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Random Notes: Dana White on a number of different topics

There was an article posted on the Canadian section of Yahoo! sports  on Saturday about UFC president, Dana White. White provided nuggets of information about a variety of different topics.

The part I found the most interesting was when White was asked about if there were plans for the UFC to install a featherweight division (145 lbs.).

From Yahoo!:

White says the UFC has no plans to introduce a 145-pound weight class. “That’s why we bought the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting).”

In fact, he said they are going to take steps to make the two circuits more distinct.

“We’re going to make the WEC the smaller weights and the UFC will be the heavier weights. We’ll probably take some of the guys in the higher weights, the champions over there and bring them into UFC. We’re still trying to figure that out.”

WEC features 135-(bantamweight) and 145-pound (featherweight) weight classes as well as 155, 170, 185 and 205. The UFC has 155, 170, 185, 205 and heavyweight.

Make of that what you will, but I’ve always thought it was pointless for the WEC to have a 205 lbs. weight class and from what I gather from White’s comments it seems like they are about to eradicate that weight class. I don’t know if that applies to middleweight as well but currently the WEC’s middleweight division really only features Paulo Filho, Chael Sonnen and to a lesser extent, Bryan Baker.

White also covered a number of topics which were lumped in at the bottom of the article. The information is fairly cluttered so I’ll try and lay it out in easy to read dot points.

  • The UFC is still in negotiations with former UFC heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski
  • White says former light-heavyweight title challenger, Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral will be welcomed back to the UFC provided he gets a few “quality wins under his belt”.
  • White dismissed the idea of a women’s division, saying their aren’t enough elite female fighters out there.
  • White said he’d love to see a fight between Urijah Faber and Norifumi ‘Kid’ Yamamoto, but the Japanese fighters comes with a big price tag.
  • White said he blocked UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva from meeting boxer Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match because Silva is not a boxer. “I’ll put him against Anderson Silva if he wants to fight MMA. Anderson Silva is not a boxer. Boxing is not what we do.”

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  • Rln says:

    Hopefully they drop the WW division as well. I’d love to see Condit fighting in the UFC.

  • the one says:

    once again dana white becomes a dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fight Fan says:

    “White said he blocked UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva from meeting boxer Roy Jones Jr.”
    Dana stopping a fight that people want to see again. Anderson and all the rest of the worlds top fighters should leave the UFC, Dana and exclusive contracts behind.
    Tito Ortiz running into the crowd saying that he is fighting for the freedom of MMA dosn’t seem so silly now.
    P.S. Dana is worse than Hitler.

  • Erik W. says:

    “P.S. Dana is worse than Hitler.”

    Way to keep things in perspective.

  • IW says:

    Everyone hates on Dana, but he does an amazing job. People just look for something to complain about. Dana compared to Hitler is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

  • GirlyGirl says:

    “Dana is worse than Hitler.”

    Without Dana, most of these guys would be getting the piss beat out of them in bar fights.

    If he let Silva fight Jones in boxing, Silva would get killed. He did the right thing.

  • matt says:

    “P.S. Dana is worse than Hitler.”

    You do understand that without Dana, and to a lesser extent, the Fertittas, MMA in the US would not exist right? Like none. Kids wouldn’t be taking BJJ classes instead of TKD, and if you look at from the right perspective, there probably wouldn’t be MMA in general since PRIDE’s undoing was the loss of a TV deal and the belief they were tied to the Japanese mob. So the UFC dies after SEG fails, PRIDE dies after their last show, and you don’t have any website to post you’re asinine opinion.

  • Evan says:

    “P.S. Dana is worse than Hitler.”

    You idiotic child. Comparing a sports figurehead to the atrocities of Hitler….

  • woooburn says:

    basic to the topic at hand…

    i suppose they were bound to drop the bigger divisions of the wec eventually. i dont expect to see much out of some of those fighters in the ufc though. sonnen has been around that block already. filho and silva wont fight each other (and doesnt filho wanna fight at light heavyweight anyway?), and marshall… well, yeah. i could see stann being a threat eventually, so hopefully they build him up slow, and let him progress against some other up-and-comers.

    will be interesting to see if they will dissolve the welterweights (i like condit’s chances), and lightweights as well. might leave the wec kinda thin. unless they add a flyweight (125) division, but who’s gonna fight in that? 12 year olds?

  • the one says:

    hey people post your comments pls…………
    let others go and dont mess up with their thoughts and comments!!!!!!!!!

  • atom says:

    for those criticizing the “Dana is worse than Hitler” comment… feel free to research the terms: ‘sarcasm’ and ‘exaggeration’

    this is coming from a jew.

  • Danny says:

    Honestly, if i were Dana, i’d add the smaller weight classes to the ufc instead and start cutting some talent to get these guys more money. faber is a big name in mma and i’m sure he’d sell lots of ppvs. I’m sure Torres and Faber would love to part of the ufc. And there r plenty of good ufc LWs that could make the cut to 145. Edgar, thomas is moving to 145, alvin robinson, crane, gurgel. I’d hate to sound mean but the only wec guys i would keep, besides the champs of course, would be sonnen, razor rob, karalexis, hicks, ratcliff, gomez, larson, steve cantwell and maybe marshall. He’d definitely would have to consider moving to 185

  • BJJDenver says:

    I don’t see any problem with Dana’s stances on these topics.

