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Report: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia is now official

MMA Weekly is reporting that PRIDE heavyweight king pin, Fedor Emelianenko has announced that a speculated fight between he and Tim Sylvia is now official. Fedor has stated on his personal website that he has signed the contract. (I would link you to the website but Google tells me that it may harm my computer)

The bout will take place on July 19th in the United States but as of yet, no official promotion has been named. However, the general feeling is that a promotion headed up by clothing giant, Affliction will hold the fight.

MMA Weekly is also reporting that Fedor has agreed to two more fights this year. These fights will take place in October and December respectively.

There you go people. Fedor is fighting someone legitimate.

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  • FANOFALL says:

    legitimate yes, but fight of the year, i doubt it, tim is a good match up for fedor but its not fedor vs couture……. i want to see someone with good ground game vs fedor

  • Huh.

    Like the Couture vs. Angle and Couture vs. Emelianenko fights, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    However, the winner will be determined by the fight environment. In a cage, the fight goes to Sylvia, cause it’ll be a hold and hug match determined by the judges.

    In a ring, it’s a question of Fedor’s chin versus Sylvia’s arm. If Fedor can avoid the knockout, he can submit Tim like he did Man.

    Prediction: Sylvia is going down like a two dollar hooker at a frat party.

  • Reaser says:

    It’d be cool if this fight was FOR something, really means nothing, who cares?

    Obviously I’ll still watch though..

  • Tanner says:

    If timmay wins does that destroy fedor vs couture?

  • FANOFALL says:

    no, it doesnt destroy fedor vs couture but it would move randy to #1 where he belongs, the fight i would love to see after that is randy vs josh barnett, but fedor vs couture would loose some of its luster for sure, i think fedor is too strong to allow tim to hold and hug, it would definitely come down to how good tim is at keeping it standing though. if he goes down to the ground it will most likely turn into a replay of mir vs sylvia. ( broken arm)

  • FANOFALL says:

    if tim does win, he will be right back in the ufc, i dont think dana would just let timmy go fight somewhere else, this has a point or a reason, i think tim is being thrown out there as somewhat of a sacrifical lamb, if he wins the ufc will be in hog heaven and if he loses atleast he didnt do it in the ufc. or ATLEAST THATS WHAT I THINK, take it for what its worth

  • Taco says:

    Fedor vs Timmay wow does anybody care anymore but anyhoo it could be an up set imo NOT !!! whats up FANOFALL MMA&BEER TELL I DIE..LIKE THE GREAT REF CHARLES MCCARTHY ONCE SAID LETS GET IT ON …………………….

  • Rln says:

    MMA weekly has a blurb about Trigg being part of the Dreams tourney only a couple of headlines below the Emelianko one so clearly this is 100% true lol… I’m remaining skeptical until it actually happens 😉

  • Nick says:

    Why bother?

    Fedor via decapitation second rd.

  • bigfish042 says:

    I hope this isnt just a late April foold day joke!!!! When it comes to Fedor and his cartoon cast of characters he calls his management, I will BELIEVE it when it is JULY 19 2008 and I am watching the fight.

    They got everyone to beleive that Fedor signed to fight for an organzation with Press conferences, parties, the whole shebang…….how can we beleive that this fight is on????Just because Fedor said so??????

    I can only hope, then again I dont want this running through my h ead for the next 2 months. I hope it comes out tomorrow that it is a NO GO!!!

  • Rich S. says:

    way to go Timmy, you just signed your death certificate..

  • “it would move randy to #1 where he belongs”

    Seriously, no one has ever been able to back up this argument. How in the ungodly hell is Randy Couture rated #1?

    I have nothing but respect for Randy and all of his accomplishments but he got beat down at heavyweight, lost his fights to Liddell at LHW, then went back up and beat Tim Sylvia and Gabriel Gonzaga. How is beating Sylvia and Gonzaga mean a #1 rating? Werdum took out Gonzaga (twice) and I think he’d beat Sylvia given the obvious. Would Werdum be #1? I can’t help but think it’s just Randy love. Which is fine but atleast say so.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I wouldn’t say Randy got “beat down” at heavyweight. He lost to a goosed up Josh Barnett in a strange strange fight and then lost to Ricco in a fight where we finally saw a dedicated Ricco Rodriguez. And in that fight as well he dominated the first two and a half rounds and things would have become interesting if it went to the judges.

    Then he went to light heavyweight. I’m not sure if light heavyweight matches count towards your ranking at heavyweight but if they do, he became champ and arguably the greatest 205lber in the world, and when he retired he was still probably at least the 3rd best light heavyweight in the world.

    Then in his return to heavyweight he beats Tim Sylvia who was the undisputed UFC champ. There wasn’t an uncrowned champ waiting in the wings. Randy dominated the best the UFC had to offer. Gonzaga then kicked off Cro Cop’s head who everyone was calling the 2nd best heavyweight in the world. So beating Gonzaga counts for quite a deal considering that, even if it is MMAth.

    While this is going on, Fedor isn’t really fighting anyone so if you demote him because of that then Randy must take over top spot because you can’t ever rank Nogueira above Fedor unless he beats him or Fedor is inactive for a whole year. So I guess if Timmy beats Fedor then you have a major rankings fuck up, but Randy would take the top spot in my eyes because he is untarnished by the rest of the fighters competing for top spot.

