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UFC 83: Weigh In Results

The following are today’s weigh in results for UFC 83: Serra vs. St. Pierre 2:

Main Card

  • Matt Serra (169.5) vs. Georges St. Pierre (169.5)
  • Rich Franklin (185.5) vs. Travis Lutter (185)
  • Nate Quarry (185.5) vs. Kalib Starnes (186)
  • Michael Bisping (185.5) vs. Charles McCarthy (186)
  • Marc Bocek (154.5) vs. Mac Danzig (154.5)

Preliminary Card

  • Joe Doerksen (184.5) vs. Jason MacDonald (185)
  • Rich Clementi (155) vs. Sam Stout (155.5)
  • Alan Belcher (185) vs. Jason Day (183.5)
  • Ed Herman (185.5) vs. Demian Maia (184.5)
  • Brad Morris (225.5) vs. Cain Velasquez (235.5)
  • Jonathan Goulet (169.5) vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka (170)

We may have video on this posted later but I’ll just give you a quick breakdown of the entertaining bits.

Bisping looked absolutely shredded at 185 and he had a very heated stare-down with ‘Captain Miserable’. The two butted heads and then when Dana White broke them apart they let some obscenities fly.

The preview they showed before Serra and St. Pierre weighed in was very good. It really raised the tension in the room. It was like the 2nd best preview I’ve seen to a UFC main event. The first being the one between Frank Trigg and Matt Hughes when Frank Trigg said he had a better family than Hughes. Hilarious.

The stare-down between Serra and St. Pierre was also pretty intense. Serra looked ready to kill and when Goldberg interviewed him he seemed very pissed off at the crowd. His best line was, “Hey if you think you’re pissed now, wait ’til Saturday Night”

I’m pretty pumped for tomorrow.

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  • Noah says:

    If you listen real closely when Serra comes out, you can hear him yell something like, “Two times motherfu**ers!” Which I guess is why he kept flashing what I thought at first to be a peace sign. I like Serra, he is cool, but I’ll be rooting for GSP tomorrow.

  • Fight Fan says:

    Go Serra. Lets see what excuses George St Pierre has this time (as if getting punched in the head and KO’d had something to do with his personal life).

  • jeff the drunk says:

    every fighter has his nemesis, so tonight we’ll really see if serra is gsp’s.
    if his back is really 100% like he claims(which is hard to believe considering his devestating injury), i think serra can pull of another upset because he is mentally stronger and has much less pressure on him than gsp. if serra is not 100% physically, it will be a quick win for gsp. either way, go serra !!!

    p.s. if serra does win, i predict a major riot with serra making a hasty exit ducking bottles as he sprints to the dressing room lol

  • FANOFALL says:


    HERMAN (UNFORTUNATELY) just dont like the guy

  • Rich S. says:

    “when Frank Trigg said he had a better family than Hughes. Hilarious.”

    hahaha.. agreed..

    in that interview he was doing all the questions for the interviewer.. he was like… “Do i think i’m a better wrestler than Matt Hughes?? Yes. Do i think i have the better stand-up?? Yes. I have a better background, a better family, i’ve been in more challenging fights, and i’m better looking.” no lie.. he actually brought up looks.. hahaha.. after that interview i just couldn’t wait for him to get dropped on his head..

    my picks are still undecided.. and i really need to jump on them.. but.. soo far.. i have..

    GSP [i couldn’t decide whether he was gonna TKO Serra.. or UD Serra.. i went w/ TKO.. but i think he’s gonna play it safe, smooth, yet aggressive.. stay as far away from the striking as possible.. get the takedowns.. avoid the subs.. do some poundin’.. and i REALLY think he’s just gonna wait out the UD.. but.. idk.. i’m pickin’ 3rd round TKO..]
    Franklin [he’ll play it safe, avoid the subs, keep up the good striking, and try to avoid the takedowns as best as possible.. but i don’t see him finishing for some reason.. i have a UD]
    Starnes [i couldn’t decide until just now..]
    Bisping [he’ll avoid the subs and break mccarthy’s spirit]
    MacDonald [i always pick “el dirte” when he fights.. and he always loses.. soo.. this time… i gotta go w/ MacDonald.. even though.. i can’t stand the guy]
    Clementi [i know Stout’s takedown defense has gotten wayy better.. but.. he’s gettin’ sub’d regardless]
    Belcher [“Dooms” Day is pretty good.. i’ve been really impressed with Belcher in his UFC fights..]
    Herman [i know Maia is supposed to be the next best prospect and what not.. but.. i think Ed’s gonna give him some problems]

    i’ve said this plenty of times before.. but, i really mean it this time.. my fantasy card is going to get completely butchered!

  • Pierre St. Georges says:

    GSP will wreck Serra. He got tagged with a good shot last time, but 9/10 times he wins this match-up. 2nd round TKO


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