-ins; fight; angry coach.

    I thought we were supposed to be blown away. The quality of the fighters is, I think, a lot better than most of the previous seasons (especially last season), but I’m getting a little sick of seeing the same old formula week-in and week-out.

  • GirlyGirl says:

    “I thought it was funny how much trash Credeur was talking while Riddle just smiled. He took Credeur down at will, but just lost his head. Riddle could have easily won…”

    which is funny considering that he said he was good at getting into people’s heads…..oh darn!

  • JollyDV says:

    1. At least Chipper didn’t cry when he lost.
    2. Chipper did well in the fight, he showed alot of potiental. I think if could train at a better camp/gym, he will improve faster.
    3. I think Credeur doesn’t have what it takes for the UFC.
    4. I believe we will be seeing Chipper in the UFC after TUF is over.
    5. Enjoyed the fight, I as well was on the edge of my seat.
    6. Chipper is tough mentally after putting up with all the trash talk, shows great promise.

  • Patrick says:

    Plus, Riddle comes away from this with an awesome nickname that’s well earned “Chipper”. We’ll see Matt “Chipper” Riddle in the UFC at some point I’m sure. If he has worked with Rampage/Juanito after the show has been over, we’ll see the kid with some mad skills.

  • Jessica says:

    I love Matthew. I think he is great and i hope he has more chances to do more with the fighting. I wish he could have stayed on the show longer though because i feel that he has alot of talent and i think he could have made it alot farther than he did.. But i love HIM!!


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