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Din Thomas to drop to 145 lbs.

In a recent interview with MMA on Tap, UFC lightweight Din Thomas, discussed a drop down to featherweight (145 lbs.). The TUF 4 veteran made mention of the two consecutive defeats he has suffered recently to Kenny Florian (UFC Fight Night 11) and Josh Neer (UFC Fight Night 13) as a reason for the cut.

From MMA on Tap:

“The UFC’s lightweight division is the most complex division in the world,” Thomas said. “There’s like four different roads to a title shot going on right now and within any of the roads, no one can afford to lose. While I know I can win against any lightweight in the world on a given day, I fell twice in a row. Therefore, I’m going to bow out. Good luck to those guys. I’m going to drop down to 145 lbs and see if those guys down there will embrace me.”

Personally, I think this is a great idea provided he ends up in the WEC and the weight cut doesn’t completely zap him of energy. Thomas’ reach could prove to be quite a headache for the smaller featherweights as it is already a substantial problem for most 155 pounders. Add to that the possibility of a rematch with former UFC lightweight champion, Jens Pulver and I think it makes for a very positive move for Thomas.

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  • slimm says:

    WEC debut June 1 v Jeff Curran that would be great

  • Shaun says:

    how much does thomas walk around at? he doesn’t look much bigger than 170, but it’s different on tv and in person

  • BJJDenver says:

    Not a bad idea for him, considering the size of the guys cutting to 155 in the UFC.

    My bigger concern is the condition of his knee. It appeared to be bothering him at UFN13 and I’m wondering if he doesn’t need to take a little longer to let it build back up.


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