    And RJJ would destroy Silva in a boxing match. Why would Dana want to risk a top headliner for that crap?

    And ditto on the Hitler comment.

    Danny, I posted elsewhere that I thought the UFC should have some WEC titlefights on their ppvs occasionally. The Faber/Pulver fight would have been perfect. It could have been a nice payday for those guys and generate more interest in the WEC. I don’t know that they need to incorporate the whole WEC, but a few showcases would be great, imo. Robinson and Gurgel are pretty big lws, so I’m not sure how the cut would effect them, but Crane needs to drop for sure, though i know he has at least 1 more fight coming in the UFC. Damn, he looked small compared to Huerta and Pelligrino.

  • Shaun says:

    1st of all I had no idea Dana & the UFC owned the WEC as well as Pride. Those are the other two bigger shows out there except for Strikeforce & EliteXC.

    I agree he should take the few fighter in 205 & 185 from the WEC and put the into the UFC. That makes sense since the UFC’s 205 class is stacked and the 185 is much bigger and better than freaking chael sonnen and paul filho.

    Also, babulo and arlovski need to come back. especially since the loss of randy and tim and since there’s no chance of signing fedor or josh barnett.

    The only thing I think dana needs to reconsider is letting anderson silva box roy jones jr. I understand that dana doesn’t want silva getting knocked the hell out in a boxing match because that makes the UFC and MMA all together look bad. Maybe they should meet halfway and have a kickboxing match like in K-1.

    p.s. have din thomas go to the wec too.

  • Shaun says:

    also the wec alone should add the flyweight and female division instead of the ufc. makes more sense. and maybe alter the lightweight weight in the wec from 155 to 160 so that you can’t compare the fighters with the ufc as much. to be honest carlos condit is the only fighter that would stand a chance in the ufc & wec shared weight classes.

    WEC: 125, 135, 145, 160, 170, & female division

    UFC: 155, 170, 185, 205, heavyweight.

  • Cabelo says:

    I’ve been hoping for this for a while, mostly because Paulo Filho’s not all he’s cracked up to be, but him holding a title there has fueled the talk that he’s the best at middleweight, due to the undefeated record. I know him and silva are training partners, but I’d love to see them settle it. It just seemed funny to me having that overlap. It just felt pointless watching the middleweights and light heavies in WEC…something of a farce.

    As for the Silva RJJ fight……come one, do all you people championing the smart decision by Dana honestly not want to see this? I think Anderson’d do better than anyone gives him credit for. It is a gimme though, that he’d lose.

    But how about level the playing field…..RJJ has stated he’s got no ground game at all……ok, what about modified rules? What’s so wrong about having a special rules kickboxing match in the cage? We see it all the time when two strikers want to prove who’s got better hands. But it won’t happen unless Silva goes out and does it on his own with RJJ and Don King. From his statements, that’s what’ll happen. I guess.

  • BJJDenver says:

    Cabelo, I absolutely have no desire to see that. I would rather see RJJ get his last few fights in against some meaningful opponents and I don’t want to see AS get tarnished like that…and he would.

    Business wise, there is a big battle between mma and boxing. Amongst fans, fighters and keyboard warriors. The big argument has always been that a mma fighter would get beaten by a boxer. Of course they are always talking about a boxing match, so they are probably correct. I for one don’t want them to see RJJ put away AS and then run their mouths about it, all the while ignoring the fact that AS would school him in a mma fight.

    Also, many boxing fans have held their ground in not becoming mma fans. Seeing a top mma fighter beaten down, probably will make it easier for them to stay as boxing only fans.

    The only way i see this working, would be if RJJ agreed to do a mma match 6 months after the boxing match.

    Personally, I am a fan of both boxing and mma and I don’t see why there is this nonexistent rule that you must be one or the other.


  • Fight Fan says:

    “P.S. Dana is worse than Hitler.”
    Come on do people REALY think that was intended to be serious. Sorry but that was a joke (maybe a bad one) no offence intended.

  • Fight Fan says:

    Anyway I have never met Dana but the beef I have with him or the UFC is mainly exclusive contracts. Quite simply with the way things are run now in the UFC we will never realy know who is the best in the world in any given weight class.
    Besides you guys give Dana way too much credit…what about the likes of Tito ortiz, Frank and Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Randy etc without them the UFC wouldn’t be where it is either.
    Dana a buisness man and he does it well, he did help get MMA sanctioned and thats great but he is now, In my opinion, holding MMA back.
    P.S. Honestly if you realy think that I was seriously comparing Dana with Hitler check yourself and lighten up.

  • GirlyGirl says:

    FightFan… hate to break it to you, but when the Shamrocks and Royce Gracie were big, UFC wasn’t NEAR as big as it is now.

  • dk says:

    i like dream oin hdnet

    fedor will fight sylvia

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    Regards! :)


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