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Matt Hughes: “I found myself rooting for Serra”

In Matt Hughes’ most recent blog entry on his website he gave his recap of the Matt Serra and Georges St. Pierre bout that took place this past Saturday at UFC 83.


GSP had a good game plan to take Matt Serra down and wear him out. I found myself rooting for Serra at the end of the second round, I wanted him to make it to the third round. I thought if it would get to the third round GSP would decide to stand up with him and possibly knock him out. I just wanted Matt to get beat on for five rounds, not just two; but I knew the ref was about ready to stop it. The UFC said that if Serra loses I get him, but I don’t know when that will be. I’m going to guess six to eight months, so I’ve found myself watching my diet and exercising more.

Well, if you wondering whether or not there was still interest in a fight between Hughes and Serra then I guess this blog entry proves it.

I guess I should apologize for luring you in with a headline that was kind of out of context. But fear no more, the sky is still blue, donuts are still plentiful and Matt Hughes is still a douche bag.

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  • ShaiZ says:

    How does this make him a douchebag?

    A fighter that isn’t in the same league as him has been calling him down (and out) for the last year.

    I think he’d it’s normally for him to want to see Serra get beat on, especially because it means now he gets a chance too.

  • the one says:

    once again matt hughes becomes a dick!!!!!!

  • Erik W. says:

    “Matt Hughes is still a douche bag.”

    Classy journalism there.

  • Jay says:

    Hughes is no more of a “douche bag” than Matt Serra. I was glad to see the beatdown Serra should have gotten a year ago so we don’t have to look at his face anymore or hear his stupid played out tough guy rants.

    Bring on the battle of the “douche bags” !!!

  • Paul Hanna says:

    But i love matt because he IS a d-bag.

    if he was nice, who cares? Hes so fake nice that its entertaining!

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    When I become a journalist… I’ll worry about class.

  • GirlyGirl says:

    A douchebag? Are you kidding me?

    He just said what we’re all thinking – that Serra got what he deserved!

  • TSG says:

    I don’t think he’s referring to the douchebaggery implicit in THIS blog entry so much as the douchebaggery present in every waking moment of his life. Have you been following him very much? He sucks.

  • ctownhood says:

    Serra losing to GSP may have been the best thing to happen for fans. Now we get to see Serra – Hughes sooner rather than later. GSP – Fitch should be a great fight as well.

  • brian says:

    ya i think huges comments are justifyed.serra talks and talks on hughs and all hes ever done is a fluke knock out of dominated (true when fighters thought it was proper to lay on their back and fight from guard…aka carlos newton!) least hughs has the credentials to talk the smack…serra didnt!

  • mike wolfe says:

    Hopefully Serra and Hughes fight, and I bet there won’t be all kinds of huggy-kissy nonsense in the octagon after it’s over, like there was in GSP/Serra. It’s really punk to trash talk a guy for weeks and months and then kiss his ass after he wins. Stay hard or don’t run your mouth at all.

  • BJJDenver says:

    Good to know he has been exercising.

    Why did this conjure up an image of Hughes in a Jack LaLane jumpsuit, doing knee bends, lol?????????

  • BJJDenver says:

    “Hopefully Serra and Hughes fight, and I bet there won’t be all kinds of huggy-kissy nonsense in the octagon after it’s over, like there was in GSP/Serra. It’s really punk to trash talk a guy for weeks and months and then kiss his ass after he wins. Stay hard or don’t run your mouth at all.”

    I doubt there will be. Also, I think that showed much of the animosity between GSP and Serra was manufactured or overblown to make the fight a bigger sell.

  • JollyDV says:

    In both fights Hughes/GSP and Serra/GSP, Georges dominated the fights. They were pretty much the same fight, different fighter. Matt talks as much smack as Serra, he just leaves out the F word, and uses God’s name more often. In my heart of hearts, I would love to see Serra come out and whoop up on Matt. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Matt Hughes’s fighting abilitiy and the legacy that he has created, but I will be smiling from ear to ear when Serra beats him.

  • mark says:

    Serra will get a beat down from Hughes, alot worse then than the one gsp gave him, because he will be wanting to do as much damage as possible, Royce Gracie may be an old man now, but I like he still brings more then matt serra and hughes finished him in one round…

  • Shaun says:

    Facts are facts:

    Serra is now considered a one hit wonder.

    Hughes is considered out of his prime and soon to retire. But his only real legit losses are to GSP. The BJ & Chris Lytle fights weren’t good performances but wins.

    GSP might be considered mentally weak or whatever, but he’s come back from two huge losses better than before. That’s what champs do. His last 3 fight since Serra he’s run through everyone not even close to damaged. Plus everyone has fights like GSP’s losses, shit happens. Besides GSP’s beaten the who’s who of MMA: Parisyan, Strasser, avenged losses to Hughes (twice) and Serra, beat Mayhem Miller, beat Jay Hieron who’s the champ at the IFL, beat everybody there is to beat. Him and Anderson are the world’s best.

    But Serra vs Hughes will set the record straight for sure.

  • Eric S. says:

    Friday is TGIF night on ABC. What’s gotten into you?

  • Cabelo says:

    That title….I thought I’d walked into the Twilight zone….

  • i dont think he need be talkin bout fighting niether of these guys right now.

  • Wang Chung says:

    geez, some of you have real selective takes on things. matt hughes doesn’t like serra because he cusses, and that’s not how a ‘champion should act’. matt serra on the other hand calls it like he sees it, and doesn’t put on any airs about himself. he knows he’s a short little mouthpiece and he doesn’t act like his shit doesn’t stink. hughes on the other hand constantly makes ironic statements about serra and for a guy who has kids making comments about wanting to see serra actually get really hurt out there isn’t exactly jesus-like. the guy is a little too hypocritical for my liking.

  • revjames13 says:

    #16 … How is Hughes’ first fight with BJ Penn, where he was owned from the get go to his eventual submission not a legit loss?

  • Beef says:

    LOL, when i first read the title of the post I thought it meant that Hughes wanted Serra to win so that He could fight Serra for the title…

  • Isi says:

    I don’t know what all the controversey is about. Matt Hughes is a douche-bag. There is empirical evidence to support this assertion. How is it that that acknowledgement exhibits a lack of class?

    I love Matt Serra. I love GSP too. Though I think that GSP is likely pound for pound the best in the word (after Silva), I would have been just as happy if Serra had won. Maybe Serra as champ was a fluke.

    Either way, when Serra fights Hughes, I will root for Serra. Why? Because Matt Hughes, as our author so succinctly put, is a douche-bag.

  • marco says:

    I live in the same town as Matt, ive met him plenty of times. TRUST me he’s a gigantic, smelly, slimey, douche bag.


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