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DREAM loses network TV deal

That’s the word according to Jordan Breen over at Sherdog.

TBS is now scheduled to air the forthcoming April 29 Dream card on a week’s tape delay in heavily edited one-hour installments. The broadcasts will air both in afternoon and after-midnight timeslots. However, future Dream events will air live on SkyPerfecTV pay-per-view.

The announcement is in no way a death knell for the revamped promotion. Pay-per-view is not a lucrative medium in Japan, though, as it is in North America. Being forced out of primetime does heavily slash advertising revenues for FEG, which will limit the ability for the promotion’s growth in the foreseeable future.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on the behind-the-scenes of Japanese promotions and television situations but I’m pretty sure we can all agree this isn’t good. Especially considering the fact the next card is now only a little over three days away. We’ll just hope the lost ad revenue doesn’t rough up the quality of cards or future of the promotion.

  • Reaser says:

    My friend in Japan told me this a few days ago and he said DREAM 2 was being taken off Primetime because its some HUGE TV week in Japan. Whatever that means, and he’s not the biggest MMA fan but watches enough and knows I like to know whats going on so tells me.

    Either way, for us in the US it being on PPV is better since its not gonna be an edited show. Not that we will get it on PPV here, but it will be better to watch.

    Here’s hoping DREAM is on PPV soon in the US….

    Plus also remember that DREAM just continued off the Hero’s deal they had with TBS, so its not exactly that DREAM 1 failed, it was Hero’s that failed and then DREAM’s first show wasn’t “good enough”…

  • It’s a good thing the headline is completely false here. They didn’t lose their network TV deal, they lost the primetime timeslot.

  • Also, this is somewhat of a blow as much as people are trying to find the good in it. Primetime advertising dollars would have surely helped solidify the standing of the promotion for the coming year. Now, it’ll be a bit tougher to keep it going.

  • BJJDenver says:

    Depending on the depth of these reports, this may not bode well for mma in Japan. (I also wish it was available on ppv in the US, I would buy it without hesitation.

    Any idea on how this may impact the possible deal with HDNet?

  • Reaser says:

    This has no impact on the HDNet deal, its not like HDNet will pay millions to broadcast DREAM, it’d be a time share or at best DREAM would make very little money off of it….

    and Leland, and you a Japanese Television expert?

    DREAM is going to be showing edited versions of the event twice a week and again it will be live for those who want it and unedited and you get all the fights on PPV. The PPV system doesn’t work that great in Japan, but if you get some people ordering it, they could get back in a PrimeTime spot pretty easy.

    And Roling was correct, the headline of this article was wrong, they will still be on TBS twice a week in an edited format, just not in “primetime.”

    Besides that, again, DREAM didn’t fail, it was Hero’s that failed and DREAM did have a giant enough ratings wise first show that they could save the deal, this was a long time coming, basically DREAM was the last shot because TBS was already going to take them off primetime, they gave them one chance and it did decent, but not good enough.

  • #5 sometimes you should just keep it under one paragraph.

  • Reaser says:

    #6 Quit cryin…


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