    Werdum can’t be number 1 because he lost to both Arlovksi and Nogueira. Sylvia can’t be number one because he lost to Nogueira. Nogueira cant be number one until he beats Fedor. Gonzaga can’t be number 1 because he lost to Werdum and Randy. Arlovski can’t be number 1 because he lost to Timmy.

    There’s the argument… hopefully without hte Randy love.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    And with that, I shall go into MMA hibernation for the next couple of days. Feckin Calzaghe Hopkins delaying UFC 83 bastards…

  • Fight Fan says:

    “…but it would move randy to #1 where he belongs…”
    Let me say this…
    Randy is the most overrated fighter ever (except for Kimbo).
    His record is 16 wins 8 losses…he loses every third fight.
    Of those 16 wins he only finished about 9 of them within the distance (just over 50%, Tim Sylvia is about 75% within the distance).
    He only became HW champ again because he was a bad matchup for Tim and he knew it.
    Without a cage he is average at best (a lot of MMA is in a ring remember).
    Out of the UFC he is 3 wins 3 losses.
    His submissions are…what submissions?.
    His punches are not exactly amazing (although they are a lot better recently).
    He dosn’t kick.
    I have never seen him knockout anyone on his feet (that I can remember).
    He can’t even stay LHW champ for long.
    People say he is a 2 time HW champ as if it is something truely amazing, but it just means he lost the belt and regained it later when he was able to (something Fedor never did).
    So why oh why is he considered even close to the likes of Fedor or Nogueira?.

  • bigfish042 says:

    I agree with all the hype regarding Randy Couture. Sure, he has a GREAT comeback story and most of his fights were titles or tough fights at the least.

    But how can he be considered close to #1 HW. I was hoping the Fedor fight woud happen, although I am a Randy fan I just to see get get smashed within a round. Randy will always be considered a top 5 or so HW/LH, but to be considered #1 is unbeleivable. All the hype is because he came as an old man and accomplished what most fighters will never even come close to doing.

    Great athlete, but best, I dont think so

  • DocWagner says:

    I am planning one hell of a Fight Party for this…

  • DocWagner says:

    For those of you who didn’t see Inside MMA last night, Matt Lindland will be fighting on that same card.

  • Tommy says:

    Legitimate on his feet from the outside maybe. Beyond that, he’s a crash test dummy.

  • jeff the drunk says:

    “Fedor has stated on his personal website that he has signed the contract. (I would link you to the website but Google tells me that it may harm my computer)”

    wow, fedor is so powerful even his website can hurt you

  • Tommy says:

    According to Sam’s numbers Randy didn’t get submitted three times back in the day and lose a third of his fights. Randy went from being completely unranked to the number 1 heavyweight in the world in 2 fights. Must be nice. Where’s Randy to fight Big Nog or AA or Werdum or even Vera? I don’t care who beat whom. Styles make up a big factor in fights and Randy has faced none of them. But no, they’re all below him and don’t deserve to fight the great Couture huh? I always wondered why (besides Vitor and the freak incedent in their second fight) Randy never wanted to rematch the guys he lost to. Nope not Randy. Randy took his title and went home. That’s worse then the spoiled kid and his ball.

  • FANOFALL says:

    # 19 jeff the drunk Says:
    April 19th, 2008 at 9:15 am
    “Fedor has stated on his personal website that he has signed the contract. (I would link you to the website but Google tells me that it may harm my computer)”

    wow, fedor is so powerful even his website can hurt you

    hahahaha, THATS GREAT!!!!, but seriously who has his computer fought lately, a thin laptop

  • mike wolfe says:

    Nah, it was a giant, oversize PC that was really slow. Korean, I think.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    He fought a 7 foot tall super computer and arm barred that bastard.

    I know I said I was in hibernation but I’m a little too high and drunk to care right now.

  • FANOFALL says:

    its always a mainframe or a micro chip, either way, he doesnt fight a typical size matchup or someone who is even normally fighting in his weight class….

  • Jackyl says:

    Yes. Randy’s record is 16-8. But if you look at the caliber of competition he has faced, his losses were all against top tier competition. It’s not that he wins all the time, it’s that he is able to compete at the level he competes at. Bad matchup or not, a lot of people thought Tim would dominate him. He had the size, strength, and age advantage, right? Not only did he beat Sylvia. He dominated him for 5 rounds and barely blinked an eye doing it. He totally shut him down, 50-45 on every judges card. Even Cecil Peoples. Then came Gonzaga. That was even crazier. That was like a stepfather taken his kid behind the woodshed. So Randy is way better than his actual record indicates.

    As far as Fedor vs Sylvia. I think it’s a great matchup. Sylvia is better than a lot of people give him credit for. He had a great effort against Nog and he’ll be going into this fight with maybe the highest motivation of his carreer. Fedor has not been seriously tested in a while and I think it will be a good fight.

  • Bdavis says:

    Some of you have good points here and some of you are full of @#$%! Here’s how the fight goes. Fight starts with Sylvia throwing a few jabs. Nothing major. Sylvia grabs Fedor they wrestle around a while. Fedor takes him down. Fedor is in Sylvia’s guard. He’s throwing punches. Sylvia is flailing about like a dead fish. Fedor transitions to an arm bar. Sylvia rolls out and gives up his back. Fedor via choke. 3:45 or round 1.

    Sorry folks. This is going to happen in a ring. Fedor will tool him. Guaranteed!


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